Desire To Control Her (Part: 6 I hate the feeling of love) Manan

“Is this the way you treat your guest?” He asked and I came on the earth back.

“No, this is the special treatment for the uninvited guest like you.” I said curtly.

He shook his head. “You’re unbelievable.”

“Am I unbelievable? Seriously? You’re following me like a ghost and you’re saying I’m unbelievable.” I chided him and rolled my eyes.

“Oh, God! Don’t start again.” He said, irritated.

“If I’m irritating you so much, then why did you come here? Did I invite you? No, right?” I asked, raising my brows.

“If you don’t shut your mouth, then I’ll make you shut up in my way and you know my way very well, Butterfly.” He warned me and my mouth remained open in shock.

I gave him a sullen look. “Come inside, the special uninvited guest.” I invited him.

He chuckled and stepped inside. I closed the door. He settled down on the sofa.

“Do you want something to drink or eat?” I asked, putting my anger on the side.

“I want you.” I looked at him in shock. He chuckled and said, “I want water.”

I shook my head and went to bring water.

I came back with a glass of water. I stumbled on the table and the glass of water fell over him. I balanced myself by grasping his broad shoulders. My hair came over my face. He moved my hair away from my face, brushing my face with his rough fingers and I shivered with his touch and our proximity accelerated my heartbeat. He gently tucked my hair behind my ears. For a few minutes, we got lost in each other intense eyes.

I stood straight, saying, “sorry.”

“You should walk properly, butterfly.” He said and started opening his black shirt.

I widened my eyes in shock and freaked out. “What are you doing?”

“My shirt is wet, I’m removing it.” He grinned at me and I frowned at him.

“Go out and remove it.” I shouted at him.

“No, I’ll remove here only because I don’t take orders, I give orders.” I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms across my chest.

“I don’t take anybody’s orders either. I’m going. Do whatever you want to. Remove your shirt or get fully naked, I don’t care.” I turned to walk but he stopped me by grasping my wrist.

“Leave my hand.” I shrieked, scratching his arm with the nails of my other hand but he didn’t leave my hand.

I sneered at him. He is opening the buttons of his shirt with his other hand. I closed my eyes and he laughed evilly. He is Devil.

After a few minutes, he left my hand. I opened my eyes and found him standing in front of me. I gasped as I saw his muscular physique and his broad chest and shoulder. He has six packs abs. I’m not a fan of the boys who have six packs abs but after seeing his six packs abs, I’m clean bold. He’s fucking hot. Seriously my mouth became watery seeing his body and I forgot everything. I really felt like touching him and kissing him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Why you’re thinking like this for him?” My mind scolded me.

What I should do he’s so damn hot. Why he has to be so handsome and hot? Why he is Dom, why he is not a normal man?

“Do you like what you’re seeing, butterfly?” He asked me, bringing me back to the earth.

Fuck! I’m eating his body through my eyes shamelessly, standing in front of him.

Now he will torture me more.

“Just get out of here.” I shouted, not understanding what to say. I’m losing my mind right now.

“If you shout at me like a bad girl, I’ll never listen to you.” He shook his head.

“Fuck off.” I barked at him before storming to my room.

I heard his evil laugh behind me. Oh, God! This Man is making me insane.

Max’s P.O.V.

I’m drinking constantly, sitting at the bar counter of my mansion. I’m hating myself for missing the girl who cheated on me and then lied to me looking into my eyes. Lara wasn’t just my submissive, she was much more than that for me. I had feelings for her, that’s why it’s hurting a lot when she cheated on me.

I wish I hadn’t developed any feelings for her.

I’m missing her a lot.

“Why did you do this, Lara? Why?” I yelled out. My pain is coming out in the form of anger. I’m badly hurt.

“Max.” Suddenly I felt relief as I heard her voice. But as I recalled how she was kissing that man, I clutched the glass of scotch in fury.

I swiftly turned around and splashed the scotch over her face from the glass in outrage, she gasped. I barked at her, “I asked you to never show your face to me, why did you come here?”

She flinched and shuttered, crying. “Ma-Max, please forgive me. I was drunk that night when he kissed me. I’m sorry,”

“Just get lost, Lara. I don’t want any explanation.” I shouted at her, cutting her words.

She knelt before me, bowing her head down and placing her hands behind her back. “Please, Master, punish me as I deserve it but please don’t leave me.”

I harshly clasped her jaw and lifted her face to look at me. “You should have thought about it before kissing that boy and making out with him, Lara.”

I jerked her face and said, “everything is over between us. So get lost.”

“But not for me, you’re still my master and I’ll do anything for your forgiveness. Please punish me.” She begged.

“Okay, if that what you want. Stand up and strip.” I ordered.

Her eyes glinted as she is thinking, I’m giving her a second chance. But she doesn’t know how much hurt I’m. I fucking trusted her so much. I can never forgive her.

She stood up and started removing her clothes.

“I’ll make sure after today’s punishment you never show me your face.” As I uttered curtly, her lips drew down in sadness.

“I’m sorry, Mas,”

“Shut up, you’re not allowed to say anything.” I thundered.

She nodded before removing her undies.

“Now bend over the bar counter, pulling out your ass.” I ordered her and she complied instantly.

Then I loosened my belt and started hitting her butts with it mercilessly. She is crying out in pain but it seems like I have become a monster. I can’t able to see her pain at this moment, I’m just thinking how the way she has cheated on me.

I thought after this she would herself leave from here and never show me her face but she is taking the pain.

Why she is forcing me to hurt her more? Why she isn’t understanding that I have become a monster after her betrayal.

I hurled the belt on the floor and shouted, “Lara, wear your clothes and get the fuck out of my house now.”

She stood up, crying and stared at me pleadingly with her sorrowful eyes.

“Wear your clothes.” I tossed her clothes on her face.

She wore them, crying and she hissed in pain when the fabric rubbed against the welts on her butts. I felt hurt and guilty.

What I’m becoming because of her? She is making me a devil. I never thought that I would ever hurt her.

“Master,” I shushed by grasping her arm and dragged her out of the house.

As I shut the door in fury, she wailed in pain. I saw her fingers came in between the door. I hastily open the door and my widened in horror as I saw her fingers, her knuckles are bleeding.


I hurriedly took her inside and bandaged her fingers.

She took the advantage of the situation and spoke, “Max, I love you. I’m sorry. I can’t live without you.”

“Lara, please, don’t force me to hurt you more. Please, go.” I literally begged in a choked voice.

But the girl is very stubborn. Still, she isn’t going, she is just staring at me pleadingly.

I again dragged her out of the house. “Please, give me one more chance.” She kept pleading.

This time I shut the door after making her stand far away from it.

I howled in agony, clutching my hair.

She knocked on the door. “Max, I won’t go until you talk to me.” She said, crying.

After cheating on me, why the fuck isn’t she leaving me? I wish I could forget the day when I caught her cheating on me and I wish I could forgive her. But it’s not easy.

Manik’s P.O.V.

I reached Max’s house to meet him. I know he doesn’t want to meet anybody but I’m concerned for him.

I saw Lara, crying standing outside of his house.

As she saw me, she hastily wiped her tears. I walked to her.

“What happened, Lara?” I asked her concernedly.

“Nothing, I was just leaving.” She said, fighting back with her tears.

“Look, Lara, I know we never talked to each other before, but you can share with me. We all know that Max has feelings for you and I want to see you both together. So maybe I can help you.” I explained to her.

Then she told me everything that a few days back she got drunk at the club, a boy took her in the corner and kissed her lips and neck, touching all over her body and she was so drunk and didn’t push him. That time only Max reached there and he thought that she cheated on him. Then she told me what happened afterwards.

“Manik, I really can’t even think to cheat Max as I love him. My mistake was that I got drunk so much.”

I’m a bit angry with her after knowing this but everyone deserves a second chance and the fact is that she didn’t cheat on him deliberately. But I can understand Max’s anger also. I would have also behaved like him if my submissive had done with me like this. But in their relationship, things are different as they both have feelings for each other.

“Lara, you keep trying, I’m sure he will forgive you. But for now, give him some time. You can see what he is doing with you, he is hurt and he is not in his senses. So give him some time”

“You seriously think he will forgive me?” She asked me.

“Yes, because he has feelings for you. He is just hurt and angry, that’s why he is doing this with you. And I’ll talk to him.” I assured her.

“Thank you, Manik. I’m feeling better after talking to you.” We passed a small smile to each other.

“Now you should go home.”

She shook her head. “No, I’ll stay here.”

I didn’t force her and rang the bell but he didn’t open the door.

“He won’t open the door. He would be thinking that I’m ringing the bell.” Lara said sadly.

I nodded and then I called him. He answered the call instantly and I asked him to open the door.

After a few minutes, the door opened by Max. His condition is worst, he is drunk. He glared at Lara who is standing behind me. He pulled me inside and shut the door on her face before she could say anything. He is so angry.

“Lara told me everything.” I said, coming to the point directly.

“I don’t want to talk about this, Dude, please.” He said in anger.

“Running away from her and her thoughts is not the solution, Bro. We all know that you love her,”

He cut my words and shouted, “shut up, Manik. She means nothing to me.”

“She means you a lot, Max, therefore your condition this.”

Max finally gave up and said after sighing deeply. “Yes, I do have feelings for her but I can’t forgive her for what she has done to me. You tell me if your submissive had done this, would you have forgiven her?”

“Look, Max, I would have also left my submissive for cheating me but she wouldn’t have come after me like Lara because there were no feelings attached. Your case is different, Max, you both have strong feelings for each other and I really feel like you already have punished Lara a lot. You spanked her in front of all of us, you humiliated her but still, she isn’t leaving you because she loves you, Max. Don’t lose her.” I made him understand by placing my hand on his shoulder.

The person who runs away from love is making him understand about love.

“You know whenever I see her face, I recall that scene and I lost control over myself and hurt her. The truth is that I want to forgive her and stay with her but it’s difficult, Manik because if she stays with me, I can hurt her more. I need time, Manik.”

That’s why I hate the feeling of love so much because it’s hurt a lot. I’ll never let this feeling even touch me.

“Take your time, Max, but forgive her before it gets too late and you regret.” I warned him.

“I wish it was easy.” He said in a serious tone, staring straight.

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