Desire To Control Her (Part: 49 Feeling Of Utter Contentment)

Master’s P.O.V.

I carried her to my room after she slept and I dozed off, hugging her after kissing her forehead. Everything seems so perfect with her. I’m so grateful to have her. She is my happiness and I don’t want to lose her.

The next morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw her smiling face which is glowing so brightly that the star will feel envy. This is the best morning of my life. Today I realise that I want to start my every morning like this by seeing her gorgeous face, her breath caressing my neck and her skin touching mine.

“Good morning, Master?” She wished me cheerily after coming over me and straddling me. The white duvet is covering our naked bodies partially. As our bare skin came in contact, it sent a shock of carnal electricity down our spine.

“Good Morning, when did you wake up?” I asked, tucking her hair strands behind her ears which were coming over her face.

“A few minutes ago. I was gazing at you. You look so adorable as a baby while sleeping.” She caressed her nose against mine, making me smile wider.

“And my Butterfly looks cute all the time.” I pecked her nose and she giggled.

“By the way, I wanna thank you.” She suddenly uttered and I narrowed my brows bemusedly.

“For what?”

“For permitting me to sleep with you.”

“Rather I want to say thank you for fighting with me to sleep with me. You know I found my paradise in your arms.” Her eyes twinkled with happiness.

“Really?” She asked in a disbelief tone.

“Yes, Butterfly.” I nodded merrily.

“Then why were you showing tantrums and behaving like a grumpy kid earlier?” She asked, raising her brows.

“I have already told you, Butterfly, I was afraid to let you come close to me and now you’re even aware of the reason.” I became a bit upset as a few flashes of past came in front of my eyes.

“I’m sorry.” She apologised.

I clasped her face.” No, don’t be sorry.” I shook my head.

“Thank you for trusting me and breaking your rules for me. Most importantly thank you for letting me come close to you.” She thanked me, caressing my stubble.

“It happened automatically. But deep inside I’m still afraid what if you also leave me. I’m not saying that I don’t trust you but,” I’m taking out everything that is inside my head.

Suddenly she shushed me by placing her finger over my lips. “I can completely understand you. It isn’t easy to forget the past. But trust me, I’m not going to leave you because I…” Now I shushed her by capturing her lips after cupping her face. I kissed her lips hungrily, she kissed me back passionately, grinding herself against my crotch, driving me insane and setting my whole body on fire with carnal desires.

No, I can’t wait anymore. I want to have her right now. I want to go deep inside her. I felt an overwhelming desire to make her mine right now.

“I need you badly, Master.” She whispered, staring at me with longing eyes.

“Have me, Butterfly, nobody is stopping you.” I said huskily, gliding my fingers into her soft and silky hair and her eyes shimmered with immense happiness.

She closed her eyes and slowly slowly eases me into herself, bracing my chest.

Finally, I’m inside her.

Fuck! She is so damn tight! And it feels heavenly incredible to be inside her.

She shrieked, taking me deeper and deeper, I hugged her firmly and went even deeper into her by flexing my hips. She screamed hysterically.

I hugged her tightly and stayed still, giving her time to adjust my size. I’m just feeling so great right now. This isn’t just a physical encounter, it is something else. It’s different, it’s magical and it can’t be described in words. I didn’t feel like this before in my life.

What is it?

I came on the earth back when she started moving slowly, moaning softly. I grasped her butts and thrust her slowly, joining her. We both are moaning in pleasure and moving slowly and steadily. The next moment only, I picked up the speed and shoved myself into her rapidly, squeezing her hips. She is screaming insanely, trying her best to match up the speed of my stroke.

I suddenly flipped her on her front and rammed into her hard and fast, splaying her legs with my hands.

Fuck! I can’t believe that this is finally happening and I’m feeling like I have gone into another world.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I felt so contented, complete and one when I took him deep inside me and he hugged me so tightly in his warm arms, going deeper and deeper. I felt no pain, I just felt out of the world and so connected to him and there was a constant beatific smile on my face. This is the feeling of utter contentment.

Now I’m lying under him and screaming louder and louder, scratching his back as he is fucking the hell out of me while trailing kisses down my neck, massaging my tits with one hand and rubbing my clit vigorously with his other hand.

Oh my God! He is fucking incredible. Only he can make me feel like this and set my body on fire.

My legs are shaking but still, I don’t want him to stop ever because it feels so damn good to feel him inside me.

Now he flipped me over my front and took me from behind by yanking my hair backwards. He grunted, thrusting me wildly and I’m moaning his name insanely.

I’m not getting satisfied. What’s wrong with me?

He entered deeper into me, stretching me as he completely lay over me from behind. “I’m feeling so incredible, Butterfly.” He whispered in my ear before attacking my neck.

Then he grabbed me by my waist and positioned me on my fours, before smacking my hips and sending an electric shock directly to my clit. He is still deep inside me. He came out and gave me a hard stroke by clutching my hips, making me moan louder with profound pleasure. He gave me a few more hard strokes, grasping my hair.

Oh, God! He is just blowing my mind.

He again flipped on my back and came over me. “Fuck! I’m not getting satisfied. What are you doing to me, Butterfly?” He squealed, clasping my face.

I smiled at him and whispered, “I’m doing exactly what you’re doing to me, Master.” I kissed him hard, running my fingers through his hair and encircling my legs around his waist.

We’re making love for more than two hours but not getting satisfied. We want it more and more. We’re becoming each other’s addiction.

He thrust me from behind, he thrust me from the front, he thrust me when I was on my fours, he thrust from the side, he thrust me from everywhere.

I can’t believe that I’m still yelling at him to don’t stop. I’m going insane.

But finally, we stopped as his phone rang up. We ignored it at first but he came out of me disappointedly because it was ringing continuously.

I’m panting and sweating after our endless and smashing wild make out session.

I can’t believe that I’m still craving to feel him inside me. Now I’m feeling incomplete when he isn’t in me.

He went to the table to pick up the phone and ogled his bare perfect butts with lust in my eyes and a grin on my face. I’m feeling like spanking them again but I can’t take this risk.

“I’m busy, could we talk later?” He answered the phone in a frustrating tone and I giggled.

I climbed down the bed and strolled to him with a smile on my face after wrapping the white duvet around my body. My eyes are still fixed at his perfect butts.

“Shut up, bye.” He disconnected the call before hurling the phone on the sofa.

“Relax, baby.” I squeezed his butts, smirking and controlling my strong desire to spank him.

“Don’t even think to do that.” He warned me in a stern tone after turning towards me.

I sneered at him. “You can do it but I can’t. This is so unfair.”

“I can do it because I’m your Master.” He stated, pulling me to himself by grasping my arms.

“By the way whose call it was?” I asked, changing the topic.

“It was Dev. He wants to hang out,” he paused as his eyes fell over my duvet. “Don’t ever hide your exquisite body from me, Butterfly.” He yanked the white duvet and flung it on the floor.

He gazed at my body with overwhelming desires in his captivating eyes which aroused my sexual desires once again.

He clasped my tits before massaging them, I moaned softly, closing my eyes and going back to another world.

“Could we continue our unfinished work?” He asked me huskily, gliding his hand down to my crotch.

“Yes, please…” I moaned as he massaged my sensitive clit vigorously.

And the next moment, he pinned me against the wall and rammed into me by wrapping my leg around his waist and this continued till infinity.

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