Our Angel (Part: 24 Possessiveness)

I’m playing with my Angel and her Mumma is bringing her a meal. She is sitting on my lap, holding her doll soft toy. Her Mumma has made her two fountain pony and made her wear the dungaree.

“Angel.” As I called her, she looked at me and gave me a cute smile.

“Da…da…” she called me in her babyish voice and I kissed her cheek, smiling broadly. Truly her sweet voice is soothing music to my ears.

“Okay, Angel, tell me, where is your nose?” I asked her but she ignored me at first and started playing with her doll.

“Angel, my Princess, please tell me where is your nose.” I asked her again pleadingly as she makes so adorable expressions when she tells this, I want to see her that expression.

“Angel, nose, where is your nose.” I asked her for the third time and she finally sniffled, making a sound, telling me that this is her nose.

Haye… so so cute.

“Very good, my bacha.” I said, caressing my nose against her and she giggled.

“Now tell me, where are your eyes?” I asked her and now she instantly answered me by blinking her eyes, like always looking so adorable.

“And tongue.”

First, she took out her tiny tongue and then said, “tan. Tan.” I laughed at the way she pronounced ‘tongue’ and she laughed with me.

“Now tell me where is your hair, Angel?” I asked her and she slightly hit her head in response. I just smiled at her.

Whenever I’m with her or my baby, a cheerful smile doesn’t leave my face. They both are the reason for my happiness and I say thank you to God every day for blessing me with them. They both are my heaven on the earth, my peace and my whole world. Without them I’m nothing.

“Wow, my Angel is so intelligent. She knows everything.” I praised her, pulling her chubby cheeks and she tittered.

Then she went out of my arms and stood on her feet. She started walking to the edge of the bed, holding her doll.

I freaked out. “Angel, stop. You will fall.”

As I stopped her by pulling to myself, she cried out. “Flo. Flo.”

I immediately understood what she wants. She wants to walk on the floor.

Flo means Floor.

Earlier when she was small, she used to cry for something and we didn’t understand what she wants. It’s a huge relief that at least now she can tell us what she wants.

Handling babies is the most difficult task but I’m enjoying every bit of this. She is such a cute baby.

I climbed down the bed, holding her. She is still squalling. I bent down and finally, she stopped crying as I made her stand on the floor. So I was right she wanted to come on the floor.

“I’m proud of myself for being such an intelligent Dada.” I self praised myself and chuckled.

Angel is toddling out of the room, cooing, holding her doll, just lost in her world and balancing herself. I strolled behind her, beaming. The way she toddles, keeping her legs apart and jerking. I love to watch her. I just love everything about my Angel.

She held my hand with her tiny fingers and led me towards the main door of our mansion. She always wants to go out.

“Mom…ma…” as she saw her Mumma, she called her and walked faster to her. She hugged her by wrapping her tiny arms around her legs.

“Haye, my Princess.” She said and gave the bowl of apple puree to me before picking up Angel in her arms.

Angel squealed and jumped in her mumma’s arms with joy. She kissed her cheeks and I just smiled at them merrily.

Then we came back to the room. Angel is sitting on her Mumma’s lap and I’m sitting in front of them. Now it’s time to feed our Chotu baby. She shows tantrums in eating like her Mumma.

But we have our ways to feed her.

“Baby, this is for you, not for Angel. Eat it.” I took the spoon full of apple puree to my baby’s mouth passing by Angel’s mouth.

She ate it and said, “umm… it’s so yummy.” Angel stared at her, thinking her Mumma is having tasty food and not giving her. Her expressions are worth watching.

This trick always works on her.

I repeated it and this time Angel opened her mouth to eat it but I didn’t give her. I know if I easily feed her, she won’t eat, thinking that this is for her only and we’re tricking her. She is smart.

I lifted my hand to again feed baby but this time Angel grasped my hand and took the spoon in her mouth. We both gave each other a smile of triumph as our trick worked again.

After that I fed her and she ate it without showing any tantrums.

When her little tummy became full, she crawled to the corner of the bed and started playing with her toys.

“Wow! Hubby, you’re becoming an expert in feeding Angel.” Now my baby sat over my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck. She doesn’t leave any chance to sit on my lap as this place has now been booked by our Angel.

“Feeding Angel became simpler because of your trick only. Thank you, baby.” I kissed her cheek and she smiled cheerily.

As Angel moved her eyes to us from her toys, she frowned and hastily crawled to us.

How can my Momma take my place? She must be thinking this.

She tried to push her Mumma away from me, crying loudly.

She pouted sadly and sat up on the bed from my lap. Angel hurriedly sat over my lap, smiling broadly. I smiled at her and kissed her head, wrapping my arms around her little body.

“Angel, that’s not fair. I know he is your Dada, you have right on him but he’s my hubby too. Couldn’t you share him with your Momma?” She asked her in a crying tone.

“Na…” Angel responded to her like she is saying no to her.

“Hubby, I also want to sit on your lap.” She cried out and I gave her ‘what I can do’ looks. Angel started playing with the buttons of my black shirt.

“Angel, Mumma is Katti from you. (Mumma don’t want to talk you.)” She said, clicking her thumb under her chin.

She marched out of the room, angry with little Angel. I just shook my head.

Seriously I have two babies. I have given the right name to my wife ‘baby’. Honestly, she isn’t less than a baby but I love her the way she is.

“Da…Da…” Angel placed her head on my chest, calling me again and again in a sugary voice. I just love her voice.

“Angel, she is your Momma, you should share everything with her.” I explained to her, caressing her head.

She is possessive with me, she can’t even share me with her Momma. In the same way, she is possessive with her Momma. She is possessive like I’m possessive with her and her momma. I also don’t like to share them with anybody else. They both are only mine.

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