Our Angel (Part: 21 Angry Angel)

Angel’s P.O.V.

I’m very very angry. Momma and Daddy went to ghumi ghumi leaving me at home. I cried too much when I woke up and didn’t see them. But after getting tired, I started playing with Mishti Didu because I know there is no use in crying, Momma daddy to gye ghumi ghumi without me.

I’m so angry with them and now I won’t even entertain them, I won’t talk to them in my language, I won’t give my pretty smile to them, I’ll just give them angry looks and cry. I will punish them for going without me so that they will never do this. I’m again feeling Iike crying because I want to go out with them. I want to look at the new colourful things. I want to enjoy with my Momma Daddy.

I’m angry with them but I’m missing them a lot.

How could they go leaving a cute baby like me? They are very very bad. Momma….

“Did you call me, Angel?” I listened to momma’s voice.

“We’re back, Princess.” Now Daddy said and I looked at them, my eyes glinted with happiness and my lips automatically drew up to a broad smile. I missed them so much. My heart filled with joy after seeing their happy faces and my all anger went into the gutter.

I’m standing holding the bed, looking at them. “Haye…” I squealed and crawled to them joyfully and hastily, forgetting my all anger.

Momma bent down and picked me up. “We missed you a lot.” They said together and kissed my cheeks. I giggled.

I also want to tell them that I missed them too but poor me.

“Look what we brought for you, Princess.” Daddy said, showing me a big Barbie doll but suddenly I recalled that I’m angry with them.

I frowned at them and snatched the doll from Daddy’s hand and hurled it on the floor to show them that I’m angry.

“What happened to my doll all of sudden?” Momma asked me, confused and I pouted at her in anger.

Momma, why did you go ghumi ghumi alone? I want to ask her but can’t. This thing is making me angrier.

“Aaa…” I cried out loudly.

“Give her to me.” Daddy took me from Momma’s arms and I whined continuously.

“Hey, Princess, relax.” Daddy hugged me closer to himself and rubbed my head. I love it and forget everything when he does this to me but I won’t calm down as right now I just want to show them that how much angry I’m.

I started pushing Daddy away from me, screaming and kicking my legs. I’m hitting Daddy in this.

Poor My Daddy!

“Angel, what happened?” Daddy asked me concernedly.

My tiny heart melted a bit seeing my Daddy’s worried face but my anger is more important now. They went alone without thinking about me, now I won’t think about them either.

I cried louder.

“Hubby, put her down. I think she is angry.” Momma suggested to him and finally understood that I’m angry.

Daddy nodded at Momma and put me down.

I glared at them before crawling to Mishti. She’s sitting on the bed. I stood, holding the bed, ignoring my Momma Daddy.

I’m hungry. I want Momma’s milk. What I should do now?

I started sucking the bed to indirectly tell Momma that I’m hungry. I’ll drink the milk but won’t talk to her and won’t play with her. I looked at Momma and Daddy through the corner of my eyes and saw them coming to me.

“Is my Princess hungry?” Momma asked me, bending towards me. I didn’t respond to her and kept sucking the bed.

“Baby, she won’t talk to us because she is angry. I think we should eat the chocolate which we have brought for her.” As Daddy took the name of chocolate, I instantly looked at him. Chocolates are my favourite, they are so yummy. I can eat unlimited chocolates.

Daddy took out two chocolates from his pocket and gave them to Momma. My mouth became watery and I licked my lips, craving to eat them.

Haye Chocolate! So yummy! So delicious!

“Yes, you’re right, hubby, let’s eat it.” Momma said, opening it.

I cried out. I want chocolate, Momma and Daddy.

“Oh my chotu baby, don’t cry. This chocolate is yours only.” Daddy picked me up and patted my head to soothe me.

Then Momma feed me and I ate it happily.

“Didu, I also want chocolate.” Mishti Didu said to Momma.

I frowned at her. No, these chocolates are mine, Momma and Daddy brought them for me. No, Momma, don’t give my chocolate to her or else I’ll again get angry.

“So sorry, Mishti. I can’t give you this. But there are so many chocolates kept in the freezer. Go get them.” Momma said, feeding me chocolate and I smiled broadly. Now I’m not angry with Momma anymore.

Mishti Didu climbed down from the bed and rushed out to have the chocolates. I think Didu’s mouth has become watery too after seeing the chocolate.

“Hehe.” I laughed, eating the tasty chocolate.

“My adorable Princess.” Daddy kissed my head.

Momma also ate it and Daddy scolded her, “baby, it’s my Princess chocolate, don’t eat it.”

I laughed.

“Hubby, she is so small, it’s not good for her. That’s why I’m eating.” Momma said innocently.

“You also eat them in limit. You have already eaten two chocolates in the car. Did you forget?”

“Hubby, stop scolding me in front of Angel.” Momma complained. “You know how much I love them.”

I took the advantage of their fight and put the whole chocolate bar in my mouth after snatching it from Momma’s hand.

Momma and Daddy stared at me, raising their brows in utter shock.

Momma and Daddy shook their head and I enjoyed, eating my yummy yummy chocolate.

“Naughty, Angel.” Daddy pulled my cheeks and I giggled. Momma laughed.

“She is naughty and intelligent like me.” Momma praised herself.

“I’m glad she is like you. I love you both so much.” First Daddy kissed Momma’s lip and then pecked my lips.

Then my eyes fell over the doll which I had thrown in anger. Now I’m not angry, so I want it.

“Do… Do…” I yelled, pointing at the doll which is lying on the floor.

“So you want it now?” Daddy asked me.

“Ya… Ya…” I nodded my head instantly.

“I’m bringing it.” Daddy went to pick it up.

Momma laughed and kissed my cheek before hugging me tightly. “You’re so adorable, Angel. Momma loves you so much.” I tittered.

“Here is your new doll, Princess.” Daddy gave it to me and this time I hug my doll near to my heart like Momma Daddy hugs me. I kissed Doll’s hair like Momma Daddy kisses me.

“One day you gonna kill us with your cuteness, Princess.” Momma said, gazing at me with so much love.

“Now you understood how I feel when you kill me with your cuteness, baby?” Daddy asked Momma.

“Absolutely.” Momma answered him while I’m playing with my Doll merrily. I love to get new toys, especially Dolls, they are my favourite.

“And now you both kill me with your cuteness.” Daddy said, hugging me and Mumma together. He sandwiched me between himself and Momma.

“I love you both a lot…” Momma shouted and we all laughed.

And Angel loves this small family a lot.

Hello, friends if you’re liking to read about me, then do leave your comments and tell me how much you love me.


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