Monster’s Bride (Part: 45 Punishment of Fab3) Sidnaaz

After two months, Sidnaaz came back to India from New York. Sidharth taught her how to talk in attitude, how to shout and he also improved her English more. They had a lot of fun and romance in New York. They tried all the positions of sex and he made his innocent wifey quite bold in these two months.

“Sweetheart, sign these papers?” He gave some papers to Sana. She stared at the paper in confusion.

“What are these papers?” She asked him, taking them.

“First sign them, then I’ll tell.” He gave her the pen.

“Okay.” She smiled at him before signing the papers, having full trust in him.

“Done.” She gave him the papers and asked, “now tell me about these papers?”

He smiled at her broadly. “Congratulation, now you’re the owner of the Shukla’s property and I’m your servant at your service, Madam.” He said after kneeling in front of her and clasping her hand.

“Sidharth, get up. You’re my husband, how can you call yourself servant.” Sana chided him and made him stand up by holding his shoulder. She didn’t understand why Sidharth is saying this.

“Oh Bacha, from now you have to treat me as your servant only, so start practising.” He said, pulling her cheek.

“No, I can’t make you my servant because you’re my Prince Charming.” She said, holding his arm and placing her head on his bicep. He smiled and kissed her hair.

“Sana, today I have named my everything to you, my all properties, in fact, I have utterly submitted myself to you. It is written in these papers that from today I can’t do anything without your permission.” He told her, giving her the papers and she is just staring at him in disbelief. He trusts her so much that he didn’t even for once think before giving his everything to her.

“You know, Sidharth, these papers are not only papers. This is the proof that how much you love me and trust me.” She stated after clasping his face, smiling at him and he is gazing at her, his eyes filled with so much love.

“What if I run away and deceive you.” She asked, encircling her arm around his neck and laughed.

“Sweetheart, I trust you more than I trust myself. I know you will never hurt me intentionally. Rather you will take all my pain and won’t even let that pain touch me. You forgave me for my mistakes which were utterly unforgivable. I know how much my bacha loves me.” He said, cupping her face.

Their words are clearly showing that how much they love each other and how much they trust each other. They love each other unconditionally.

“And I’ll never let you run.” He uttered, pulling her to himself by grasping her waist.

She smiled at him mischievously. “Oh really?” She asked, moving closer to his face.

“For me, these properties are nothing in front of you. For me, you’re most precious. After getting you, I only pray to my Ganu Ji to never separate me from you.” She said, caressing his stubble with her thumbs. They are gazing into each other eyes intensely and lovingly.

Flashback Over

Sana is combing her hair and Sidharth strolled to her, smiling mischievously. He stood behind her and started placing soft kisses down her neck after holding her waist.

“Sidharth, anybody can see us, what are you doing?” She scolded him as he’s arousing her at the wrong time.

“Sweetheart, I’m your husband. Can’t I love my heavenly beautiful wife?” He purred in her ear before biting her earlobe. She closed her eyes in response.

“I really don’t like to go away from you.” He said, hugging her tightly from behind by wrapping his arms around her chest and pressing them. She smiled cheerily and kissed his hands. He turned her toward himself and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes, smiling contentedly.

“Now Mr Shukla, you go downstairs and ready yourself to fight with me.” She pushed him out of the room and laughed.

“Please, today show some mercy on your husband and scold him less.” He requested playfully, joining his hands in front of her.

She giggled. “You’re a Drama king, Sidharth.” She laughed, throwing her head back and he laughed too.

“Now meet you downstairs.” She pecked his lips before closing the door on his face.

He smiled and headed downstairs with a serious look. Alia and Cabir are waiting for him in the hall.

“Sidharth, do something and save us from Sana.” Cabir said dramatically after coming in front of him and Sidharth stifled his laugh.

“Cabir, I’m thinking what we should do next, stop pressuring me.” He said in attitude and sat on the sofa. Alia is sitting there and muttering something in anger.

Then only Mukti came running to Sidharth, crying. She hugged Sidharth tightly. “Bhai, please do something. Look what that bitch is doing with us.” Sidharth frowned as Mukti called her bitch but he instantly calmed down himself and hugged her back.

“Mukti, I’ll make everything alright. Stop crying.” He tried to calm her down, rubbing her back but she is constantly crying. He felt bad for her.

“Mukti, whatever I’m doing, I’m doing for your betterment only.” Sidharth thought, constantly rubbing her back.

“If your crying session is finished, then can we proceed to our dinner?” They pulled apart as they heard the cold voice of Sana.

They all stared at her in anger and she smirked, looking down.

“Come at the dining table in two minutes. Don’t be late because I don’t like to wait.” She sassed and left from there after winking at Sidharth secretly. Sidharth smiled at her but immediately hide his smile.

Then they all headed towards the dining table.

“Alia, bring dinner.” Sana ordered her and smiled, looking at Sidharth through the corner of her eyes. Mukti is just killing her with her looks.

Alia went and bring the bowl. When she was about to put it on the table but Sana stopped her. “Stop, put it on the floor.” Alia rolled her eyes and put it on the floor. Like this, she brought all the bowls.

Then only one of the servants of the house came with Tommy and the dog started eating the food made by Alia. She clenched her fist and fumed in uncontrollable anger. After sometimes servant took Tommy outside of the house.

“Alia, now keep the leftover food on the table.” Sana ordered Alia but she is just glaring at her.

“I asked you to do something, Alia. I don’t like to repeat.” She rebuked her and now Alia kept the dinner on the table.

Cabir is standing there, relaxed as he has eaten the food already by doing his drama.

“Now you all can settle down.” She finally permitted them to sit and they all sat down. Sidharth sat beside Sana and she immediately held his hand under the table. They glanced at each other through the corner of their eyes.

“Now you can all have your dinner.” As Sana said, they all stared at her in shock as she is asking them to eat the same food which Dog was eating.

“What? Why are you giving me looks? You all are worst than Dogs even, then why are feeling shameful to eat the leftovers food of dogs?” Sana insulted them and they frowned at her, including Sidharth. He’s only pretending, under the table his fingers are entwined with her like their life.

“We won’t eat this.” Mukti denied and Sana smiled as Sidharth is caressing her knuckles with his thumb.

“Okay, then starve. I have no issues.” Sana shook her head and stood up after leaving his hand. He made a sad pout.

“Prepare dinner for me.” Sana ordered the servant before climbing upstairs.

Mukti stood up and hurled the chair in anger. “What does she thinks of herself?” She shouted.

“She will make us eat the leftover of Dogs. She has to pay for all this.” Alia also yelled, bristling in anger.

“For God sake, Alia, stop this drama of revenge.” Sidharth shouted at her and shut her mouth.

“Bhai, I’m sorry because of revenge we’re going through all this.” She said and fresh tears trickled down her cheeks.

“Mukti, today this all is happening because of your fake revenge. What do you think, I like to see you crying?” Sidharth wondered, wiping her tears.

“Now let’s sleep.” Cabir said, yawning and they all nodded.

They left to their respective rooms and came back to the hall, fuming in anger.

“Guys, where we will sleep because our rooms are closed?” Alia asked in anger.

“I just come after talking to her.” Sidharth said and turned to walk but Mukti stopped him by holding his hand.

Sidharth turned around and she said, “Bhai, she won’t listen. I think we should sleep in the hall only.”

They all nodded and laid down on the sofa.

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