Our Angel (Part: 26 Thank you, Princess)

The next morning, I’m playing with my Angel while my Baby is having a shower. I love to spend time with my little Princess and play with her. She is such a cutie pie and my life. After seeing her, I forget my all worries.

Angel hid herself in the duvet by covering herself completely with it.

“Where did my little Princess go? Baby, is Angel having a bath with you?” I asked, shouting.

She instantly removed the blanket with her tiny hands and squealed in her sugary voice, “hel.. (here)” and she gave me a winsome smile showing her all the tiny teeth. She is looking so adorable. I just want to eat her up. Her tiny teeth are so damn cute.

She is wearing a baby pink colour bodysuit with matching sandals and a hairband. She looks so pretty in every outfit.

“Oh, so here is my little Angel.” I tickled her tummy and she giggled before hiding herself in the duvet again.

“Angel, Angel, where are you?” I asked again, pretending that I don’t know where is she.

This time she cried out in the blanket irritably as she can’t able to pull off the duvet from herself. She is trying hard to remove it but failing.

Then I removed the duvet and whooped, “here is my Chotu baby.” I kissed her forehead and she laughed out loud.

Her laughter is so soothing to my heart. I love her so fucking much. I’m falling for her a bit more every second.

This game continued till my baby came back from the bathroom with a huge smile on her face. So my one more cutie baby is here.

Angel climbed down the bed by holding my hand and toddled to her mumma excitedly and joyfully with full energy.

I don’t know from where do kids get so much energy.

As Baby picked up Angel in her arms, she started eating her face. This is her adorable way to show love. Everything about our Angel is super cute.

She laughed and kissed Angel’s forehead.

Now I noticed my baby has come out of the bathroom in the towel only. Her hair is wet and water is dropping down them and her face, making her look sexy. My eyes filled with lust all of sudden and I became hard for my baby.

Such a wrong time.

She flushed as she noticed me gazing at her lasciviously.

“Why did you come out like this from the bathroom, Baby.” I asked, strolling to her and still gazing at her with wild desire in my eyes.

“I forgot to take my clothes, Hubby. Please, don’t gaze at me like this because you’re turning me on.” She pouted at me.

I pecked her pout. “And you know what you’re doing to me, Baby, do you wanna know it?” I asked and she nodded.

I stood behind her, holding her waist with one hand and raised her towel with my other hand. I ground my hardness between her bare buttocks to show her that what she is doing to me.

“Hubby, this isn’t the right time to turn me on. You need to stop.” She uttered after turning towards me, holding Angel in her arms. Angel is giggling, playing with her Momma’s neckpiece like she is laughing at us.

“You shouldn’t come out like this, baby.” I complained like a baby now.

Effect of living with two babies, one baby is my wife and the second baby is Angel.

“Aww… my hubby bubby, I’ll take care about this from next time.” She pulled my cheek.

“But what I should do now?” I asked, shrugging my shoulder and she shook her head.

“Angel, Momma is just feeding you, stop eating my necklace. It’s dirty, Princess.” She stopped Angel from eating the necklace and Angel cried out.

“Hubby, now I’m going to remove my towel to feed her, so I’m warning you to close your eyes or leave. Don’t blame me later on that I didn’t tell you.” She wandered to the bed with Angel to feed her, she is squalling now. I’m just staring at them with a sad pout.

I want my baby badly right now. What to do?

“Bacha, stop crying. Momma is just feeding you.” She said, pulling off her towel after sitting down on the bed.

Now she is sitting utterly naked in front of my eyes and feeding Angel, arousing me more.

I ambled to them and pulled the duvet over them with a sad pout.

“Disadvantage of becoming parents.” As I said, Angel moved her eyeballs to me and glared at me.

“I’m sorry, Princess, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I caressed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response, sucking the milk.

Suddenly she stopped sucking.

“I think she has slept, Hubby.” As she told me this, my eyes shimmered with happiness.

Today for the first time Angel has fallen asleep at the right time.

“Thank you, Princess.” I kissed her forehead, I’m on cloud nine.

“Keep her in the crib carefully.” As she moved to keep Angel, I said, because I really don’t want her to wake up now.

“Don’t worry, Hubby. Take a chill pill.” She reassured me before lying Angel down in the crib.

“I’m ready for you, Hubby.” She said after lying down on the bed, splaying her legs for me. Her honeypot is glistening with the honey. She is dripping wet for me and this made me even harder.

I hastily took off my clothes before straddling her and easing into her, devouring her lips and pinning her hands against the mattress.


Angel’s P.O.V.

Momma is giving me a bath, this is my favourite time as I love to play with the water in my bathtub.

I’m splashing the water and tittering. Momma is also laughing with me and making my video. I’m making her wet like always.

My Momma is so sweet, she never gets angry whenever I make her wet and show my tantrums to her.

“Now bathing time over, Princess.” As Momma said this and I pouted sadly at her.

As she bent down and held me to take me out of the bathtub, I grasped the bathtub tightly and cried out, “Na… Na…”

I want to bathe more because I’m enjoying it a lot. I love to play with water. Please, my sweetie Momma, don’t take me out.

“Princess, you will catch a cold and your daddy will kill me. You know na, Chotu baby, Daddy and I can’t see you in that condition.” Momma tried to convince me but I held the bathtub tighter.

“Na… Na…” I screamed, shaking my head but Momma forcibly take me out of the bathtub.

I squalled, moving my hands toward the bathtub. “Ba… Ba… (Bath)”

Momma wrapped me in the towel.

“Princess, momma will make you wear your favourite frock.” Momma tried to distract me with her words but I’m still staring at the bathtub with moist eyes and crying noisily.

“Don’t cry, baby, Momma can’t see you like this or else she will also start crying with you.” Momma said, wiping my tears and stepping out of the bathroom.

“Who is crying so loudly? My Princess is crying.” Momma said, standing in front of the mirror.

As I looked myself at the mirror, I stopped crying and smiled at myself, forgetting everything.

She very well knows how to make me stop crying.

This is also one of my favourite things. I love to smile, laugh and squeal, looking myself in the mirror. Even I love to give high five to myself, hihi.

I giggled after giving a high five to myself and repeated it again and again.

“I love you, my Princess.” Momma placed a kiss on my cheek and I cackled with glee at her.

I love you more, Momma.

I really love her so much.


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