Desire To Control Her (Part: 8 I want to dance with her) Sidnaaz

Sidharth’s P.O.V.

When she insulted me, I lost my temper and dragged her to the empty hall. Finally, I touched her round butts and squeezed them, I was loving them a lot.

I raised my hand to spank her but I stopped as soon as I realised that she isn’t my submissive. I have no right to treat her like this, this is highly wrong.

I immediately stood up and apologised for my behaviour but a bad girl like her deserves Spanking, so I said, “but you better behave with me from next time.”

Then I just dashed out of the hall.

In all this, my one wish fulfilled that is I got the chance to touch her round and perfect butts. From the day my eyes fell over them, I was longing to touch them. They fitted so perfectly in my hands.

I’m recalling how she was looking, bending over my lap and it’s arousing me by only imagining it. I fucking want to do so many things with her but this girl is really challenging.

Eve’s P.O.V.

I’m blindfolded, my wrists and ankles are tied to the bedposts. My master is rewarding me for being his good baby girl.

Suddenly his phone rang up. He moved away from me to answer the call.

Seriously! In the middle of romance who attend the calls?

“It’s Sidharth call. Don’t make any noise.” He warned me, I frowned.

Why he has to call now?

“Is the call important than me?” I asked, pouting in anger.

“You know, you and my friends are equally important to me. Now be quiet, if Sidharth doubts what is happening here, then I’ll punish you. I’m answering the call and putting the phone on speaker.”

Evil! Always find a reason to punish me.

“Hello, Sidharth.” He answered the call in a relaxed tone and the next moment only he started rubbing my clit vigorously.

I bit my lips inside my mouth to control my moan.

“What’s up Dude, what’s going on?” I heard Sidharth’s voice from the phone.

Couldn’t you call later, Sidharth?

“I’m spending the best time of my life. You tell.”

He spends the best time of his life when he teases me.

“I want to chill out, could we meet?” He asked him.

No, Sidharth, not now. It’s my reward time.

“We can meet in few hours as right now I’m busy with something very very important.” He said and sucked my clit hard.

I pursed my lips and controlled my moan very difficultly.

“Where?” Sidharth asked him.

Why Sidharth, do you want to know everything today only?

I moaned, jumping as suddenly Dev placed the vibrator on my clit after turning it on maximum speed, I’m damn sure.

He removed it instantly. He’s so evil. He deliberately has done this.

“Oh, now I understood where are you busy. Call you later, enjoy.” Sidharth finally ended the call.

“I ordered you to stay quiet, baby girl. Did you forget?”

“I know you deliberately did this, Master. That’s not fair.” I complained.

“I can do anything but when you’re with me on the bed, you can do only what I ask you. Now you didn’t follow my rule, so you will be punished.” He said and I can imagine him grinning devilishly.

He really finds reasons to punish me.

“Now you can moan how much you want, baby girl. He said and vigorously started rubbing the vibrator up and down my vagina. Then he pushed his two fingers deep into me and I’m dead.

Max’s P.O.V.

The next day, late in the morning I woke up. My head is blasting because of the pain.

I got ready hastily because I have an important meeting. I’m not in a state to work right but it’s important.

I stepped out of my house and my eyes dilated in horror as I saw Lara, she is still sitting out of the house and her condition is worst. She is all drenched up and shivering. It was raining heavily last night and I didn’t know that she would be still outside. Her condition broke my heart and my all anger vanished away. I’m feeling so hurt after seeing her condition.

I bent down and placed my hand on her forehead. She’s warm because of the fever.

My heart wrenched as she murmured in sleep, “I-I’m so-sorry, Max. Pun-punish me but please don’t leave me. If you leave me, I’ll die as there is no one in my life except you.” Her lips are quivering because she is feeling cold. Huge tears automatically trickled down my cheeks. I realised how much she loves me. I swiftly scooped her into my arms and took her to the room.

I hurriedly removed her clothes and more tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw the belt welts on her hips given by me only.

She is constantly apologising to me and asking me to don’t leave her.

“I’m sorry, Lara for treating you like this. Please forgive me. I’m with you.” I said, hugging her tightly and cried. I’m now filled with deep remorse. Lara instantly calmed down when I held her fragile body in my warm arms. Now I’m constantly apologising to her, hugging her tighter and tighter. I’m feeling so guilty now for hurting my love so much. She is still unconscious.

I broke the hug and covered her with the warm blanket before calling the Doctor. She is in my arms and I’m constantly kissing her forehead. She isn’t shivering now, thank God.

After a few minutes, she gained her consciousness back and slowly opened her eyes. She stared at me in disbelief.

“Are you really here, Max?” She asked incredulously.

I nodded, placing my hand on her face. “Yes, I’m with you, baby.”

A smile flashed on her face and a tear streamed down her cheek. I got my breath back after seeing a smile on her face, she looks so beautiful when she smiles.

“I’m so,”

I shushed her by placing my finger over her lips. “Don’t be sorry. You know today I understood that nobody can love me how much you love me, Lara. I’m so sorry for not understanding you and I can’t afford to lose you. I love you, baby.” I confessed my love for the first time, cupping her face and kissed her lips so softly, pouring my all love. I’m giving my breath to her through this kiss.

She smiled broadly after the kiss and confessed, “I love you too, Max. Thank you for giving me second chance.”

“Now you lie down on your front, I have to apply ointment.” I took out the ointment from the drawer.

She nodded and lay down on her front, smiling at me. I removed the blanket and stared at the welts on her hips with moist eyes.

I leaned down and placed so many tender kisses all over her butts. With every kiss, I said sorry to her. Then I carefully applied the ointment to the scars.

“I’m sorry, baby.” I apologised for the last time after coming close to her face.

“Don’t be sorry. I deserved it.”

I shook my head. “No, you didn’t deserve it, baby. You only deserve all my love.” I placed a soft kiss on her forehead before again pulling her into my warm arms and kissing her hair.

Sidharth’s P.O.V.

I and Dev are drinking, sitting at the bar of my BDSM club.

A girl in the red hot dress came to me and for a second I imagined Sana coming to me like this.

She knelt before me, placing her hand at the back. “Master, please make me your slave and I’ll do anything to please you.” I rolled my eyes.

Now I don’t want a submissive like her who are easy to handle and who easily obey my every order. I want a submissive like Sana who can challenge me every day. I want something different in my life now.

“No, find some else because I’m looking for something different.” As I denied it, her face hung down in sadness.

She sadly stood up and left.

“You broke the heart of one more girl today.” Dev laughed out.

“You know bro, what type of girl I want.”

“I know very well who you want. By the way how it’s going?” He asked about Sana.

“What I should tell you, bro. She just hates BDSM relationship.”

“I already told you.”

“But still I want her only and I’ll get her.” I said with determination.

“All the best.”

Then Dev’s phone rang up. He excused himself and left to attend the call.

He came back with a huge smile on his face.

“Sidharth, I’m going to meet Eve at the grey stone club. Do you want to join me there?” He asked me and I opened my mouth to deny but stopped when he gave me the good news. “Sana is with her.”

I almost jumped down the stool and hurriedly agreed to join him. “I’m coming, bro.”

“Haha. I knew it.” He laughed hysterically and I glared at him.

Then we left for the grey stone club.

We reached the club and I’m so excited to see my butterfly. What she will be wearing today, I wondered.

My eyes are desperately searching for her in the crowd of people dancing crazily. My heart almost stopped beating as I saw her. She is dancing like a free bird, shaking her sexy body and moving her arms in the air. She is wearing a backless deep cut black dress with a slit. She is taking away my breath with her sexy dance move.

I felt like rushing to her and dance with her by grinding my body against her after pulling her to myself. When she is mine, I will definitely dance with her like this.

“I think you have already found your girl.” Dev said, tapping my shoulder.

‘My Girl’ wow! when this will come true.

Then we both walked to them. Sana stopped dancing as she saw me and looked at me like she has seen a ghost. By the way, she calls me ghost only.

Suddenly I recalled our morning cafe’s encounter. How I bent her over my lap and fondled her perfect shaped ass. My hands again ached to grab her butts all of sudden. She is still looking at me in shock.

I walked to her and leaned down after Dev took Eve to the restroom. She is just staring at me in shock. I moved to her ear, rubbing my stubbles against her cheek.

“Hello, butterfly.” I whispered in her ear, making her shiver.

“Hello, Hi. Now bye-bye.” She pushed me away and waved her hand at me.

How dare she push me?

As she turned to walk, I grasped her arm and swiftly yanked her to myself. Her back body collided with my strong and muscular front body. I caressed my hands down her arms and her body trembled with my touch. I placed her hair over her shoulder before caressing her bareback.

“Now turn around and stop me, butterfly. I promise you, I’ll leave without any argument, but if you don’t stop me now, then you’ll be my submissive for tonight.” I whispered in her ear, gliding my hand up her thigh from the slit of her dress. I know my touch affects her a lot and she won’t stop me.


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