Desire To Control Her (Part: 21 Punishment Or Pleasure?)

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“So now start telling me all the rules, Butterfly, in this position only.” He said, sliding his hand into my skirt from down, caressing my thigh.

How can I tell him the rules when he is driving me insane? It’s going to get so difficult I’m hundred percent sure.

He placed his hand between my thighs over the fabric of my wet undies and I closed my eyes in response as an electric current coursed down my spine.

“I can feel the effect of my spanks on you, Butterfly! You’re so fucking wet.” I blushed hard after listening to his words

He is right spanking arouses me and I’m amazed.

Fuck! Now he sided away my undies and rubbed my wet folds with his fingers, a small soft moan escaped out of my mouth automatically and my core throbbed for him.

“Start, Butterfly! Now.” He ordered and started rubbing my clit with his thumb. I closed my eyes shut and rested my head on his shoulder.

That’s so incredible! I never felt like this before. What I’m feeling now is new and fucking terrific.

And how can I speak like this when he is taking away my breath?

“I don’t like to repeat it, Butterfly!” He whispered in my ears in a dominating tone, I instantly opened my eyes and gazed into his deep eyes.

His eyes are saying if I don’t start telling him the rules, I’ll be punished.

Is he serious about this? He wants me to tell him like this?

He is so evil!

Fuck! He suddenly hit between my thighs slightly above the panty. I jumped up on his lap, moaning loudly.

It’s so intense.

“Butterfly, just tell me the goddam rules or I’ll spank your cunt hard this time.” He warned me in a stern tone, making me scared a bit.

Why he is getting angry?

“I’ll call you ‘Master’.” I immediately told him the first rule, putting everything on the side. It’s difficult to tell him the rules when he’s driving me insane with pleasure but I have to do this as I don’t want him to punish me again and I want to become his good submissive.

“Good, next.” His stern face changed into a smiling face and he again started rubbing my most sensitive spot with his fingers after siding the undies.

Oh, God! I can’t take this. This is so damn intense.

But I have to tell him all rules like this only.

He is driving me crazy with so much pleasure that all the rules are fading away from my mind.

“I’ll obey your every order, Master…” last word I screamed because he vigorously started rubbing my clit with his thumb.

He’ll kill me today for sure. I never felt so damn good before. I want to enjoy this pleasure but he wants to listen to the rules.

Poor Me! I can’t even enjoy the pleasure properly which he is giving me.

“I have to take permission for orgasms, Oh shit…” I closed my eyes and moaned loudly with ecstasy as without any warning he eased his one finger into me. I bit my lips in extreme pleasure and clutched his shirt.

“Don’t stop, Butterfly.” He warned me, sliding his finger deeper into me. “I’m doing my work, you do yours.” He grinned at me, looking so hot. Sometimes I feel like eating him.

“I can’t touch myself, I’ll say thank you after both reward and punishment, I’ll never disrespect you in private and public both, I’ll take care of my health and take a proper sleep, I won’t drink, I’ll never roll my eyes in front of you,” I told these rules in one breath and then he started ramming his finger in and out, making me moan crazily.

Finally, I told him all the rules with his sweet torture.

It was so damn difficult for me but I completed my task so well, I’m so proud of myself.

“You’re forgetting a rule, Butterfly.” He reminded me after taking his hand out of my undies and skirt.

I know that rule but I’m not telling him deliberately because I don’t want to follow that rule.

“Just try to remember it and for that, I’m giving you three minutes. If you can’t able to tell me within three minutes, I’ll spank between your thighs five times. Then I’ll tell you that one rule, understood?”

What the fuck! He is so damn strict. I don’t want that rule on my list.

I love to pull his cheeks.

When he stops being so sweet, then I’ll stop pulling his cheeks.

“That rule ain’t supposed to be on my list,” I told him.

“You’ll be punished if you don’t tell me that rule from your mouth.” He warned me sternly after yanking me to himself by grasping my waist.

“Give me punishment, because I love to do this.” I pulled his cheeks and giggled, not thinking about the consequences.

He stared at me dangerously. I’m playing with fire, I know and I love this fire so much that I’m merrily ready to get burnt in this fire.

“If you do this again, I’ll pull your vertical lips like you pulled my cheeks and spank you hard on that fifty times with my hand.” Now he warned me in a deep dominating voice.

What fifty? And pull my what?

Is he serious?

He is talking about my sex lips!

My eyes automatically moved down to look at my vertical lips.

“Really? Will you do it?” I asked in a disbelief tone after moving my eyes back to him.

“Yeah! And I’m damn serious right now.”

Oh, God!

He very well knows that how to control a woman.

That’s why he is a Dom, Stupid!

“Now you didn’t tell me the rule and broke that rule also. Now I’ll spank your pussy five times for not telling me the rule from your mouth and give you five extra spanks for breaking that rule. So, I’ll spank you ten times.” He told me and I pouted at him

“But I love to do that.” I said sadly.

“No words, Butterfly and take your punishment like a good submissive.” He is damn serious right now.

Oh, God! Why so serious?

I’m missing my sweet Master. Where are you?

“You were saying a few minutes back that you love to play with this fire. So now take the punishment, play with this fire.” My mind scolded me.

“Stand up, Butterfly.” As he ordered me in a grim voice, I immediately stood up in front of him, my heart is thumping with excitement.

“Pull up your skirt by holding its hem.” He instructed me and I complied with his order.

“Spread your legs wider, Butterfly.” He commanded me in a pure dominating voice and I splayed my legs as much as I can, staring at him in anticipation.

To be honest, his dominating side is turning me on and making me so wet.

I don’t believe it. It was me who hated these things some days back and now I’m standing in front of him, spreading my legs widely for him and excitedly waiting for my punishment.

Life is so unpredictable!

He stood up in front of me and gazed into my eyes deeply. He has so much intensity in his eyes that every time I get lost in them, forgetting everything and my breath becomes heavy. He always hypnotises me with his intense gaze.

“Don’t leave your skirt and close your legs.” He instructed me, stroking my inner thigh above my undies.

Oh, please just do it!

What the fuck! Why I’m getting so desperate for my punishment.

He lifted his hand in the air and it landed on my most sensitive spot, I jumped up at my place and I felt like an electric current passed through my entire body.

It’s so fucking intense. I can’t even describe it in words.

He smacked me again, this time harder from the first one. I gripped my skirt tighter and screamed in pain and pleasure both.

It’s just two only and my whole body is already on fire.

He’s definitely a flame because he is setting my body on fire.

He hit me now five times more in a row with full strength and speed, I jumped on my place on every spank, crying out with profound pleasure or pain, I’m confused. I want to close my legs so badly but can’t take the risk.

“Stay still, Butterfly.” He cupped my pelvis and pressed it to lessen the pain.

Right now! I’m so fucking wet and my core is throbbing profusely.

He is bringing me to the edges with this punishment.

He again smacked me.

Oh, God!

It’s so intense!!

“Last two will be very hard.” He warned me before smacking me.

He smacked me two times so fucking hard that now my whole body is shivering.

Holy shit! It’s so fucking intense.

I dropped my skirt and squeezed my legs and eyes, rubbing my throbbing core with my hands. The burning sensation I’m feeling between my thighs, I can’t even describe in words.

“Did I give you permission to close your legs and touch yourself?” He asked with a stern look.

How could I stop myself from closing my legs when he spanked me so fucking hard on my most sensitive spot?

“Hold your skirt up again and open your legs.” He shouted this time and I instantly complied with his order. My core is still burning hot and throbbing.

Today he is in a complete devil Master mode.

Where are you lost, my sweet Master?

“You deserved this punishment, Butterfly.” He whispered now and his eyes softened.

“So tell me, why did you get this punishment?” He asked, now gently stroking my burning folds and clit.

Oh, I’m loving this.

“Because I pulled your cheeks, Master.” I moaned softly.

“So now tell me the last rule.”

“I’ll never try to pull your cheeks, Master.” He grinned widely at me with triumph.

From home, I came here with the full surety that I would convince him to let me pull his cheeks.

But, he is doing some kind of magic over me that I obey him mechanically.

He suddenly bent down in front of me, holding my waist and placed a soft kiss over my scorching pelvis. I felt so good and my whole body shivered as his lips touched there and I closed my eyes, smiling with ecstasy. I’m just feeling out of the world right now.


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