Monster’s Bride (Part: 46 Secret Romance) Sidnaaz

Sana is sitting on the sofa comfortably, her eyes are closed. She is lost in deep thoughts. She opened her eyes as she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” She said and a servant came with the dinner for her in the trolley.

“Put it on the table.” She ordered and the servant left after putting the plates on the table.

“Even Sidharth wouldn’t have eaten anything.” She wondered, staring at the dinner with a cute pout.

In the hall, Mukti is sleeping on the sofa, placing her head on her brother’s lap. He is caressing her forehead. Alia and Cabir are sleeping on the other sofa.

Sidharth’s eyes became moist as he saw her hands which has become red by washing clothes. He knows his sister has done so many terrible things but still he can’t see his sister, his daughter in pain as he loves her blindly.

He came on the earth back as his phone vibrated. He took his phone out of his jeans pocket. A smile flashed on his face after seeing his wifey’s message.

Sana: Come to the room. Your wife is waiting to have dinner with you.

He smiled faintly and moved his eyes to Mukti who is sleeping empty stomach.

“How can I eat when she hasn’t eaten anything. Even I won’t eat.” He thought, staring at her grimly.

Sidharth: Sweetheart, you eat. I’m not feeling like eating anything. My stomach is full.

He replied to her and she frowned.

Sana: Okay. Then I won’t eat either.

She sent the message with an Unamused Face Emoji.

Sidharth: Bacha, you eat. Please for me.

Sidharth: Please, sweetheart.

He requested her on the message but after that, she stopped replying to him.

He called her but she didn’t even answer his call. Then he saw her coming downstairs, holding the dinner. She frowned at him before walking to the kitchen and then she stormed upstairs without looking at him.

“Now I have to pacify her by having dinner with her.” He thought and stood up from the sofa after carefully placing Mukti’s head on the sofa.

“Today everybody worked so much, therefore they’re sleeping so peacefully on the sofa also.” Sidharth murmured, looking at fab3.

He went to the Kitchen to bring dinner.

“It’s Dinner time.” He squealed cheerfully, stepping into the room with dinner but she didn’t even look at him to show her anger to him. She kept herself busy in the laptop.

“I think my bacha is so angry.” Sidharth said, putting the plate on the table in front of her. Still, she didn’t move her eyes from the phone.

He clasped her face and moved up her face to make her look at him. “Sorry, sweetheart. Now let’s eat together.”

“Sidharth, whatever you’re saying, I’m doing. Right?” She asked him and he nodded in response.

“So why you don’t listen to me?” She asked sadly and now his eyes moved down in guilt.

“Actually, it’s hurting me to see Mukti in pain. I’m not understanding anything.” He told her, moving his eyes back to her face.

“Sidharth, why are you forgetting that we are doing this for her betterment only. If she faces all the hardship of life, then only she will understand what is life.” She explained to him.

Then she took a morsel of roti and requested before pushing it into his mouth. “Please eat for me and Mukti. If you don’t eat, then how will you get the strength to change Mukti.” He smiled at her and chew the morsel.

He sat beside her and she kissed his cheek after saying, “mera pyaara hubby. (My loving husband.)”

He smiled at her broadly in response and fed her. Then she pointed at her cheek, asking him to kiss her. He placed so many soft kisses all over her cheek and she giggled.

Then he patted his lap, signalling her to sit there. She smiled and hastily sat on his lap. She encircled her arms around his neck and sucked his lips. Then like this, they fed each other lovingly, whispering sweet nothings.

After the dinner, Sidharth pushed her on the sofa and came above her.

“Now it’s time to have my desert.” He said, rubbing his crotch against her, arousing her.

“Have me, baby. I need you badly.” Her words turned him on more and he rubbed himself against her vigorously, moving up and down.

He raised her nightgown before yanking her undies down her legs. He moved down to her crotch, kissing her belly and waist. He smiled at her after looking at her core glistening with her honey. She blushed at him.

“You’re really beautiful in every way.” He praised her before burying his face in her crotch and sucking her honey. She screamed hysterically, clutching his hair as he jabbed his two fingers into her wet dripping core without any warning. He’s sucking her clit hard and fingering her rapidly, grasping her thighs apart. She’s just screaming in immense pleasure, encircling her legs around his neck and clutching his hair. Then he came above her and replaced his fingers with his hard membrane. She screamed and he shushed her by sealing her lips with his lips. He kissed widely, ramming into her.

“I love you, sweetheart.” He confessed loudly, exploding in her.

“I love you too, I love you too.” She yelled hysterically, going insane after the intense orgasm. He fell over her, panting. She hugged him tightly, smiling contentedly.

After spending some quality time with his wife, Sidharth is going back to the hall to sleep with his friends because he doesn’t want them to become doubtful. Sana is upset because she wants to sleep in his arms.

“Bacha, it’s just a matter of few days. After that, we’ll sleep in each other arms every day.” He reassured her and kissed her forehead.

She placed her head on his chest and hugged him. “Good night.” She said grimly.

“Good Night, sweetheart.” He hugged her back tightly, smiling and kissed her hair.

Then he left after last time smiling at her. She closed the door with sad a pout.

Sidharth came to the hall and saw Mukti sitting on the sofa. As she saw him, she ran to him and hugged him.

“Bhai, where did you go?” She asked him after breaking the hug.

“Washroom.” He replied and both settled down on the sofa.

“Bhai, I’m famished. After working so much, I’m starving more.” She told him and he felt sad.

“You must be feeling hungry too?” She asked, feeling guilty that his brother is suffering because of her but she has no idea that his tummy is full and all credit goes to his dear wifey.

Now Sidharth felt a pang of guilt and he couldn’t stop himself to make her eat something.

He stood up and said, “Let me bring something for you to eat.” He knows he’s doing wrong but his unconditional love for her is making him weak.

But she stopped him. “Bhai, leave it. She won’t let us eat.”

“Mukti, at least we can try.” Mukti nodded and he went to the kitchen.

He is taking the dinner from the kitchen and a maid caught him but she didn’t stop him.

He came back and a big smile flashed on Mukti’s face as she saw the plate in his hand.

He placed it on the table. “Wow, you’re best.” She squealed cheerily, hugging him.

She started gobbling the dinner and Sidharth is just smiling at her.

“Bhai, you also eat.” She asked him to eat but he denied it by shaking his head as his stomach is full. She insisted on eating him, so he ate few bites reluctantly.

Sana is gazing at them, having a smile on her face. She can vividly see how much his husband loves his sister. She’s smiling seeing their bonding. She doesn’t get angry, rather she is happy to see their love.

After some time, she clapped her hands to catch their attention. “Wow… What a love?”

Mukti and Sidharth stared at her in utter shock. Mukti and Alia also woke up.

“So you were having dinner with your loving sister sneakingly.” She said, placing her hand on Sidharth’s shoulder. Mukti frowned at her.

“Now you will be punished.” She declared and Sidharth’s eyes widened a bit in shock. “But tomorrow as I’m feeling sleepy.” She yawned.

She turned to walk after last time glaring at Sidharth.

“Now what punishment she will give to me? She must be very angry.” He thought, staring at her. She is climbing upstairs.


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