Monster’s Bride (Part: 49 My Heaven) Sidnaaz

Next morning

Sidharth is sleeping, hugging Sana like a two years old baby sleeps hugging his Mumma. One of her twins is pulled out of her top and her nipple is in his mouth. He’s sucking it while sleeping like a baby and his leg is encircled around her waist. His one hand is inside the top, cupping her other twin.

Sana woke up and smiled, seeing their position and this is making her horny like hell. Her core is aching for his touch.

“Ganu Ji, please wake him up or else I’m dead today.” She cutely requested to her Ganu Ji.

“By the way, he looks so cute as a small baby while sleeping.” She said, ruffling his hair and gazed at her lovingly. She has a constant smile on her face.

That time only he woke up and smiled, listening to her self talks. He hardly suck her nipple, making her moan in pleasure and took it out from his mouth. She understood that he woke up.

“So was I turning you on, wifey?” He asked, smiling naughtily and she blushed hard.

“You’re still arousing me, baby.” She said softly because now he is massaging and squeezing her twins.

“You know, sweetheart, your arms are my real heaven. I love to sleep in your arms.” He said, placing his hand on her face and now they both gazed into each other eyes intensely, having so much love in them.

“And you know what they are for me?” He asked, raising his brows and pinching her nipple slightly, making her moan in response.

“They are my addiction. They satisfy my desires. I just don’t want to leave them even for a second. They are like my favourite lollipop. I can suck them lovingly till infinity.” He said, squeezing and caressing her twins and she is just moaning in pleasure.

“Why did you stop? Go ahead, keep doing your work.” His eyes widened in surprise, listening to her words.

He grinned and attacked her twins like a hungry animal after tearing her top. He is biting and sucking one of them while massaging the other one. She is moaning insanely, moving her fingers through his hair. She is enjoying his wildness.

For him, they are his heaven and for her, his love is her heaven. Whatever he does with her with love, it is pure bliss for her.

After sucking and massaging her twins, he started kissing and licking up her cleavage and reached to her neck.

“Aaa…” she threw her head back and moaned, arching her back and clenching his hair when he gave a bite on her neck. As he came to her face, she hastily grabbed his face and captured his lips like she had been craving for ages. They both are kissing each other wildly and passionately and he’s squeezing her twins.

But then only their wild romance was interrupted by the phone call. They kept kissing each other hungrily and madly, ignoring the first ring. But they pulled apart, frustrated as his phone is continuously ringing.

“I’m feeling like burying this phone right now.” Sidharth shouted, highly irritated and lay down beside her. Sana is also frustrated but she smiled, seeing his reaction.

“Hello.” Sidharth answered the call in anger without even seeing the caller Id. Sana blushed hard, looking at her condition and pulled the blanket over her to cover her naked body.

“Bhai, where are you, I’m coming to you now. I don’t want to live here anymore. I can’t take this.” Mukti said, crying from the other side. Now his anger vanished away and his lips drew down in sadness.

“Listen, Mukti, you please stay there only as I’m trying to find a way out. Trust me, I’ll make everything alright and don’t worry about me, I’m absolutely fine.” His lips curved up into a beatific smile when Sana sat up on the bed and wrapped her arms around him from behind and placed her head on his back.

“I trust you, Bhai but please hurry up as it’s killing me.” Mukti said while Sidharth clasped her hand and kissed her knuckles. They both passed a smile to each other. Only she has the power to bring a smile to his face in any situation. He feels like she does some kind of magic over him.

“Okay, sweetie, take care and don’t worry, I’ll make everything fine soon.” He disconnected the call.

“Baby, sad toh nhi ho na aap? (Baby, you aren’t said, right?)” Sana asked lovingly, hugging him from behind, this time she placed her chin over his shoulder.

“No, my bacha, not at all. Why I will be sad when I’m in heaven.” He said, placing his arms over her arms and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“I love you so… much.” She confessed merrily, rubbing her face against his stubble and he is busy kissing her hand.

“Love you to the square of infinity and no matter what I’ll always keep loving you till my last breath and I mean it.” He said with so much love.

She broke the hug and hastily sat on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. She pecked his lips and said, “I know how much my baby loves me.”

She is utterly sure that Sidharth will always love her as she knows the person whom he loves, he stands beside her no matter what and can do anything for that person’s happiness. Therefore after knowing about Mukti’s true colour, he still loves her and can do anything for her.

Then Sidharth started kissing her lips softly and lovingly but their kiss turned wild soon. His hand slid into her lower, then undies and started rubbing her clit vigorously, making her moan in his mouth.


She stepped out of the bathroom after wearing a hot outfit. She is wearing a sexy pink crop top with a white short skirt. She is looking so adorable and sexy both at the same time.

She started combing her hair, sitting in front of the huge mirror. She is thinking about their morning make out and her lips are drawn up to a beatific smile. Sidharth stepped into the room, he strolled to her and snatched the comb from her hand. They looked at each other through the mirror and beamed. He started combing her hair lovingly and gently. She is just smiling at him. She always feels blessed to get such a loving husband.

Sana was about to rise from the chair but he stopped her by pressing her shoulder. She narrowed her brows bemusedly and looked at him through the mirror.

“Wait, I just come.” He blinked his eyes and went to bring something after kissing her soft hair.

He came back with her footwear. He knelt before her and made her wear them after gently kissing her feet. She is just smiling wholeheartedly at him. He leaves no chance to make her feel special.

“Done! Now you can stand up, Princess of my heart.” She smiled broadly and rose from the chair.

He also stood up. “Now let’s go home.” He said, holding his hand out to her.

“Baby, you aren’t coming with me as I have thrown you out of my house. Do you remember I had said that if once somebody steps out of the house, then he can’t come back?” After listening to her words, his lips drew down in sadness as how can he live without her.

“Hww! Sana, this is wrong. How can,” she shushed him by placing her finger over his lips.

“Baby, don’t overreact, you stay here comfortably and I’ll stay there.” She smiled as something is going on in her mind. He is just staring at her sadly. Only the thought of living without her is making him upset.

“Sidharth, you don’t know, I planned all this to take you from that house. I came here intentionally so that you also reached here following me and then you can’t able to go back. That’s how you don’t have to see Mukti getting hurt. I’m doing this because I just can’t see you getting upset every day.” She thought, staring at Sidharth lovingly and he is just wondering with a sad pout that how he will live without her.

“Good News.” As Sana squealed, he looked at her surprisingly.

“Really, sweetheart?” He asked, touching her belly, thinking that she is pregnant, his shimmering with happiness. She laughed hysterically.

“Baby, you’re thinking wrong.” As she said, his all happiness flew away within a second.

“The good news is that I’ll cook for you. Would you eat the food made by me?” She asked, staring at him with her innocent eyes.

By this Sidharth recalled the past incident and his heart filled with remorse.

“Sweetheart, I’m so sorry that earlier I humiliated by feeding the food to a dog made by you. I’m sorry for hurting you and mistreating you in past.” He apologised guiltily and she shook her head.

“Baby, if you apologise to me again, then I won’t cook for you.” She said in a stern tone, waggling her finger at him.

“Sorry.” He said and she glared at him, placing hands over her waist.

“I mean okay. I won’t say sorry as I really want to eat the food made by you.” Now he looked at him cutely and she smiled.

“My adorable baby.” She pulled his cheek and he laughed.

“Only yours. You took out baby side from a monster like me and this baby side is only reserved for you.”

“So tell me what do you want to eat?” She asked him, raising her brows.

“Anything made by your hand as I know whatever food you touch, it will become tasty.” He complimented her and she smiled broadly before hugging him. He hugged her back, smiling and kissed her hair.


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