Desire To Control Her (Part: 20 My Sweet Dom)

Eve’s P.O.V.

I’m missing Dev so much. I haven’t met him since tomorrow. We both are busy with our respective works. If I don’t meet him once a day, I feel incomplete and empty the whole day.

After completing my all work, I’m sitting in my cafe and wondering about my love. Then only my phone rang up and a broad smile flashed on my face and my eyes shone as I saw the caller id. It’s my Dev.

“Hello,” I answered the call merrily.

“Hello, Baby girl.” He replied in his pleasant voice.

“Dev, I missed you so much.” I almost shouted in happiness.

He laughed. “I missed you too, baby.”

“Now come to meet me fast at our special place.”

Our Special! El Matador Beach.

“I’m just reaching as soon as possible. Just can’t wait to meet you after a long day.”

“Me too. I love you.”

“I love you so much.” I disconnected the phone with a broad smile on my face and hurriedly left the cafe to meet him.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I reached back home after spending a great time with my Master. I have spent such a great time after such a long time. I want to stay with him for the whole night but I wasn’t understanding how to say this to him. I’m enjoying his company a lot. I’m loving everything about him, his sweetness, his grumpiness, his Master side, I’m loving fucking everything about him. Really he is doing some magic over me. I’m changing and I’m loving this change. I’m experiencing the thing which I hated the most and the shocking thing is that I’m enjoying it, maybe he is with me, that’s why I’m enjoying it. Whatever! The thing matters to me is that I’m loving it and he is with me and especially I’m so happy.

I sat on the bed with a cheerful smile on my face, wondering about him. He says about himself that he is dominating but he is a sweetheart. Then my phone rang up in my hand and my smile grew wider as I saw the caller Id. It’s him only.

“Hello, Master.” I answered the call cheerily.

He asked, “reached home?”

“Just a few minutes back.”

“Okay. There is one rule.”

What one more rule!

“What?” I asked.

“Whenever you reach home after meeting me, call me immediately as I want your every update. If I don’t answer the call, leave a message. Understand?” He asked and I nodded my head like he is sitting in front of me and seeing me.

“Answer me, Butterfly.” As he said in a dominating tone, I realised that he isn’t with me.

Then I replied to him instantly, “okay, Master, I understand.”

“So what you will do now?” He asked me.

“Think about you and about the time which we spent with each other.” I answered him truly. After all, he wants me from this only.

He laughed and said, “you’re crazy.”

“I know.” I giggled and asked, “what you will do?”

“I’m going out for some work. There is some problem in BDSM club and Dad wants me to handle it.”

“Could I join you?” I asked because I’m already missing him.

“Really? I remember somebody hated to visit BDSM club.” He said in a disbelief tone and I smiled.

“I hated BDSM relationship also but now I’m in this relationship. I have changed.” I told him.

“That’s great, Butterfly. But sorry you can’t join me as I’m going there because of some work. But tomorrow we will meet at that club only. First I was thinking to introduce you to my friends at the normal club but now you’re conformable, we will meet in the BDSM club.”


“I’ll send you all the rules in written form and you have to learn them as tomorrow you will tell me all the rules like I’ll obey my master. I’ll never roll my eyes. I’ll never pull his cheek. So, learn all of them properly because I want you to follow all the rules.” He said in a stern tone.

Now he is giving me homework like a school teacher and tomorrow he’ll take my test.

“Okay, teacher. I’ll learn them properly. By the way, you should become a teacher.” I laughed out.

“If I become a teacher in school, all the innocent girls will leave the school after knowing about my punishments.” Now we both laughed.

“Now I’m sending you the list of all the rules. Learn them and sleep on time. And don’t forget to message me before sleeping.” He instructed me.

“Okay, Master.”

“Bye, butterfly.”

“Bye.” I disconnected the call with a smile on my face. I’m enjoying every moment which I’m spending with my Master.

Then I saved his number with My Master.

Max’s P.O.V.

Now I’m taking Lara, my life to the red room after one week because I didn’t want to hurt her again but I was missing our session and when she told me that she is also missing my master side, then I couldn’t stop myself from taking her again to that room.

So today I planned something very interesting for my beautiful submissive.

I entered inside and she followed me like a good submissive. She knelt immediately in front of me, eyes down, both hands behind the back of her head. This position is pushing her busts out and giving a good view to me.

Oh, my fucking perfect submissive!

I missed her see in this position.

I’m going to have a lot of fun tonight with her. I planned orgasm denial until she beg me to cum. And when she will cum, it will be worth waiting and so damn intense for her. I’m so excited.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I woke up in the morning and the first thing I did is to pick up my to send a good morning message to Master. This is also one of the rules, to message him before sleeping and after waking up. But if it was even a rule, then also I would’ve done the same.

I saw a notification of his message on the lock screen. I opened it. He had sent this message to me at 3 AM.

My Master: I just come back, Butterfly. Hope you’re sleeping peacefully.

Me: Yes, I slept peacefully last night after spending a great time with you.

Me: Now Good Morning, Master.

I kept the phone on the table after sending him messages and strolled towards the bathroom lazily, tying my hair in a messy bun with the polka dot rubber band.

I came back after doing my morning business, brushing my teeth, getting fresh, saying ‘I’m best, I’m doing great’ looking at myself in the mirror.

I checked my phone. I smiled seeing his two messages.

My Master: Good Morning, Butterfly. I’m glad to see that you’re following all the rules like an obedient submissive. Impressive.

As he praised me, my eyes shimmered and a big smile flashed on my face.

Me: Thank You.

My Master: Now take a bath and come to meet in an hour. Eat fruits and we’ll have breakfast together.

Me: Now you’re behaving like my caring mother.

I chuckled after sending him this message.

My Master: It’s my duty to take care of my submissive.

I smiled after reading his message.

Me: I never thought a Dom can also be this caring and sweet.

My Master: You know nothing about me, Butterfly.

Me: I want to know everything about you, Master.

My Master: Submissive can’t know everything about Dom.

Me: Then who can know everything about you?

My Master: Nobody can know.

I pouted after reading his reply.

Me: Then make me your nobody and tell me everything.

My Master: Haha… Very funny, Butterfly.

Me: 🙊

There is a constant smile on my face while talking to him.

Me: But I really want to know everything about you.

My Master: Now get ready, Butterfly because you know if you get late what will happen.

My Master: And also don’t forget to revise all the rules because you have to tell me all.

Me: Okay, Master. See you soon.

I hurriedly got ready and reached his mansion on time. I’m excited to meet him. I have also learned all the rules like a good student. I just can’t believe that I’m following someone’s orders but to stay with him, I can do anything and it’s not that bad. He is not just dominating, he is caring and sweet too, and most importantly he is so fucking hot.

Like always Mary welcomed me. She asked me to wait for him at the dining table.

I went there and started doing something on phone, leaning against the chair.

“Impressive. You’re on time, Butterfly.” I heard his voice, I moved my eyes from my phone to him.

Oh My God! He is looking so damn hot in the blue shirt with a black blazer and trousers.

“Thank you, Master.” I smiled at him.

“So, let’s do breakfast.” He pulled out the chair for me like a gentleman.


I sat down and he settled down beside me.

He picked up the plate to serve me bread omelette.

“I’m full, you eat.” I told him, patting my belly.

He glared at me. “I told you that we would have breakfast together. You,”

I cut his words. “No! You told me to eat fruit and I obeyed your order by eating it, Master.”

“How many did you eat?” He asked, raising his brows.

“One apple.” I told him and smiled sheepishly.

“You’re unbelievable, Butterfly.” He shook his head in disbelief.

“Now eat this omelette. It’s my order.” He put an omelette on my plate.

I pouted at him sadly and then stared at the omelette.

“Start eating or else I’ll make you eat two more.” He said sternly.

“You’re very bad.” I complained and started eating it unwillingly.

“I’m done.” I said after eating half of it.

“You’re showing tantrums like a small kid in eating. Finish it if you don’t want punishment.”

“I can’t eat more, sorry. You can punish me.” I said, pushing away the plate.

Eating this omelette more isn’t less than any punishment for me now.

He is killing me with his looks now.

“What I can do if I have less appetite?” I asked him and pouted like an innocent baby.

“Fine. Now every day you’ll have breakfast, lunch and dinner with me.” He said and started eating his remaining breakfast.

What torture is this?

As I stood up, he asked, “where are you going?”

“To wash my hands.” He nodded and I went to the washbasin.

After a minute when I opened the tap to wash my hands, I gasped as suddenly he spanked my both butts together.

I looked at him over my shoulder, he is grinning at me mischievously. He’s looking, even more, hotter with a grin on his face.

Haye, my poor heart.

I moaned, closing my eyes as now he squeezed my butts.

I jumped up as he again spanked me, harder this time. “These spanks are for not finishing the breakfast.” He whispered in my ear from behind, squeezing and caressing my butts before giving one more spank on them.

Oh, Fuck! I’m so damn aroused. I still can’t believe that spanks turn me on.

“Now it’ll be better if you finish your next meals.” He said huskily in my ear before biting my earlobe and now his hands grasped my bare waist. Today I’m wearing a crop top and a short skirt.

He moved away from me. “Now wash your hand fast and come to the hall. You have to tell me all the rules.” He ordered me and left.

I hastily washed my hand and took out my phone to revise the rules for the last time before examination.


After a minute I came to the hall and saw him sitting on the sofa. He gave me a naughty smile and I strolled to him.

Before I could sit beside him, he grasped my hand and yanked me down. I fell on his lap.

“Why did you make me sit on your lap by pulling me? You’re my Master, you can order me to sit on your lap.” I asked him, wrapping my hands around his neck.

Our proximity is driving me insane and making me breathless.

“Because I like to pull you over my lap like this.” He said, yanking me more closer to him by grasping my waist and I’m dead.

“So now start telling me all the rules, Butterfly, in this position only.” He said, sliding his hand into my skirt from down, caressing my thigh.

How can I tell him the rules when he is driving me insane? It’s going to get so difficult I’m hundred percent sure.


  1. He is cleaver than you, Sana… He will surely find reasons to punish you 😉😅😅😅
    Update is Osmmm❤️❤️❤️❤️


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