Monster’s Bride (Part: 57 Is this the End) Sidnaaz

Now Sidharth is lying on the bed, placing his head on Sana’s lap. She is constantly caressing his hair, gazing at him with so much love and also kissing his forehead. Today her love wins as he kept his promise by not going to beat the journalist. He was not in his senses because of his anger but still, he listened to her. After that with her love, she calmed him down.

“Sweetheart, what do you think, who can be behind all this?” He asked her, his eyes are closed. He is enjoying his soothing touch.

“Sidharth, I don’t have any idea about this but I’m sure about one thing that you will find that person without hurting anybody.” She said with full confidence.

He opened his eyes and smiled at her. “I love you, sweetheart for trusting me and making me a good person like you.” He clasped her hand and kissed her knuckles.

She leaned down and murmured against his lips. “I love you, baby.” As her breath caressed his lips, he closed his eyes. Then she sealed his lips with her lips. She kissed him deeply and passionately and he responded to her with equal passion, clutching his hair.

After the kiss, she pecked his lips thousand times.

“Only you can calm me down in any situation, sweetheart. I’m grateful to have you.”

“I’m super duper grateful to have you, baby.” She laughed and he got lost in her.

He raised his head from her lap and kissed her lips again, making her shock.

“I need you, baby.” He whispered after breaking the kiss and she blushed, understanding what he wants.

“You can have me anytime, baby. I’m all yours.” She captured his lips and her hand opened the button of his jeans. He slid his hands into her skirt and yanked the panty down her thighs by holding his waistband.

They slowly lay down on the bed, kissing each other softly, he is over her and then they made love and went to another world with pleasure.

They both are lying in each other arms after the intense make-out session. He is kissing her hands and she is listening to his soothing heartbeat.

Sidharth called his P.A. and asked him to arrange a press conference for him as through this he wants to reveal in front of everybody who is Sana for him. He wants to shut everybody’s mouth.

“Sidharth, I’ll go with you to the press conference.” She said to him when he cut the call.

“They will ask humiliating questions from you, Sweetheart and I don’t want you to face all this. Please,” she shushed him by placing her finger over his lips.

“Shush. If you’re with me, I’m not afraid to face any problem. We’ll go through everything together.” She said, entwining her fingers with his and gazing at him with so much love in her eyes.

“Okay, babu. You can come.” He agreed and kissed her forehead. She smiled contentedly.

Sana P.O.V.

We’re going to attend the press conference. I know reporters will certainly ask some questions which will hurt us, but I’ll be strong for him because I have to handle him. He is short-tempered but I know my ways to calm him down.

He is silently driving the car with a serious look on his face. He is calm but I know from inside he is still angry. I am a bit scared of him. I hope I can be able to keep him calm during the conference.

“Baby, everything will be alright.” I assured him, holding his arm and placed my head over his shoulder. He just kissed my forehead and stayed silent.

As we reached the venue, reporters surrounded our car like we’re their prey. They are clicking our photos and their lips are moving but we can’t listen to anyone as the windows are closed. I saw Sidharth, his brows are knitted and his eyes are scorching in anger.

“Sidharth, relax.” I said, holding his hand but he jerked my hand. His behaviour isn’t giving me good vibes. I’m scared.

“Gannu Ji, please stay with me.” I prayed to God.

Guards sided away the reporters and he drove the car. He halted the car at the parking area. Thankfully there are no reporters. We stepped out. Guards showed us the way and we followed them. He is fuming in anger. I’m scared.

We settled down on the stage where our seats are arranged.

“Sidharth, relax please.” I tried to calm him down by again holding his hand but he again jerked my hand.

What happened to him why he is behaving like this? He was fine at home. I wondered.

Soon the press conference began and my heartbeat accelerated.

“So Mr Shukla, what is your relationship status with Miss Sana? Is she is your slut?” One of the reporters asked shamelessly.

I closed my eyes and pursed my lips to control my emotions.

My eyes shot open in utter shock as I heard the gunshot. I gasped as I saw that reporter lying in the pool of blood and Sidharth is standing, holding the gun in his hand. I’m palmed mouth. This can’t be the truth. Sidharth can’t kill anybody.

Then somebody shot my stomach and I felt immense pain. I felt dizzy and he stared at me in horror.

Before I could fall, he took me in his arms. “Sidharth…” I whispered his name with difficulty, tears trickling down my cheeks. I’m feeling like I’m seeing him for the last time.

Then darkness engulfed me.

Is this the end?


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