Monster’s Bride (Part: 64 Beautiful Dream) Sidnaaz

“Baby, I’m pregnant.” She told him, placing his hand on her tummy, having a beautiful smile on her face and her eyes are shimmering with happiness.

“Are you serious? I’m going to become Deda…” Sidharth asked in a complete disbelief tone and she nodded, smiling widely.

“I’m so happy, sweetheart. I’m going to become Daddy.” He lifted her by holding her waist and twirled her.

She laughed cheerily, encircling her arms around his neck. “Haha… Baby, put me down.”

She woke up in the morning with a broad smile on her face after seeing a beautiful dream. Sidharth is still sleeping, hugging her like a baby. She has no clue that this dream is going to break today and she has to face the reality that she has lost her baby in her womb only.

“Chotu Baby, Mumma is so excited to tell your daddy about you. I’ll tell him about you tonight with a beautiful surprise. I just can’t wait to see his reaction. I know it’s going to be more amazing than my dream.” She said, placing her hands on her tummy but the poor soul doesn’t know that now there is no baby in her womb. She is living in a dream and talking to her dead baby.


Sidnaaz are coming downstairs and Sidharth frowned at Cabir and Alia who are sitting in the hall.

“Baby, talk to them by putting your anger at the side. Give them a last chance. They are your friends, they will understand you now.” She explained to him, entwining her fingers with his fingers.

He just smiled at her faintly, wondering. “You’re such a kind and pure soul, sweetheart but still I don’t know why God snatched our baby from you.” He kissed her knuckles and she smiled at him broadly.

“Now go to them and baby, remember no anger.” She made him understand in a stern tone like his mother. He smiled at her before walking towards them.

“Sidharth, please forgive us. Now we have understood that Sana is such a great person. She saved our Mukti without caring about herself. This Girl is best for you. I’m sorry for hurting her.” Alia apologised to him after standing up.

“I’m giving you both a last chance because Sana wants this. I want a fresh start without any hatred.” He stated in a serious tone, swaying his eyes from Alia to Cabir.

“Sidharth, I was doing this for Mukti. If you had told me that you’re in love with Sana, I would have never done this.” Now Cabir said grimly.

“Cabir, I just want you guys to become a better person and hurt nobody. I want to show you all the true face of Sana that how kind she is.” Sidharth explained his point of view to Cabir.

“Cabir, whatever Bhai has done is correct. If bhai hadn’t done this, we would have accepted Sana bhabhi but not wholeheartedly, we would have still hated her. Today we all accepted her wholeheartedly. Now I have understood that in this world there are people who genuinely care for us and love us, other than our family like Sana Bhabhi.” Mukti uttered, her eyes filled with so much respect and love for Sana.

“Mukti, I’m so happy that finally, you understood.” Sidharth took Mukti in a side hug, smiling contentedly and she smiled at him slightly.

“Bhai, I’m sorry that I hurt you a lot but now I’ll never do anything which hurt you, I promise.” She promised after hugging him. He hugged her back tightly with a blissful smile and kissed her head. Cabir and Alia smiled at them merrily.

“I think now finally everything is fine.” Sana’s voice caught everybody’s attention and they looked at her.

“It happened because of you, Bhabhi. If you hadn’t come into my life, I would have done more sins but you changed me utterly and filled my heart with love. Now I respect you so much and you deserve lots of happiness.” Mukti said with joy, walking to her. Sana smiled at her, placing her hand on her face, gazing at her with so much love in her eyes. Sidharth is so happy to see the two most important people of his life together.

“Sana, please forgive her us also.” Cabir apologised to her.

“We’re sorry, Sana.” Now Alia said, strolling to her.

“You all accepted your mistakes. It’s more than enough for me. I’m not angry with anybody.” Sana replied to them politely.

“Now let’s eat something. Mere pet mein chuhai dodh rhai hai. (My stomach is grumbling.) Aren’t you guys hungry?” She asked adorably, making everyone laugh and they all went to the dining area.


“Sidharth, I’m thinking why not we start our work from today only? It’s been so long, so many recordings are pending.” Cabir asked while having breakfast.

“No, Cabir, I want a few days more.” He replied, moving the spoon in the bowl with an absent mind. Sana sensed something wrong.

“Baby, aap thikh ho na? (Are you fine?)” She asked him concernedly holding his hand with one hand and put her other hand on his face.

“Yes, sweetheart, I’m fine. It’s just that I want to spend few more days with you without any work.” He lied and kissed her hand. Everybody found them cute. He is upset and therefore he wants to spend time with her sweetheart.

“If you’re fine, you should complete your pending recordings. When you get free, we’ll spend time.” Sana said in a stern tone like a mother and everybody laughed.

“Okay, baba.” Sidharth agreed unwillingly as he doesn’t want her to doubt him.

“Wow, bhabhi. You convinced bhai so easily. You’re great.” Mukti squealed and Sidnaaz smiled at each other.


“Sana, the bodyguard is standing out of your room. If you want to go out, go with him.” Sidharth instructed her sternly. She’s just smiling, seeing how much he cares for her.

“Okay, Mumma ka strick baby, Mein bodyguard ko sath lekar hi jaungi. (Okay, Mumma’s strict baby, I’ll go out along bodyguard.)” She said after hugging him tightly. He smiled, hugging her back and kissed her hair.

“I love you so much. I don’t know how I’ll record the songs without you. If your health was fine, I would have taken you with me to the studio.” He said grimly after pulling away from her.

“Bhai, we’re getting late. Continue your romance after coming back home.” They heard Mukti’s voice from outside and Sana blushed after listening to her words. He just smiled at her.

“Now go, baby.” Sana pushed him out.

“I will miss you, sweetheart.” He said after pecking her lips.

She stood on her toes and sucked his lips. “I’ll miss you more, baby.”

Last time he smiled at her before going.

“Now it’s time to plan the surprise for your Daddy, chotu baby.” She said excitedly, placing her hand on her belly.


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