Desire To Control Her (Part: 27 The Stage Show)

I took Butterfly to the hall of BDSM club, by seeing the look on her face I can vividly say that she isn’t feeling comfortable here. I know everything is new for her and it’s normal to feel uncomfortable in this atmosphere and I also know that she will take time to adapt to this atmosphere.

All of sudden she stared at me intensely.

Oh, damn when she looks at me like this, my heartbeat accelerates.

“What happened, Butterfly?” I asked her.

“Nothing.” She shook her head.

“I know you’re feeling uncomfortable here, right?” I asked her, directly coming to the point.

Her brows raised in shock. “How do you always come to know what’s going in my mind? Are you a mind reader?”

“No, but, seriously I have the special magical power to read your face.” I told her the truth and smiled.

“Really?” She asked and I nodded.

“I think we shall go now.”


“Because you’re uncomfortable here.”

“Then make me feel comfortable here, Master.” She whispered huskily, moving closer to me.

“Really! You want me to make you feel comfortable here?” I asked, pulling her to myself by grasping her waist.

“Yes, I badly want it.” She said, moving even more closer to me and lessening the gape in between us.

“So, just close your eyes and feel my touch, Butterfly.” I whispered, gliding my hand up her thigh into her dress from the slit.

As my hand touched her, she shivered and automatically closed her eyes. I really like the way my touch affect my Butterfly.

“Forget about everything and just get lost in my touch.” I said in a gravelly voice, rubbing her bare thigh with one hand and caressing her bareback with my other hand. Her skin is so soft and smooth like whipped cream. I’m loving moving my hands on her soft skin.

I buried my face in her neck and bit her sweet spot, stroking her bare thigh and back, she moaned with ecstasy. I nibbled up her neck and bit her earlobe.

“So, now are you feeling comfortable, Butterfly?” I asked hoarsely in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine.

“Yes, Master.” She moaned, utterly lost in my touch as now I’m rubbing between her thighs with my thumb over the fabric of her undies from inside the dress.

Then I pulled away from her and she asked irritably, “why did you stop?”

I clasped her hand and said, “we’re going?”


“I want to show you a BDSM stage show and after that, you will tell me what you like and what you dislike because I don’t want to do something which you don’t like. I want to know you deeply.” I said, caressing her cheek with my thumb.

“I want to know you deeply either.” She pouted sadly at me like a baby and continued, “but you won’t share everything with me.”

Why she is so cute?

“Leave all this and come with me.” I led her to the auditorium and we settled down on the VIP seat.

Butterfly’s P.O.V

My Master told me that Leo and his submissive, Mia are going to do a BDSM stage show. Leo is going to introduce his new submissive like this to everyone and I don’t know why my heart is thumping with fear and excitement both.

How could a girl expose herself like this in front of so many people? How could they do sexual things when so many eyes are at them? This is so disgusting.

But it’s her life and her choice. I shouldn’t judge her.

Now I’m also in this relationship.

I should respect everyone’s choices.

“Butterfly, where are you lost?” Listening to my master’s words, I came on the earth back.

“I was just thinking how can anybody get naked and do sexual things in front of so many people.” I told him.

“Everyone has different choices, Butterfly. Nothing is wrong and right in this world. It’s all about different choices. What we like, we think it’s right. So always do what you like and what you desire because there is nothing wrong in this world.” He explained to me.

“You’re right. I’m nobody to decide what’s wrong and what’s right and judge other’s people choices.” I nodded my head.

“Now don’t think too much and enjoy the show.” He said, placing his hand on my thigh.

“By the way, you have turned out to be wiser. I didn’t know that you’re so intelligent.” I praised him as I’m impressed with the way he explained me now and when I barked at Stefan. He explained everything so well.

“Thank you, Butterfly.” He gave me a winsome smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today I’m going to introduce you all to my new submissive.” Then Leo’s voice caught our attention and we moved our eyes towards the stage.

He is half-naked, only wearing blue jeans. He has muscular body. He is hot but my Dom is hottest and most attractive.

“Hope so you will enjoy this session because my submissive Mia is very well trained.” He praised his submissive.

Mia walked to the stage, her eyes are fixed down on the floor, not moving even a bit. If I was at her place, certainly I would have moved my eyes to look at my Master.

Why I’m imagining myself? I’ll never do this.

Then I glanced at my master and his eyes are fixed on the stage.

Now Leo blindfolded her with a red piece of cloth and whispered something in her ears, standing behind her.

“Strip for your Master, Mia.” He ordered after strolling in front of her.

She removed her clothes without any shame that all people’s eyes are fixed on her. Her body is toned and perfect. Leo stared at her body with lustful eyes.

Suddenly I realised that my Master is also watching her. I don’t want him to see any naked woman. I moved my eyes to him and surprisingly found him gazing at me. I’m so relieved and happy that he isn’t looking at the stage when one girl is removing her clothes.

But I want to know that why he is looking at me instead of looking at the stage.

“Why are you gazing at me?” I asked him.

“Because I’m more interested to see your facial expressions rather than this stage show.” He answered and a cheerful smile flashed on my face.

“That’s good that you’re looking at me, not that naked woman. You only look at me, not on stage, Okay?” I ordered him like I’m his mistress.

I just don’t want him to see any naked women.

I don’t know why?

“I’m already gazing at you, Butterfly. And never order me again.” He warned me.

God!! Again serious.

“You watch this show properly, as you already know that I’ll ask you what you like the most. So, just watch it properly and don’t think anything.”

I nodded, “okay, Master.”

Then I moved my eyes back to the stage.

Now Leo has already tied Mia on one table. She is lying on the table in X position, her wrists and ankles are bounded with the legs of the table.

I’m not understanding why I’m getting excited to know what he is going to do next.

Now Leo is spanking her tits, thighs, inner thighs, between her thighs with the two floggers. I don’t like it. It will be hurting her but I’m shocked because she is moaning with pleasure.

How can anybody like to be flogged?

Then Leo placed the vibrator band between her thighs and vigorously rubbed it up and down her pelvis. Mia moaned and screamed louder with immense pleasure.

Fuck! Now, this is arousing me. I never thought seeing someone like this would turn me on, in fact, I never thought that I would be seeing a BDSM stage show with my Master.

Seriously life is so damn unpredictable. Anything can happen, time changes people like it’s changing me.

Leo strapped the vibrator with her thighs and went to the table to pick up something like clips. There are two clips attached with a chain.

What he is going to do with it? I wondered.

He clipped both of her nipples with it and my eyes widened in shock.

“They are nipples clamps, Butterfly.” My Master’s voice caught my attention and I instantly moved my eyes to him. He answered my unasked question.

“What is the use them?” I asked him.

“They intensify the orgasm.” He told me and I made O mouth.

“Will you use them on me?” I asked, glancing at my busts. I’m a bit frightened to use them.

“If you want, I’ll. But I can use them as a punishment.” He grinned at me.

“But I don’t want you to use them as they must hurt.” I told him truly.

“Watch the show, we’ll talk about this later and don’t worry I won’t do anything which hurt you.” He reassured me, clasping my hand and my all tension flew away like magic. I smiled at him merrily.

Haye, my sweet Dom!

When he behaves so sweet with me, I feel like keeping him with me forever.

I moved my eyes back to the stage. Leo tugged the chain of clamps and a small scream escaped out my mouth automatically. I don’t know why my nipples are aching after seeing this.

Then he put the chain into her mouth and warned her, “this shouldn’t come out.”

He picked up a remote and pressed a button, the table started spreading between her legs, slaying her legs wider. Then he stood between her legs and removed the vibrator before pulling down his jeans and ramming into her.

Oh, God! I can’t watch this more. This is making me wet.

“Let’s go now.” Before me, he said, holding my hand.

I instantly stood up, “yes, please.”

He led me to a private room and locked the door.

“Now you tell me what you liked the most and then I’ll do that with you.” He said after turning towards me, my heartbeat quickened with excitement and my breath became heavy. I’m gazing at him in anticipation and he is gazing at me intensely, strolling to me.


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