(Beyond Love} Chapter: 28 (Sidnaaz)

Sana’s POV:

I never thought in my entire life that I could be this lucky. I never thought that someone would care for me so much. I never thought that I would be someone’s priority until Sidharth came.

I smiled seeing him driving the car, glancing at me from time to time, pecking on our entwined hands. Like always!

From the time we met, even when there is an ocean between us, he always makes me feel so close to him. From the beginning, when I first saw him in college, I always find myself getting pulled in his direction. His quick little message brings a smile to my face and the sound of his voice feels like his arms are wrapped around me holding me tight, giving me much needed assurance, that no matter what, he’ll be going to be with me, alway. And today, the way he sang for me, the way he conveyed his feelings towards me, the way he tried to wash all the insecurities of me, feels so blissful.

I kept gazing at him, how perfect this man is. A beatific smile came across my face when I saw my lipstick mark on his neck.

Maybe, it happened when we were dancing in the club, getting lost in our little world, when our hearts syncs together, where even silence can speak much more than the words, where our souls talk to each other, making us feel contented.

Unbuckling my seat belt, I slightly leaned towards him, and gently rubbed my thumb on his neck, wiping the mark. He shivered due to my touch and applied the brake suddenly, making me fall on him and my lips landed on his cheek, making his eyes widened.

I moved back and chuckled seeing his shocked face. I slightly brushed our noses, taking him by surprise, making him startled a bit.

“Oh god.” He whispered huskily, accelerating my heartbeat and wrapped his arms around my waist, securely, balancing my weight on his lap.

One thing is clear, I affect him the same way he does to me. I could clearly see in his eyes.

“Baby girl.” He breathed, feeling our proximity.

“Yes?” I whispered back, looking intensely in his eyes, rubbing his neck with my index finger.

“W-what are you d-doing?” He breathed, closing his eyes, tightening his hold around my waist.

“It’s done.” I whispered huskily near his ear making him groaned.

“What’s done?” He whispered, still closing his eyes. I moved back and admired his angelic face.

“The mark,” I chuckled, pushing him and slightly moving back from his hold, sitting back at my seat, making him come out of his la-la land.

He raised his brows asking what mark. I showed him my thumb and then pointed towards my lips, turning my cheeks in crimson red. From the corner of my eyes, I saw a smirk on his face as soon as he realised what mark, making me blush hard.

“A few minutes back someone is acting so bold. Where she left now?” He chuckled, raising his brows.

“Stop teasing me,” I whined, turning my face towards the window, he laughed locking my seat belt, placing a soft kiss on my cheek, making me blush more.

“This blush is going to be my death, one day.” He said, starting the engine making me smile by entwining our hands, together.

After few minutes, I turned towards him and find him already looking at me, he winked making me chuckle and turned his gaze again on the road, while I kept staring at him.

Admiring him for some time, I leaned against my seat, pulling out entwined hand near my lips, I placed a soft kiss on his knuckles, locking my eyes on his angelic face. I could clearly see his lips forming into a smile, making him look more handsome.

“I think I should start wearing this jacket more often because you can’t keep your eyes off me.” He said passing me his sexy smirk making me laugh.

“You always make me feel so special,” I murmured, placing another kiss on his knuckles. He smiled, blinking his eyes.

The car ride went smoothly, with my constantly admiring him and he kept glancing at me from time to time.

After good fifteen minutes, he applied the brake, stopping his car in front of my house but I didn’t move an inch, gazing at him constantly. He turned his face towards me and I saw his ears turning pinkish seeing my eyes on him.

“Aren’t you getting late, baby girl?” He asked, raising his brows at me.

“How do you get to know about my address, Sidharth, when for the first time you came to drop me that day. I remember I didn’t tell you.” I said taking him by surprise.

Clearly, he wasn’t expecting this!

He parted his lips to say something but before I cut him in mid and asked, “you said I talk a lot for the first time on the chat when we were chatting. How Sidharth? How do you know I talk a lot?” I raised my eyes at him gesturing him to answer me. He started looking here and there. Nervousness is clearly visible on his face. I can clearly see that.

“Aghh… B-baby girl. I w-was… I mean I don’t know what you’re talking about. Actually, I’m very tired and I’m feeling very sleepy, can we talk tomorrow?” He said not looking in my eyes, making me sigh.

“Sure, as you say, Mr Handsome.” I said staring at him. He smiled and wished me good night, placing his warm lips on my forehead, locking our eyes.

Our eyes aren’t ready to leave each other. Unknown emotions started overpowering my mind.

“Fuck it.” I said and took his warm lips in my plumpy lips, sucking them softly. His eyes widened in amazement making me feel incredible. I know how much he was craving to feel my lips because the feeling was mutual.

“Someone is acting bold today.” He breathed on my lips as soon as I pulled back. Tucking the stands of my hair behind my ear, he tightened his grip around my waist, leaving no space in between.

“What to do? Someone’s wallpaper at the club just caught my attention.” I whispered looking at him intensely, encircling my hands around his neck, taking him by surprise. Astonishment was clearly visible on his face. “What happened, Mr Handsome, loss of words?” I asked pulling him more closer to me, and this time he keenly noticed my words, and his eyes widened in shock.

Mr handsome!

“D-did y-you… I m-mean.. you saw my wallpaper?” He asked.

“Yes and I’m very angry with you. Why did you hide this from me? It was our first meet, right? Still, you hid that from me. Huh! Good night.” I said pushing him slightly, getting out of the car and stood facing my back to him. I know he will come running to my side to pacify me though I’m only pretending to get angry at him.

“Baby girl, wait.” He shouted coming out of the car. He came to my side, forming my lips into a smile. How can someone be angry with him? He’s so cute but I really want to see what he will do next. Crossing my arms across my chest, I waited for his response.

“I didn’t tell you because I don’t want to embarrass you, baby girl.” He answered, after walking in front of me and I widened my eyes.

“What do you mean?” I asked instantly. Fuck! Did I do something stupid that night?

“You know you were so drunk that night and lots of things happened between us.” He said, moving closer to me, caressing my arms. I keenly noticed his face, hiding my inner turmoil.

“I know nothing happened.” I said with full confidence.

“How can you be so sure when you don’t remember anything?” He asked, raising his brows, still caressing my arms making me shiver.

“I remember everything.” I lied to him. Oh god, I’m so silly. I shouldn’t get so drunk that night. Fuck, did I make fool out of me in front of him?

“Woah, that’s such a wonderful surprise. Now as you remember everything, then there’s no need to take things slow. So tell me, your place or mine?” He asked pulling me closer, wrapping his arms around my waist. I saw him biting his inner cheeks to control his laugh.

He’s so bad! He is teasing me. Huh!

I can play this game too, right?

Wait let me show you, Mr brown eyes.

“Wherever you feel comfortable, Mr handsome.” I played along, encircling my arms around his neck, making his eyes bulge out of the socket, I continued, “I think my place would be a better option. We will get more privacy here. You know me and you… ‘ALONE’,” I huskily whispered the last word in his ear, biting his earlobe.

“Something is definitely wrong with that club. Whenever she goes there, she becomes all bold. God, she’s definitely turning me on.” He murmured under his breath, groaning hard but I heard him as I’m standing so close to him, turning my cheeks into crimson red.

“Baby girl, you’re definitely turning me on.” He groaned more, as I again bit on his earlobe, and whispered, “tell me, should we go inside?”

“Aghh! But first I want to know that how do you see my wallpaper?” He asked, slightly pushing me, holding my arms, making me chuckle.

Lol, Now he’s trying to change the topic.

Oh god, he’s so adorable.

“No, first we should complete the unfinished business which we left that night.” I teased him further biting my cheek, controlling my laugh seeing his shocked face. He breathed heavily, taking a step back, dropping his jaw to the ground.

“What happened? Done with playing? Don’t you wanna tease me more?” I laughed, and he looked at me in utter amazement.

“You called for this.” He murmured, under his breath and before I could react he pinned me against the car, locking my hands above my head, crashing his warm lips on mine, making me shocked at the sudden movement of his lips.

Is he really kissing me?

He started moving his lips, but I’m still dumbfounded that I don’t even know what I’m going to do. It’s going to be my proper first kiss? Isn’t it? But I’m so inexperienced, how should I respond? I don’t know.

“Open your mouth,” he whispered against my lips and I immediately gave him the access by opening my mouth, and the next he shoved his tongue into my mouth, sending shivers through my entire body. His warm lips feel so magical, making my heart smile. His tongue teased mine and explored my entire mouth. I moved my hand indicating him to leave it.

Teasing my tongue more, he left my hand. He instantly pulled me to himself by grabbing my waist, leaving no space between us. My hands immediately went deep in his hair, making him groan, setting my entire body on fire. He continued kissing me and everything feels so good and sweet in my mouth. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold my moan for a long time.

Fuck, my first kiss is so magical.

I close my eyes, getting lost in this moment and kissing him back with all my heart, though I’m just trying to mirror his actions. Clearly, I’m the newbie here. I can feel him smiling between our kiss, making me blush hard.

This is a thousand times better than what it was supposed to be. Seriously, I love every bit of my first kiss with the man who holds such a special place in my heart that I can’t even put it in words.

After what felt like an eternity, we pulled apart, breathing heavily.

“Oh god, from that night I was craving to taste your lips, baby girl and it was worth waiting. They are so delicious.” He mumbled on my lips, caressing my lower lip with his thumb, making me go all weak on my knees.

“It was my first kiss, Sidharth and it was more incredible than my imaginations,” I told him, smiling.

“I’m so lucky that only I got the chance to taste your delicious lips, baby girl.” He whispered huskily, making me blush, and continued, “you know my first kiss was nothing in front of our kiss and right now, I’m literally regretting the first kiss. It was so meaningless but our kiss is filled with so many emotions which can’t be described in words.”

I would be lying if I’ll say it didn’t make me sad to know that I’m not his first kiss but the way he explained me, the way he told me everything, the way he described our kiss is literally accelerated my heartbeat, making my eyes shine.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you by telling this.” He said not getting any response from me, making me smile. I shushed him by placing my finger over his lips.

“It’s fine that I’m not the first girl whom you kissed, but I want to be the last girl whom you kissed,” I said, locking our eyes. I could clearly see how his eyes softened hearing me but to be honest, I really don’t know how these words slipped out of my lips.

I just said, what I felt.

“I’m sure, you will be my last. What I feel for you, I can never feel for anybody else.” He murmured, placing his lips on my forehead, sealing his promise, feeling my heart with joy and eyes with tears.

Anyone can make you smile, many people can make you cry but someone really special can only make you smile with tears in your eyes.

“Baby girl, why are you crying? Shit. Did I done something wrong?” He panicked, cupping my face, as soon as he saw my teary eyes.

“You are the tear of joy in my eyes, Sidharth. You filled my heart with so many unknown emotions and happiness that I never imagined was possible.” I said looking at him lovingly, and his eyes softened.

“I don’t want to be the tear of joy in your eyes, baby girl. I want to be the smile of your lips.” He whispered, rubbing the tears from my cheeks, making me smile amidst my tears.

“Now I’m curious to know that when did you see my wallpaper?” He asked suddenly, changing the topic so that I don’t cry more, making me chuckle.

Whenever he’s around me, a wave of happiness touches my heart.


The sound of clapping and hooting broke our trance, making us come back on the earth. We were so lost dancing with each other that we forget about the eyes which were watching us.

“That was so beautiful.” Ashely said, coming to us, making us smile.

“True, it was like a dream, man. You guys look so cute together.” Rosy said winking at us, making me blush.

“Did you like it?” Sidharth asked, turning his attention towards me, ignoring his friend’s comments, making me blush harder.

“I loved it.” I smiled, giving a quick kiss on his cheek, making him stunned, and his friends hooted.

“Let’s dance guys. It’s time to celebrate, the blushing face of Sidharth.” Cabir shouted, doing some dramatic steps making us laughed while Sidharth groaned.

We all started dancing on the beats, jumping and doing some funny steps, laughing our hearts out. We really don’t care what the song is, we did the steps totally offbeat, still enjoying it.

God they all are so funny.

As the song change into a romantic one, Sidharth came towards me, pulling me closer to him. I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck, moving my body with him in sync. I was feeling so thirsty because of continuous dancing but still, I didn’t want to leave the dance floor to get water. I’m literally enjoying it so much. Today, from the morning I’m doing one thing and that is – smiling and laughing my heart out. Reason? Well, non-other than my ‘Mr brown Eyes’.

I was so lost in him that I didn’t get to know when he clasped my finger and twirled me around. I giggled as I felt a little ticklish when he moved his hand around my waist, doing the step. He caressed my cheeks with his knuckles, making me giggle more. I pulled him more closer to me, holding his collar and brushed our noses together. We both started teasing each other with these cute little dance moves, tickling a bit.

After few minutes Cabir and Rosy came pulling me towards them and started doing some weird steps making me laugh. I started dancing with them copying them, looking equally crazy. Then suddenly I saw someone is forwarding a glass of water from my back. I turned around and smiled seeing my guy.

My guy! Damn! It feels so amazing calling someone, yours!

Hayee! He always understands what I want even when I don’t tell him what I want.

Taking the glass from his hand, I gulped the half glass of water down my throat in one go. God, literally I was so thirsty.

“Slowly, baby girl.” Sidharth chuckled, seeing me. I smiled sheepishly, and asked, “by the way, how did you come to know that I needed water? How every time you come to know what I want?”, giving him the glass back and thanked him.

“Well, maybe I know how to understand a kid.” He chuckled, stroking my nose with his index finger, “God, I’m feeling like a proud Dadda,” he laughed and I rolled my eyes at him. Huh!

“Tell me na.” I whined, pouting.

“You were licking your lips again and again while dancing and that’s how I came to know that you’re thirsty. It is so simple to understand you.” He smiled and I just stared at him in disbelief.

“By the way, you were turning me on by doing this. You don’t know how I was controlling myself from kissing you.” He said dreamingly and I just blushed hard.

“We aren’t understanding that why we have come here with you guys. You both are so busy with each other.” Rosy said, coming in front of us, giving a glare to Sidharth who just shrugged.

“So true Rosy, next time I’ll be only going to come alone with my baby girl. Thanks for the suggestion though!” Sidharth teased, drinking the water from the same glass and I just blushed.

“You’re so mean. Idiot.” Rosy smacked the back of his head, making him groan a bit while others laughed.

Aww! Cutie!

“Okay, now you dance with them. I’ll be back in few minutes.” Sidharth said to me, wiping the water from the corner of my lip. I raised my brows asking him, where is he going.

“Just going to the washroom, will be back soon or do you want to join me in there?” He winked, and i just moved my eye lashes down, shyly. He laughed.

“Well, Sidharthhhh….” Cabir sang giving a sheepish smile to Sidharth, and continued, ” I don’t know about your baby girl, but I would definitely love to join you in there.” Pulling him in a side-hug, making all of us laugh our asses off, seeing the drained out face of Sidharth.

“What! Why are you looking at me like this Sidharth? I’m a man dude, I need to pee and for your kind information, I’m straight as fuck.” Said Cabir, smirking at Sidharth’s shocked face, making us laugh even harder.

Pushing Cabir away from him, Sidharth said, “Sometimes, I really doubt that,” making us giggled.

“I’ll be back soon,” Sidharth said looking at me while I still giggled, giving him a thumbs-up, making him sigh.

“Let’s go, Sidharth.” Cabir said sheepishly, making him groaned and he left stomping his foot, while Cabir ran behind him, teasing him, while I just giggle. My gaze turned down and I saw his phone on the floor. Shit. Maybe he dropped it accidentally. I bent down and took the phone in my hand.

“Ma…” I paused as I saw my photo on his wallpaper but what shocked me that was it’s the same photo of this club when for the first time, I came here and got drunk.

How did he get this photo? I don’t remember clicking this. Did he click this?

Holding his phone, I excused myself from his friends and went to sat where I was sitting with him. Staring at the photo, I kept thinking about that night, blurred flashes again started coming in front of my eyes but this time images were slightly clear. I remembered that someone was stopping me and asking me not to drink more. Was that someone is Sidharth? Did he dropped me? Oh, fuck! How did it slip out of my mind? I never told him my address when he came to drop me, then how come he got to know about that? I forgot to ask him that day, but now I got all the answers to my questions. He was the one who dropped me at home when I was drunk. When we for the first time chatted, he said ‘last time I talk too much’, how did he get to know that? Because clearly, we had a conversation when I was drunk. Shit!

Whenever I asked him about anything, he always diverted the topic and sometimes even I also forgot to ask him anything whenever he’s around me.

God! How stupid I am! I hope, I didn’t make fool out of me in front of him. I don’t know how silly I behaved. But wait, now everything is getting crystal clear that, this is the reason why I always find his face so familiar. Why from day one, I always find unknown attractions between us. But why he didn’t tell me all these things earlier? Now I’ll also don’t tell him that I know everything. Let’s see when he’s planning to tell everything.

“Baby girl, what are you doing here? Come let’s go, it’s quite late. Let me drop you home.” My trance broke when I heard his voice. I kept looking at him and he raised his brows at me asking what. I nodded nothing, and after bidding a bye to his friends, we left for my home in his car.


“Now finally you know everything.” He said, looking at me intensely making me blush and I shook my head, “I want to know exactly what happened that night. I’m just getting blurry blurry flashes.” I told him, honestly.

“Someone was saying that she remembers everything, now what happened?” He asked, raising his brows, making me giggle.

“I was just playing around. Now please tell me na… Please.” I said making a puppy face. He smiled, pecking my pout. I blushed hitting his shoulder.

“Well, when I first saw you, you were looking heavenly beautiful, dancing on the dance floor. I don’t how my hand went into my pocket, and pulled my phone out, capturing your Glorious face.” He said dreamingly, making me blush. “You know what baby girl, that day, I knew that whatever I’m feeling for you is so different and so pure that I can’t just ever put that in words. Well, you know you were talking and drinking nonstop. I tried to stop you but you started fighting with me, so cutely. Well, then I dropped you home and nothing happened between us. But I can’t forget that day because you were looking so adorable.” He said smiling widely.

“What do you mean, I was looking cute that day, otherwise I don’t look cute?” I asked and pouted, teasing him.

“I mean that day you were looking extra cute,” he said sheepishly smiling at me, rubbing the back of his neck. Awww!

“No no no… Now don’t cover-up.” I said controlling my laugh.

“You’re so naughty.” He whined when he saw me controlling my laughter, making me giggle.

“But don’t drink so much because that day luckily I was there to drop you at home but anybody can take advantage of you. I don’t want that.” He explained to me, placing his hand on my face. Aww.. he cares for me so much.

“I promise I won’t drink but you know what I never got drunk like this. That was my first time. And earlier I was regretting it but after knowing that because of that day, I met you. I’m loving every single bit of it.” I whispered softly.

“I’m also glad that I found you that night. That night is one of the best nights for me and I wanna thank God for that night.” My heart melted hearing him, the Intensity of his voice was burning my body. Connecting our eyes, he leaned down and captured my lips again, curling his fingers around my neck. I kissed him back with all my heart, placing my hands on his chest and clutching his jacket. It feels like my chest is about to explode from all the emotions inside me. His lips feel so right on me as if it’s just made for me. I can’t help but moaned as he deepened our kiss. It’s heaven to feel his lips over mine. He’s kissing me so softly and lovingly that my lips are made of glass. I don’t want him to move away from me because I’m loving it and feeling so incredible. Today I have come to know that lips kisses can be so pure and loveable. He’s not only kissing my lips, he is kissing my soul and giving me immense peace. I can never forget this night, this night is so special to me because today he made my soul his with this pure kiss.


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