Desire To Control Her (Part: 32 The Pulling Punishment)


“Do it, Butterfly.” He ordered in such a dominating tone that I automatically sat beside him after coming out of his arms. He is staring at me with anticipation and his gaze is making me more bashful. 


“If you gaze at me like this, I won’t able to do it.” I complained. 


“I’ll look at you like this only and you have to follow my order.” He said in his Dom attitude. 


“Couldn’t you remove it?” I asked politely as it will be easy for me because I’m feeling shy to get naked in front of him myself. 


“Do it yourself fast, Butterfly. Don’t waste time if you don’t want to increase your punishment.” He warned me sternly, coming closer to me.


“Okay.” I nodded my head meekly before holding the hem of my top and pulling it out of my head. 


He gestured to me through his eyes to remove my bra also.


I sat facing my back to him and put my all hair over one side of my shoulders. “Help me in unclasping it, please.” I asked for his help in an extra sweet voice. 


“My pleasure, Butterfly.” He leaned down to my ear and whispered, gliding his hand down my arms, making me tremble with his touch like always. 


I closed my eyes, throwing my head back as his hands came in contact with my bareback while unclasping my bra. 


“It’s done.” He moved away from me after opening it and I came on the earth back. 


He ordered, “now turn around and take it off because I want to see your expression.”


I turned towards him, breathing heavily and my heart is pounding. 


His longing eyes are fixed on my tits, he is just waiting to see my naked boobs, I can vividly see in his eyes how much eager he is to see them. 


I finally finished his wait and took off my bra, revealing my tits to him. They are raising and falling as I’m panting. 


After gazing at them for a few seconds with lustful eyes, his eyes finally moved up to my face. 


“Your tits are also beautiful as you, Butterfly.” As he complimented me with his gruff, masculine voice, my heart almost stopped beating. 


“Now lie down on your front, Butterfly and get ready to take your punishment.” He ordered and I instantly complied. 


I’m surprised by myself because of the way I’m following his orders. I never thought that I have this submissive side in me. He has taken out my this side.


Now I’m lying half-naked before him, breathing heavily and staring at him with anticipation. 


I’m wondering, what he will do next.


He is gazing at my tits with so much intensity that I’m feeling like he will eat them with his eyes only.


I won’t lie that I’m feeling a bit shy because of the way he is gazing at me.


Oh, God!


He crawled over me and lay astride me, gazing into my eyes deeply. 


I just want to get lost in his blazing brown eyes forever.


He softly stroked my stomach, electricity ran through my spine and my eyes got closed automatically. His touch is directly sending shivers to my core. I’m so fucking aroused with his touch. 


“Open your eyes, Butterfly. I want you to look into my eyes when I’m driving you crazy with my touch.” I heard his dominating voice and immediately I opened my eyes. He is still gazing at me intensely.


Now he started playing with my both nipples with his forefingers, making circles around them. 


He flicked my one nipple.




Shit! I swore in front of him. Now I’m in big trouble.


I closed my eyes, disappointed with myself.


Now he will give me double punishment. But How can I control my moans when he is doing this with me?


This is so difficult for me.


Poor me.


He slightly hit my tits, saying, “no bad word, Butterfly.” 


“It’s not in my control, Master.” 


“Don’t worry, you will learn to control everything very soon.” He stated before cupping my both twins. I moaned with ecstasy as he squeezed them. I’m in heaven with his touch. I’m feeling so incredible as he is massaging my twins. My eyes are closed and I’m just enjoying whatever he is doing right now. I’m just loving it. I want him to keep doing this.


“Butterfly, your tits are even softer than a sponge. I’m enjoying, playing with them.” As he complimented me, I blushed at him after opening my eyes. 


He is gazing at me passionately with a sexy smile on his face. His sensuous look turned me more. 


He moved closer to my lips, his breath caressing my lips and burning my whole body with wild desires.


“Now punishment time, Butterfly.” As he whispered against my lips, my breath became heavy and I gazed at him intensely with anticipation. 


He is smiling evilly at me.


What he is going to do? I wondered.


Oh, god! Someone save me from him today.


“Aaa…” I shouted when he held my both nipples with his forefinger and thumb and twisted them very roughly.


My heart skipped a bit when he started pulling my nipples.


Holy fuck!


He is making me insane.


I closed my eyes shut and bit my lips to control myself from cussing as he is stretching them more and more. Now I’m feeling a bit of pain with pleasure.


“Like this only you always pull my cheeks, Butterfly.” He grinned at me, still pulling them. 


He is smiling here while torturing me. Very Bad!


He is not leaving my nipples, just stretching them and making me crazy.


But I won’t lie that this torture is making me wetter and wetter. He knows very well how to turn on a girl with pain also.


“Will you try to pull my cheeks again in future, Butterfly?” He asked me, pinching and slightly twisting my nipples together. I felt like an electric current passed through my entire body.


“Aa… No, Master…” I moaned loudly, shaking my head.


“Good girl.” He gave a victory smile to me and freed my both nipples from his hold.


Finally, I can breathe.


“If you again pull my cheeks, next time there will be my teeth on your nipples instead of my hands. So think thousand times before doing this mistake again. Understand, Butterfly?” He warned me, dangerously looking into my eyes.


I shuttered with only the thought of him biting my nipples. 


“Yes!” I answered him and he smiled with triumph before moving his eyes down to my nipples which he had tortured a few minutes back.


“They became red because of my punishment. Is it you hurting?” He asked concernedly, looking back at me. 


Awww… so my sweet Master is back.


“It was hurting a bit while you were pulling them but not now, don’t worry.” I reassured him and he smiled with relief. 


“Now I want to know one more thing.” As he said, I narrowed my brows bemusedly. 


“What?” I asked and suddenly he slid his hand into my shorts and undies without saying anything. As his hand touched my burning wet core, my whole body trembled and my thighs closed automatically, squeezing his hand between them. 


“So my punishment aroused you.” He grinned at me before taking his hand out and sucking his fingers erotically, tasting me. I just stared at him unblinkingly. 


So he wanted to know that his punishment turned me on or not. 


“Umm… your honey taste so yummy, Butterfly.” As he said, I just blushed hard. 


Then only he buried his face in my twins and attacked one of my twins, squeezing the other one. He sucked one of my hard nipples and pinched the other one, making me moan loudly with pleasure, throwing my head back. I’m feeling like I’m going to orgasm with this only. He is making me feel so damn good. He is making circles around my nipple with his tongue and sucking the bud.  I’m moaning insanely, clutching the bed-sheet. 


After getting satisfied, he moved up to my face. “I’m just loving it, Butterfly.” He whispered huskily, gazing into my eyes intensely before capturing my lips and kissing me passionately and hungrily, massaging and kneading my twins. I moaned in his mouth, clutching his shirt and pulling him closer to myself. He’s now grinding his crotch against my dripping wet core, arousing me more and more. I need him badly. He is setting my whole body on fire. 


He is devouring my lips like a hungry animal after entwining my hands and pinning them against the mattress above my head. I want to be kissed by him for the rest of my life, I want him forever in my life. He is kissing me like he is drowning in water and my lips are the air and his life is dependent on them. Every dead cell of my body is becoming alive with this kiss. There is the fire in this kiss burning every part of me. 


“You taste so delicious, Butterfly.” He whispered after breaking the kiss, touching his forehead with mine. My eyes are still closed. I’m panting, trying to catch my breath back after the mind-blowing intense kiss. Really today he made me breathless with the kiss. 


He left my hands and ordered me in a soft voice, stroking my cheek with his thumb. “Open your eyes.” 


I slowly opened my eyes and smiled at him with utter contentment. Truly I’m feeling so contented after this kiss. 


We gazed into each other eyes intensely with the pin-drop silence, we can even hear the beating of our hearts in this silence, it’s like our hearts are talking to each other. I’m feeling like now he is kissing my soul through his blazing eyes.


“So what do you learn from today’s punishment, Butterfly?” He asked, breaking the silence. 


“That I won’t pull your cheeks.” I told him grimly because it’s the most difficult task. Seriously I can’t control myself from pulling his cheeks when he behaves so sweet.


Oh, God, can’t a miracle happen and he agrees to let me pull his cheeks?


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