Desire To Control Her (Part: 18 Rules) Sidnaaz

I reached back home and started jumping on the bed with joy. Finally, I became his submissive. I slipped down with a thud on the bed and my bum hurt.

“Ouch, my bum.” I said, rubbing my bum and then only my phone beeped.

I picked up the phone and a smile flashed on my face as I saw his message.

Sidharth: Reached Home?

Me: Just now.

Sidharth: So sleep now.

Me: When you sleep, then I’ll. Okay?

Sidharth: It’s my order, Butterfly.

Me: No, I won’t sleep until you sleep.

Sidharth: Don’t you know if submissive defy her Master’s, she gets punishment? So do you want me to punish you, butterfly?

Punishment!! This word only gives me goosebumps all over my body.

Me: Okay, I’m sleeping.


Sidharth: That’s like my good submissive. Sleep well. I’ll call you in the evening.

Me: Okay, but you also sleep after work.

Sidharth: Okay, Butterfly. Now put the phone on the side and sleep.

Me: Okay.

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Why he just wants me to sleep? If he pressurises me so much to sleep, then how will I be able to sleep?

Anyway, if I don’t sleep, how will he come to know? He hasn’t fitted the camera here, so no problem. I shrugged my shoulder.

But I can try to sleep because I’m exhausted.

Then I lay down on the and while thinking about him, I fell asleep fast.

Sidharth’s P.O.V.

After work, I came back to my house. I lay down on the bed with a smile on my face.

I just can’t believe that finally, Butterfly agreed to become my submissive in full senses. It will be so exciting to control her and pleasure her.

But why do I still feel like she is interested in me more than our BDSM relationship? Whatever! The best thing is that she is my submissive. I’ll go very slow with her as I don’t want to scare her. Gradually she will learn to behave and follow my orders. I’m so excited for the first time after making my new submissive as she was a big challenge for me and controlling her is also going to be a big challenge for me. I just can’t wait to have my first session with my Butterfly. It’s going to be so much fun.

Me: Are you sleeping?

I messaged her to check she has slept or not.

She didn’t reply to me and then I also fell asleep. After so many days I will get good sleep because I got what I had wanted.

Sana’s P.O.V.

I woke up and saw the time. It’s 5 pm. I slept for five hours. I saw the notification of Sidharth’s message and opened it.

Sidharth: Are you sleeping?

He sent me this message three hours ago.

Me: I just woke up.

Me: I slept for five hours. Now happy?

He came online immediately and sent the message to me.

Sidharth: That’s like my good submissive.

Me: Did you sleep?

Sidharth: Yeah! I also just woke up.

Me: Same pinch.

I giggled after sending him this message.

Sidharth: Meet me in an hour.

Me: Where?

Sidharth: At my house.

Me: What are we gonna do?

I asked and grinned excitedly like a kid.

Sidharth: I’ll tell you about the rules.

Oh, God! I hate to follow rules.

Me: Rules have been made to break🙊😉

There is a constant smile on my face while chatting with him.

Sidharth: Then there are punishments for the naughty submissive like you, Butterfly.

I rolled my eyes after reading his message.

Me: I have never been afraid of breaking rules. Punishment also can’t stop me from breaking rules.

I’m just loving it.

Sidharth: I’ll make sure that my punishments teach you a good lesson and you think thousand times before breaking any rule.

Now I’m a bit scared.

Me: Don’t be so serious, I was just kidding. I have become your submissive willingly, so why won’t I follow rules? Of course, I’ll follow them.

Maybe this message will change his mind and he won’t punish me severely in future.

Sidharth: Now you have to follow them if you want or not. Now get ready and meet me at 6 pm. Don’t be late or else you know what I’ll do.

Me: I know, I know, you will punish me. I’ll be on time.

Sidharth: Good. I’m waiting for you, my Butterfly.

Then I took a quick shower and got ready to meet my Master ‘Sidharth’. I’m wearing a tight-fitted slit dress. I’m so excited to meet him. I reached there as soon as possible. It’s 5:50 pm. Wow! I’m on time.

“Good, very Good, Sana.” I praised myself, patting my shoulder.

I rang the bell and this time Mary welcomed me with a smile.

“Sir is waiting for you in his room, Mam. Come, I’ll show you his room.” She strolled to his room and I followed her with a cheerful smile on my face.

She went after leaving me outside of his room. My heart is thumping with excitement. I knocked on the door.

“Come in, Butterfly.” I opened the door and stepped inside, grinning like a kid. His room is huge and lavish.

“I’m feeling like it’s my first day of school.” I murmured to myself and laughed.

“You’re on time, Butterfly! Impressive.” He said, standing up from the sofa.

“I’m a very punctual girl.” I grinned widely. Then I noticed him, he’s looking fucking so hot like always in the white transparent shirt, his nipples are clearly visible. I’m dead.

“I had been waiting for this day from that time only when my eyes had fallen over you.” He said, walking to me and my heartbeat quickened.

“I know.” I said, gazing at him.

“And you’re looking stunning in this outfit.” He suddenly yanked me to himself by grabbing my waist with one hand. Our fronts collided and I forget how to breathe even.

“I can’t even describe in words that how happy I’m, Butterfly.” He said, gazing at me intensely and while his other hand slip into my dress from the slit and caressed my thigh. I shivered with his touch and closed my eyes in response.

His touch! I missed it so much.

It’s heaven!

“I just love the way you react to my touch, Butterfly.” He whispered in my ear huskily and his warm breath caressed my cheeks. He drives me crazy with his word only and takes me to another world with his touch.

As he moved away from me, my body craved for his touch.

“Let’s talk now. Come sit.” He said, walking towards the sofa and I followed him silently.

Seriously every inch of my body aching for his touch.

We both settled down on the sofa, our legs touching each other and sending shivers down my spine.

“So let’s begin with the rules. If you have any problem with any of the rules, you can talk about it right now as later on, no changes will be done. Understand?” He asked me like a teacher of the class.

“Why so serious?” I asked him.

He rolled his eyes. “Just answer my question, Butterfly.” Again he said in a stern tone.

“Okay, I understand. You continue, Grumpy kid.”

He shook his head. “So the first rule is you will call me ‘Master’ when we’re alone.”

“Okay, Master.” I smiled at him. “I already knew about this rule by the way.” I chuckled.

“You will follow my orders no matter what without any arguments. If you argue, you will be punished.”

“I know, I know. Continue.”

“If you defy me, then you will see my worst side.” He said after dangerously coming close to me, taking my breath away from me.

“And now you only tell me how much you know.” He said, crossing his arms across his chest after moving away from me.


“You’re saying after every rule, I know, I know. So you only tell me.”

Now he is behaving like a kid.

“Okay, I won’t say anything. I’m quiet.” I said, placing my finger on my lips.

I murmured to myself. “Seriously he is a grumpy Kid.”

“I heard you.”

“So what? You’re a grumpy kid.” I shrugged my shoulder.

“Butterfly, I’m your Master, so behave with me.” He gritted his teeth.

“Okay, okay, calm down. I was just kidding.” I rubbed his arm and he laughed, making me confused.

“Why are you laughing?” I narrowed my brows bemusedly.

“Because I was also kidding. Nobody can remain serious with you, Butterfly. You’re so adorable.”

Seriously! Was he kidding? Now I shook my head.

He cleared his throat. “So back to the rules.” He again said in a serious tone.

“And if I heard you calling me ‘Grumpy Kid’ next time, you will be punished.” Now he really became serious.

“Okay, Master.” I answered him and nodded my head meekly.

“If you’re upset, you will tell me and also tell me why you’re as I want you to stay honest in this relationship.” He said, I nodded.

“Say ‘thank you’ after both reward and punishment as they both are for your benefit and pleasure.”

“Never be ashamed of what gets you excited, I want to know everything because I want to pleasure you in that way only. You will experience so many new things in this relationship and get to know more about yourself, so share with me everything.”

“You can’t touch yourself.”

He’s telling me the rule, I’m nodding my head.

“No orgasms without asking for permission.”

I widened my eyes in shock when he told me this rule.

“Any problem?” He asked as he noticed my shocked expression.

“How will I control them? This difficult.”

“Don’t worry. You will learn to control them.” He assured me.

“Okay.” I nodded my head.

“You’ll do whatever pleases me and I’ll reward you greatly.”

“Never question me, never disobey me, never disrespect me in private or public both. No matter what you won’t do this. Understand?”

“I understand.” I gave him a slight nod.

“I understand?” He asked, raising his brows.

“I understand, Master.”

“Good, you’re learning.” He smiled at me.

“I’m a good learner, Master.” I said, he grinned.

“You will take care of your health and take proper sleep. You won’t get drunk.”

“What! Why?” I cried out.

“You can only drink in the limit when I’m with you. No alcohol, not even one glass when I’m not with you because I don’t want anybody to take advantage of you. Your safety, your health is my responsibility now.” He said strictly.

“Okay.” I agreed unwillingly.

“You will be always available for me.”

“No matter what you won’t lie to me and you will trust your master blindly that he will never do something going against your will. Because this relationship is wholly based on trust and if you don’t trust me, you will never be able to submit yourself to me completely.”

“I trust you, Master.”

He smiled slightly after listening to my words.

“If you break this rule, I won’t punish you.” I raised my brows in surprise.

“I’ll break our BDSM relationship.”

I opened my mouth in O.

“If I ask you to wait for me in the playroom, you will wait for me, kneeling naked.”

Naked! Fuck!

“Okay, Master.” I nodded nervously.

“And most important, you won’t roll your eyes.”

“What? It’s difficult. I do this a lot.” I freaked out.

“This irritates me, so no change in this rule.” I said and smiled evilly.

“This is too much.” I complained and he laughed devilishly.

“You have to pick my call in one ring. You have to reply to my message within a minute.”

“How many more rules are there? How will I remember all this?” I interrupted.

“Don’t worry I’ll send you all the rules in written form. Now listen to them and something which you can’t follow you can tell me.”

“Okay.” He raised his brows and I understood what he wants. I added, “Okay, Master.”

He continued, “no swear words will be used. You won’t cuss anybody, especially your Master. It’s a bad manner.”

“He’s completely a strict parent type Dom.” I murmured to myself and he glared at me.

“And the rule which you already know, always address me, Master, in every sentence when we’re in private.” He said after a pause. “Last but not least, you will use the safe word if you can’t handle something. So what will your safe word.”

I thought for a moment and said, “Monster.”

“Okay. So these are all the rules which you have to follow no matter what. You will be punished according to your mistakes. So now if you have any doubts, you can ask me.”

“I just have one problem.”


“Please, don’t do anything with me in public.”

He reassured me, “don’t worry. I’ll never do this. And I was never going to do this before also. I don’t want people to see my Butterfly’s exquisite body as only I have the right to see you.”

My eyes shimmered with happiness after knowing this. I was afraid of this only. Other things I can easily do to stay with Sidharth.

“Anything else, butterfly?” He asked me.

“Have you ever done with something with your previous subs in public? I just want to know.” I asked him, just curious to know.

He chuckled and answered, “so many things and now it will be better if you don’t ask me what. You shouldn’t know that.”


“You have to refer me, Master, in every sentence. You are constantly breaking this rule. I’m leaving you for today as you aren’t habitual of this.” He said in a stern tone.

“Okay, Master.” I replied and he smiled.

I never thought that I would ever follow anybody’s commands. He is changing me but I have no other option, I want to be with him and I can do anything for it. I can’t go through that same torture again when he wasn’t with me. No, No, I’ll never disappoint him and let him leave me.

“Now I want to ask you a few things.”

“What?” I instantly added, “Master.”

“How many boyfriends have you had in the past?”

“I have one boyfriend. He was so boring. I can’t even tell you. I don’t know why I had even dated him. It was my worst experience.” I told him the truth.

“Maybe you found him boring because deep inside you always wanted a Dom like me.” He grinned widely at me and I did the mistake of rolling my eyes, forgetting the rule.

“Bend over my lap now.” He ordered me in a dominating tone and my eyes widened.

Fuck! Will he spank me? My heartbeat accelerated.

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