Our Angel (Part: 25 Consoling Momma)

I woke up from deep slumber in the middle of the night as I felt someone sucking my nipple. I sleep in my shorts only.

Is that my baby doing this? I wondered before opening my eyes.

My eyes shot open as I saw Angel sucking my nipple, lying over me.

What she is trying to do?

Is she trying to have milk from my nipple? Damn, she is so cute.

Angel baby, you’re in the wrong place. I’m not your Momma.

I moved her away from me and she cried out, “Mil… Mil…”

“Sh… my bacha, Mumma will wake up. Daddy will give you something to eat.” I hurriedly climbed down the bed, holding Angel and soothing her because I don’t want her to disturb her Momma’s sleep.

Thankfully Angel stopped crying as soon as I stood up. I kissed her forehead, just look at her face, she is so adorable and her tiny eyes are filled with innocence. I just love her to the moon and black.

“Deda…” she called me in her extra-sugary voice, caressing my face with her soft little hand and looking at me so lovingly. I fall in love with her a little more every day.

“Dal.. (Doll) Dal…” she said, pointing at her favourite barbie doll, kept in her crib. The way she pronounces doll, so cute. Everything about my Angel is cute.

I picked the doll from the crib and gave it to her. “So here is the doll, Angel.”

She took it and squealed with joy, jumping in my arms. She hugged the doll, closing her eyes and gave a pretty smile to me.

Haye, I just love her.

I kissed her cheek, she kissed me back on my lips and giggled so adorably, placing her hands over her mouth. My God! I’m dead.

“Angel, now daddy will feed you and we’ll have a lot of fun together.” While talking to her, I brought her to the kitchen to make something for her because she is hungry. Now she is sucking her doll’s hand, it’s thoroughly cleaned, so no worry.

I made her sit on her pink high chair with a feeding tray. She laughed excitedly, hitting her hands on the tray and swaying her legs. I laughed too. She is my peace.

I thought of cutting an apple for her. As I opened the fridge, Angel started shouting, “Icecleam.. Icecleam…” she is trying to come out of the chair, jumping, pointing at the fridge.

She is becoming so naughty day by day.

“No, Angel, no Ice cream at this time or else you will catch a cold.” I strictly denied it after taking out an apple from it.

“Give… give…” as I closed the door of the fridge, she hurled the doll on the floor and cried louder, slamming her hands on the tray and hitting her head against the back of the chair, asking for the Ice cream. Crying is her biggest weapon.

“Angel, stop crying and hurting yourself, it’s not good.” I explained to her after holding her in my arms. She is becoming so stubborn.

Now she glared at me, frowning. “Icecleam…” now she uttered in so sweet voice, pointing her finger at the fridge and looking at the fridge with her eyes filled with innocence.

How can anybody deny such a sweet request of a cute baby?

I can’t deny it.

“Okay, I’m giving you Ice cream.” I finally agreed, walking towards the fridge. As I took out a small cup of chocolate Ice cream, her eyes shone and her tongue came out of her mouth automatically.

“So so, cute.” I caressed my nose against her and she snatched the cup of Ice cream from my hand. I shook my head in disbelief, she is such a naughty baby but I love her a lot. I love her every antic.

“Icecleam…” she said, giving me the cup, indirectly asking me to open it.

After that I again made her sit on her chair and fed her the Ice cream after pulling the bib down her head. She ate it, laughing and squealing merrily.

I cleaned her face with the napkin before taking off the bib and picking my little Princess in my arms. Waking up late at night and feeding Angel is also fun. I’m enjoying every moment which I’m spending with my Chotu baby.

“Now, it’s time to make you sleep.” I said, stepping out of the kitchen after turning off all the lights.

I stopped as I saw my baby rushing to us, sweating and crying.

What happened to her? I wondered, confused and worried for her.

She snatched Angel from my arms and started kissing every inch of her face, tears trickling down her cheeks constantly. I’m just staring at her anxiously. She is looking scared.

“Hubby,” she cried out, hugging me, sandwiching our little Angel between us. I caressed her back to calm her down.

Angel also cried out, joining her Mumma.

“What happened, baby?” I asked concernedly after clasping her face and wiping her tears with my thumbs.

“Hubby,” she hiccuped, “Hubby, I saw a bad dream and now I’m frightened. In that dream, I saw that you and Angel also left me like Mumma Papa and when,” she sobbed, “when I woke up and didn’t find you both with me, I became even more scared.” She told me, sniffling repeatedly because of a fit of crying.

Angel is staring at her Momma with a sad pout, on the verge of crying.

“It was just a bad dream, baby. Look, we both are with you.” I explained to her.

“What if anything happens to any one of you?” She asked me in a serious tone. This question hit me hard either. Even I can’t afford to lose any one of them. They both are my lifeline.

Before I could answer her, Angel wiped her Momma’s tears with her tiny hands, bringing a smile to our faces. Only our little Princess has the magical power to make us smile at this moment.

“My Angel, Momma loves you so much.” She held her tiny hands and placed soft kisses on her both hands, tears trickling down her cheeks constantly.

“Now stop crying, baby, for our Angel.” I said, wiping off her tears and Angel buried her face in her Momma’s chest like she is consoling her by hugging her.

So sweet!

She nodded at me and placed a kiss on Angel’s hair. Angel looked at her after raising her head from her chest and pecked her lips.

“She is so adorable, hubby.” She said cheerily, engulfing Angel in her warm arms. I just beamed at them. Today Angel consoled her Mumma so perfectly and I didn’t have to do anything. I’m impressed.

“I love you both so much.” I confessed, hugging both of them together.

“I love you more, both of you.” She shouted and we both laughed, Angel also laughed with us.

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