(Beyond Love} Chapter: 31 (Sidnaaz)

Sana’s POV:

Tears slipped from my eyes.


“Why the fuck your neck bruised? Did someone hurt you? Say it.”

Holy shit. How did he notice it in dark?

“Si-Sidharth… leave,” I said pushing his hands away from my face, making him startled.

“Shut the fuck up, Sana. I’m not fucking leaving you. Just tell me who did this?” He yelled, jerking me by my shoulder, making me flinched.

I literally shivered due to the intensity of his voice. I can clearly see how much angry he is. Tears were continuously rolling down my cheeks, I didn’t know how to react to this situation. A few hours ago I was so happy, and now? Everything is ruined. I’m ruined. What should I tell him? What should I say to him?

“S-Sidharth,” I cried, miserably.

His eyes softened, seeing my tears. Exhaling a deep breath, he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer to himself, “I’m sorry, baby girl. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. I’m sorry bacha,” he whispered, patting my head.

His voice felt so soothing, so heartwarming, it felt like he’s treating my wound again, with his care.

“Let’s go inside and talk. Please, baby, let’s do this.” He pulled me to his chest again and I Selted in his arms.

“I’m scared, Sidharth. I-I d-don’t..” I staSSered and started crying like a small kid in his arms.”I don’t want to put your life in danger.” I hiccuped, burying my face in his chest, fisting his t-shirt tightly.

The moment I saw him, I just wanted to bury my face in his chest and be at home again, and now when finally I did that, it’s felt so soothing. Heavenly Magical.

He instantly pulled me away from himself and stared at me in shock, “what are you saying?” I squeezed my eyes shut and cried profusely.

“Okay, okay, calm down and we’ll talk inside.” He cupped my face and wiped my tears. I kept crying, feeling miserable. Why do I have to go through all of this, again? Why?

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me into the house. He made me sit on the sofa in the hall and hastily went to bring water for me.

Sidharth’s POV:

I came back to her with a glass of water, my heart is aching seeing her crying. I never wanted to see her like this. At first, I thought that she is angry because I shouted at her but when she was asking me to leave her alone, again and again, I knew something is wrong. I know my baby girl, she can never ask me to leave her alone.

In the dark too, I could clearly see that she was longing for some peace and assurance that she’s not alone. Her eyes speak more than her lips and when I keenly noticed her, I saw her bruised neck. Anger ran down my spine, just by thought, that someone hurt her. I jerked her closer and asked her about the wound, making her shocked. Did she really think, I would not notice her pain in darkness? And like hell, I’m gonna ever leave her. She’s my baby, my happiness. I can never leave her alone when all she wants is my warmth. Though, I’m confused. What happened to her all of a sudden that she’s so much scared. I never asked her about anything but now I want all the answers so that I can punish that person who is behind her this condition. I badly want to know everything but first I have to calm her down because I can’t see my baby girl like this and no matter what, I’ll stay with her.

Exhaling a deep breath, I sat beside her and made her drink water, rubbing her back and head, I keep whispering, “Sh… Calm down. I’m with you. You’re not alone, baby girl.”

Her condition is scaring me now. She is crying constantly and profusely.

Putting the glass back on the table, I engulfed her in my arms, “Baby girl, please, calm down and tell me everything.” I asked softly.

“Sidharth,” She sobbed like a baby, burying her face in my chest and clutching my T-shirt. “Sidharth, my past which I was running is coming behind me again and this time, it’s involving you, which I don’t want.”

“Baby g-“

“I don’t want you to leave me but,” she moved away from me and said, “you should go.”

I kept staring at her, having a pained look in my eyes. I know she’s not in a good state of mind but still, her words are breaking my heart. Can’t she see how much I feel for her? Can’t she see I can’t leave her? It’s impossible for me. Closing my eyes, I breathed, calming myself.

“I’m not leaving you anywhere. Tell me what happened or should I find it my way?” I asked her in a serious tone, grasping her arms. She sniffed, looking at me, making my eyes softened.

“Who did this to you? Did someone hurt you?” I asked, softly caressing her bruised neck with my thumb. She hissed, closing her eyes as soon as my thumb came in contact with her wound, breaking my heart into million pieces. I swear to god, I will dig that person grave whoever is responsible for her pain.

“I’m sorry. I can’t tell you anything. Please go.” She said after getting up from the sofa.

“Are you serious? Do you really think, I’m gonna leave you in this condition? Hear me Loud and clear Miss. Sana Gill, I’m not gonna leave you that too when all you need this time is me, my warmth, my support.” I shouted, pulling her back, making her fall on my chest.


“Fine, I won’t force you to tell me. But you should know, that I’m Sidharth Shukla. And there’s nothing impossible for me, I’ll find it all out my way if that’s what you want. But one thing you should know that no matter what the situation is, I’m not going to leave you. I can’t.” I said gripping her shoulder, staring deep into her eyes.

“Now it’s your choice that you want to tell me everything or not.” I whispered, rubbing the back of her head. God, she’s crying so much, she will get a headache, for sure.

“Go Sidharth. You’re making it hard for me.” She cried, keeping her head on my chest. I closed my eyes instantly as these words left her mouth. Did she have any idea how much her words breaking my heart?

“I can do anything for you, baby girl, but I cannot go leaving you all alone. I’m sorry but I can’t.” I whispered, breaking the hug. Kneeling on the floor in front of her, I wiped her tears.

I can clearly see how much pain she’s going through which is so heartbreaking for me. I’m feeling so helpless that I can’t do anything. I never in my life felt so helpless. No Sidharth, it’s your time. She’s your girl. How can you let her cry?

Show your girl that she’s not alone. Show your girl that how much she’s so important to you. Heal her, give her warmth, it’s your responsibility to make her smile, it’s your responsibility to wash her all fears, it’s your responsibility to give her strength. Show her that no matter what, you never gonna leave her. She’s your shining star, she’s your baby girl.

Right now, just one thing is running in my mind that she’s my girl, and she needs me.

Gently cupping her face, I moved her hair strands which were falling on her face. She is looking so broken, so devastated, making my eyes teary. I gently wiped her tears, nodding my head in no, asking her not to cry. She sobbed, moving her head down, making me smile a bit. How can she look so cute in this condition too? How?

I slowly lifted her face with my index finger. Locking our eyes together, I cupped her face in my palm and gently sucked her tears from her cheeks one by one. Placing a soft kiss on her forehead, I moved back and saw her staring at me like I’m the only star in her darkest night. Seeing her innocent face, so many emotions ran down my heart which I simply can’t even put in words.

Pulling her face gently, I captured her plumpy lips into mine. She instantly closed her eyes, fisting my T-shirt in her palm and more tears trickle down her face. I slowly sucked her lower lip, hoping to get a response and to my surprise, she instantly gave in. I kissed her softly and smoothly, pouring my all love and then pulled apart.

“Please don’t push me, baby girl, and tell me everything. We will solve every problem together, promise.” I mumbled on her lips, panting heavily. Tears trickled down her cheeks, and without any reply, she placed her lips on mine, pulling me closer. I instantly gave in, wrapping my hands around her waist. I’m letting her do whatever she wants. She is biting and sucking my lips like her life depend on it. I can clearly feel how much she wanted it. She wants to feel that I’m not going to leave her. Through this kiss, she is assuring herself that she’s not alone. She was continuously kissing me for god knows how long, I can clearly see her going out of breath. God this girl is so careless about herself.

“Baby girl, Relax.” I panted, breaking the kiss forcefully. She looked at me breathing heavily. I sat beside her, pulling her in my arms. “Relax, Bacha.” I whispered, patting her head.

“Wanna share it?” I asked entwining my fingers with her fingers, staring at her with pleading eyes.

She nodded slightly and finally started telling me.

“Sidharth, I came to New York by running from my family. My parents never loved me because they always wished to have a son but still, I always try my best to please them so that they could accept me but they never accepted me. They never did, Sidharth.” She sniffed, clutching my T-shirt. I kept rubbing her shoulder, giving her the strength to speak further. Finally, she’s telling me about her life, finally. I promise Sana, this is the last time I’m letting you cry, after this I’ll only fill your life with happiness, my girl.

“I changed, my mindset when they crossed all the limits by fixing my marriage with the son of a big business tycoon for their benefits, like a business deal. ” She said, making me startled. What the fuck!


“Mom, I always did whatever you and Dad asked me to do but please I don’t want to marry. I have so many dreams. Please, Mom.” I cried when my Mom told me that I have to marry Raghav Raichand.

“Sana, from the day you have born, you haven’t done anything good for your parents, at least now you have a chance to do something good for us, you should do it.”

How could she say this? From my birth, I have done every possible thing to please my parents and she said I haven’t done anything for them. How could she be so ungrateful?

“Mom.” I said in a disbelief tone and fresh tears coursed down my cheeks.

“Anyway, you don’t have any other option. So get ready for the engagement like a good girl.” She left after saying this.

I collapsed down on the floor and cried, burying my face in my knees. Today I got the reality check that my parents will never accept me, whatever I do for them. I have done a lot for them, now I can’t sacrifice my life for them by marrying a person whom I don’t even know. I won’t let them sell me to him because I’m a human being, not a thing.

“I’ll never marry Raghav.” I wiped my tears, staring straight in determination.

I packed my bags because I have planned to escape.

Now, I just want to think about myself. How can I marry someone whom I didn’t even know and on top of that, it’s a business deal, not a marriage?

Grand maa always said, marriage is just not the bond between two people, it’s a bond between two souls, it’s as pure as holy water, how can I disrespect that? How can my parents make this a business deal? Are they even in their senses?

I cried seeing my grandmother’s pic which I kept beside my table.

“I wish you were alive today,” I mumbled, caressing her picture.

Only she was the one who loved me, who cared for me, who took care of all my needs when my own parents didn’t even care about my existence, Whether I’m alive or not. They simply didn’t care. For them, their business, their social gathering in their so-called rich society parties were more important than me.

I used to wait for them at night, that maybe they would come and check whether I slept or not. I used to wait for their call, that maybe they would call me and check whether I had my dinner or not. But it never happened.

But still, I never left my hope. I tried to stay happy for my granny. I had her, but god snatched her from me when I was just ten years old. She too left me, leaving me alone to bear this loneliness.

What is my mistake that I’m getting treated like this? Am I a curse or something? I always wondered.

“I miss you, granny, I miss you a lot.” I cried seeing her photo. I put it in my bag-pack and rushed out of the room after covering my face with the stole. But I stopped at my parent’s room to see them for the last time. I saw them smiling and instantly I closing my eyes, I joined my hands and prayed to God to keep them healthy and happy always. I was going to the left from there, but I stopped hearing my name from my father’s mouth.

“I’m very happy after a long time, Smirthi. I can’t believe my dreams are going to fulfil. My company is going to reach another height. I’ll be rich. Finally, for the first time, Sana is doing something good for us and for the first time I’m glad that she is born.” My Dad said cheerily, clicking the glass of wine with mom.

“I’m happy seeing your happiness, Manav.” My mom said, smiling widely.

I cried silently seeing them happy. They are happy because of me for the first and now I can’t snatch this happiness from them by running away. This is what I wanted my entire life, right? Their happiness? Then how can I leave them? They are my parents, they will never do anything wrong with me. Maybe I should think of this marriage as a arrange marriage. I promise mom dad, for your happiness, I’ll do and everything.

“I’ll not go. I’ll marry Raghav.” I murmured, wiping my tears, looking at my parent’s happy faces.

That moment for my parents’ happiness, I again decided to sacrifice my happiness and didn’t go.

Next Day

“I’m glad, Sana that you decided to marry Raghav. He’s so rich, he will fulfil your every wish.” Mom said, walking into the room when I was getting ready for my engagement with a person whom I didn’t even meet yet. I was just hoping for the best.

“Smrithi, Raghav wants to meet Sana alone before the engagement. So come with me.” Dad stepped into the room and left with Mom without even looking at me. A lone tear rolled down my cheek.

I wiped my tear and then Raghav walked into the room. He smiled at me mischievously, making me suspicious.

“Why are you locking the door?” I asked when he turned around to lock the door.

A horrible feeling stirred inside me as I saw him smirking, running his eyes all over my body. I could clearly see his eyes were filled with lust.

“Finally, You’re here.” He said, taking a step towards me.

“W-what do you mean?” I asked, trying to sound confident, hiding my inner turmoil.

Something is definitely not right, something is definitely going to happen. God, what more is store for me?

“I have to do a lot to be with you here, in this room, alone.” He said the word alone stretching a bit, walking closer to me, making me startled.

“R-Raghav,” I stuttered, a tear rolled down my cheek. “W-what are you saying?” I whispered, my voice shaking, and I was finding it difficult to speak with a big lump in my throat.

No no no, please God, help me. I hope whatever I’m thinking is wrong.

I started taking a step back, seeing him coming closer.

“Stop,” I screamed when he tried to touch my cheeks. But he placed his hand on my cheek and moved down my neck. I squeezed my eyes shut and big tears trickled down my cheeks.

No, No, I can’t fall weak at this moment, I have to save myself at any cost.

As he placed his hand on my bust, I grasped his wrist and threw his hand away, killing her with my looks.

“You bitch. How dare you?” He yanked my hair and slapped me. I became numb for a few seconds after this.

I didn’t know what is happening around me.

“How dare you stop me?” He hissed, pushing me against the wall, leaning closer to my face, “You think you’ll be able to stop me?” He said in a threatening voice. His breath was falling on my face, making me disgust.

“No!” I cried out, pushing and kicking him in every direction, panic engulfed me. “Let me go!” I screamed, tears now streaming down my face constantly.

“Why are you crying?” He shouted, making me flinched at my place. His voice was filled with a mixture of rage and frustration making me scared. I was shaking, and for a while, the only sound that filled the room was my sobbing and his ragging breathing.

“You have no idea, how much I waited for this day. For the last fucking six months, I had been stalking you everywhere. Your irresistible body, your beauty, each and everything about you is so different. I had never seen such a beautiful girl like you before.” He said, brushing his fingers across my cheek, and his eyes softened, but it didn’t make me fear him less. Every word which he was speaking were making me feel disgusted about myself.

“You know what? The day I saw you, I took the pledge to make you mine. Every part of the body will be marked by me. I’m going to rule your body, your mind.” He whispers, lust laced in his voice, making me startled with his words. He was stalking me? My mind went blank and I felt like a lifeless body, standing there.

“And today before this engagement I’ll mark every part of your body with my name. I will fuck you hard, so hard that you won’t be able to think about anyone else besides me. You will be mine, only mine.” He said, looking at me with his filthy eyes, anger ran down my spine hearing his words, He moved to kiss me but before he could do anything, I spitted on him.

“You asshole.” I barked at him with rage.

“What makes you think that I’m gonna let you do whatever you want? I will tell everything to my parents.” I shouted, and to my horror, a sly smirk crept on his lips.

“Lol, you’re so naive, Sana. Do you think, your parents will take your side? Don’t you know about the deal yet?”He laughed evilly. “Now Nobody can stop me from making you mine.”

I felt the world around me crumbling into pieces. My parents knew about all these things? How could they do this to me? “No,” I choked in tears before my sobs break.

He attacked my neck, I screamed and tried to push him.

No, I can’t let this happen to me, I have to do something.

Then only my eyes fell on the vase, I picked it up and hit his head with the vase, bristling with anger.

••Flashback Over••

“Then I escaped with a help of a butler.” She sobbed loudly after telling me everything. Tears trickled down my eyes, hearing her past. She went through so much.


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