Desire To Control Her (Part: 10 Go to hell!) Manan

Dev’s P.O.V.

I brought Eve to the restroom and locked the door. She is staring at me with an angry pout.

“Dev, you are really bad. I was enjoying it so much and you took me to this boring room.” Few minutes back I was hell angry on her but after seeing her cute puppy angry face, it melted my heart.

I said sternly. “Why did you disobey me, Eve? You made me really angry.” I pretended that I’m sill angry because I don’t want her to repeat the same mistake next time. If she hadn’t invited me to meet her today, anyone could have taken advantage of her drunken state. It’s not safe for her to get drunk without me, how can she be so careless. Now she deserves her boyfriend’s anger and also punishment from his Master.

But I will punish her when she gets sober tomorrow. I’ll punish her in such a way that she won’t repeat it again as this is the matter of my baby girl’s safety.

“I was just enjoying with my friend, why are you getting so angry?” She asked me.

“I warned you so many time to never get drunk so much when I’m not with you but you don’t understand such a small thing.” Now I shouted at her, losing my temper because she is not accepting her mistake.

“I didn’t drink to much, Dev. Why are you shouting at me like this?” She rebuked.


I pinned her against near by wall by grasping her arms.

“Behave, Eve. Don’t forget that I’m your master, don’t force me to punish you when you’re drunk.” I warned her in dominating tone, giving her deadly glare.

“I’m sorry, Master that I disobey and shout at you.” She apologised me instantly, fearing of my anger.

I don’t want to scare her but she wasn’t listening to me and I lost my mind.

I know she is not in the condition to listen anything right now. I’ll talk to her in the morning .

“Now lie down on the bed, Eve.” I left her arms and pointed my finger at the bed. She instantly complied with my order like a good submissive.

I love her.

“Now sleep, baby girl.” I tucked her into the blanket and lay down beside her. I engulfed her into my arms and kissed head. She fell a fast asleep as soon as she came into my arms.

“I love you.” I murmured to her, gazing at her angelic face and kissed her forehead again.

Manik’s P.O.V.

When I gave her choice to stop me or to be my submissive for tonight. I deliberately started kissing her neck, so that she couldn’t stop me and she really didn’t stop me.

I grinned, becoming happy to make her my submissive for one night only.

I pleasured her by massaging her private parts. Her tits were so soft and I was loving massaging and squeezing them. I was becoming harder and harder while playing with her and the thing was arousing me more that she was so wet for me. Her undies were dripping wet and I rubbed her vigorously.

I really wanted to drag her to the room and fuck the damn out of her but I couldn’t because first thing was that she wasn’t sober and second thing was that she wasn’t my permanent submissive.

I was enjoying pleasuring my butterfly a lot but the only thing I was missing it that her moans. I couldn’t hear her moans because of the loud music.

So therefore I led her to the private cabin.

So now it was the time to give her a teaser of my Dom side.

I asked her to kneel but as expected she defied me.

But when I warned her in my dominant tone, she knelt before me like a good submissive. I grinned widely with triumph.

But when she touched me without my permission, I lost my temper and shouted at her to remove her hand as I don’t allow anybody to touch me, I have my reasons for this. She again defied me and this was enough.

I barked at her, holding her hands behind her back roughly. “Why do you never listen to me?”

“Why do I listen to you? I will never become your submissive, not even for one night. You can’t control me, no one can control me. Now fucking leave my hands.” As she shouted at me, I realised, I’m going too fast with a girl like her.

“Leave right now.” I composed myself and asked her to leave before turning around and standing facing my back to her.

I heard her footsteps, going away. I turned around after a minute, thinking she must have left but to my shock she is still here. Now she is sitting on the sofa.

She grinned at me. “What you order, I’ll do exactly opposite of it.”

I shook my head incredulously. This girl is something else, seriously. She is crossing all the limits of defying me. I wish she was my submissive and I could have taught her the lesson by punishing her for her every mistake.

When that time will come? When will my desire to control her fulfil? Will that time ever come? I wondered, staring at her.

“Okay, so I’m going. You stay here.” I stormed out of the cabin and she laughed behind me.

This girl is getting on my nerves and so damn challenging but that’s what I want.

I’ll keep trying to make her my submissive. I’m sure one day she will give up and surrender to me by becoming my submissive. On thing I’m sure about that my touch and my presence is affecting her a lot and I’ll take advantage of this only.

Keep defying me, Butterfly and I’ll keep coming after you and won’t stop until you obey me. I’ll surely fulfil my desire to control you.

I called Dev to ask where he is but he didn’t answer my calls.

I think Eve and Dev are already left. Now who will drop Nandini at home, I think I should go back to her. She is drunk and anybody can take the advantage of her that state, therefore I can’t go leaving her alone here. She is not safe here.

I hurriedly went there and a smiled flashed on my face when I saw her sleeping. She is looking so adorable and more beautiful while sleeping. I strolled to her and made her lay down properly on the sofa. I leaned down and automatically placed a kiss on forehead after brushing her hair away from her face and gently tucking them behind her ear.

I never saw such a beautiful woman than her in my life. She has an angelic face. For the first time in my life I’m feeling like kissing every inch of any girl’s face. She is different.

I’m just gazing at her, stroking her cheek. I’m getting some kind of peace and happiness, looking at her.

Then I lay down on the opposite sofa to her and slept, admiring her angelic face. Seriously this girl is making me insane in a complete different way.

Eve’s P.O.V.

I woke up in the morning, my head is blasting and I tried to move my body but can’t because someone is sleeping hugging me tightly from behind.

He is my Dev.

I freaked out as I recalled about last night. I got so much drunk and invited problem for me by calling Dev. I’m in a big trouble now. He won’t leave me easily this time, I’m sure because he has strictly warned me to drink in limit when he is not with me.

Oh God! Why I did this?

“Baby Girl, Good morning.” He wished me and bit my earlobe.

He is being so sweet now but I know last night certainly he would have slept after deciding my punishment.

Poor Me!

“What happened? Don’t you want to wish me?” He asked, turning me to himself.

“Dev, I’m sorry about the last night.”

“Baby Girl, a sorry won’t work today. You know when it’s about your safety, I become more strict. If today I forgive you with a sorry only, then next time you will repeat it. That’s why I’ll make sure you won’t repeat this in your entire life.” He said in a stern tone.

“I won’t repeat it again, please, don’t punish me.” I utterly pleadingly.

“Okay, I won’t punish you.” He suddenly uttered, making me shock.

“Really?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yes, Baby Girl.” A broad smile flashed on my face.

Thank God!

I jumped over him and hugged him with joy.

He hugged me back and whispered in my ear, “but I’ll make sure you won’t repeat the mistake in future.”

“No, problem.” I said after breaking the hug.

“Now get up, I’m dropping you home.”

“Okay.” I kissed his lips before climbing down the bed.

Nandini’s P.O.V.

I opened my eyes and my eyes enlarged in shock as I saw Manik sleeping infront of my eyes on the different sofa. I vividly remember that last night he was gone, leaving me here alone.

Then I noticed that he is looking so damn attractive while sleeping also. I got lost in him, he is looking so cute while sleeping like a baby. I felt like to kiss on his face.

“Nandini, he is a monster. Remember what he did to you last night? He is purely a monster, so stop gazing at him, and run from here” I said to myself, staring at him.

I stood up and ran out of club in the full speed. I’m sure if he wakes, certainly he will do something to me and I won’t be able to control my feelings and resist his touch. Therefore I disappeared from there in no time.

I’m going back home by taxi and wondering about the last night. I can’t deny the fact, what he made me feel last night is so damn intense and incredible. When he was pleasuring me last night, I was feeling like all my life I was longing for this only. He set my whole body on fire. It was heavenly incredible feeling which I can never forget.

Recalling about the last night I again become horny and I felt like my whole body is aching for his touch.

Oh fuck what is happening to me? If this continues, I’ll go crazy very soon.

I came on the earth back as my phone vibrated and I checked it.

It’s his message. I opened it after taking a deep breath.

Manik: Butterfly, you could have waited for me to wake up.

Why would have I waited for him? What he thinks of himself that I’ll beg him to become my master.

Never ever, no chance in this birth.

I know he is attractive, hot, sexy and that’s why he has overloaded attitude.

Me: Ohh mister! I have so many important work to do in my life. Who are you to me that I’ll wait for you to wake up? You didn’t even let me touch you last night.

Last words I wrote like I’m complaining to him and sent to him without thinking.

In the full flow I sent this message to him and regretted.

I’m so stupid. Why I’m giving him hint that his everything is affecting me. Yes, I got really angry last night when he didn’t let me touch himself. If he doesn’t take permission before touching me, then why I will take his permission to touch him?

This BDSM reletionship sucks. It’s all about male pleasure and domination.

I hate this reletionship. I’ll never say yes to him.

Manik: Oh! Butterfly, it means I’m affecting you so much. I can feel that.

Go to hell! He is not affecting me. I’ll not reply to his message from now.


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