Desire To Control Her (Part: 51 We’re perfect!)

“Which rule?” I asked, having no clue which rule he is talking about.

“You have to call me or message me after reaching your place when you leave after meeting me.” He told me and I made O mouth.

“It skipped out of my mind because of the work.” I tried to explain him.

“It doesn’t matter. You will be punished tonight for breaking this rule and now call me when you get free.”

“But,” he disconnected the call without listening to me and I shook my head.

I have to revise all the rules because he isn’t going to leave me if I break any of them.

But his punishments are so fucking amazing. They turn me on.

Now I’m wondering what punishment he will give to me.


I have so much work and I’m wondering about this. He’s making me insane.

Concentrate on the work and complete it fast, so that after this you can go to him.

After working for two hours, as I moved my eyes from the laptop, I saw him. He is sitting on the same seat where he used to sit earlier. Things have been changed so much in a short period. A few weeks earlier, the person whom I used to think that he is not right for me, today that same person has become my life. He is perfect for me in every way. He is sweet, he is caring and only he can make me feel the things that nobody can make me feel. His every side is perfect for me. I’m in deep love with him.

He’s gazing at me with a perfect smile on his face. I smiled back at him.

But when did he come here? I was so engrossed in work that I didn’t notice him.

He is looking so attractive in black, like always.

The way he is gazing at me, I’m feeling like he is seeing the most beautiful creation of God.

He makes me feel so beautiful.

We raised from our chairs and strolled towards each other, our intense gazed is fixed at each other.

I feel so alive when he is around me.

I said nothing, just hugged him tightly, he hugged me back even tighter. Our tightness of hug is showing how much we missed each other presence. Our eyes are closed and our lips are drawn up to a beatific smile, we’re utterly lost in each other arms. No! No! We’re lost in our paradise. I can feel his hot breath caressing my neck. Our hearts are beating in sync and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Perfect! We’re perfect!

I just want to stop the time. I pulled him closer to myself and hugged him tighter, feeling heavenly incredible in his warm arms.

We pulled apart after some time and now our eyes are having their private conversation.

He clasped my face, gazing at me. “You’re so special to me, Butterfly!” He whispered against my forehead before placing a soft kiss. His words made my heart happy from inside and touched my soul. I closed my eyes and smiled contentedly.

He is very special to me too.

He is the love of my life.

“You surprised me by coming here. I’m so happy that you come. I was missing you.”

He smiled and told me, “you were busy. So I thought why shouldn’t I come here and help you with your work.”

So sweet! My sweetie Master!

“So you were missing me?” I asked him and my eyes glinted with happiness.

“Yes, I was.” He nodded his head and smiled shyly, rubbing the back of his neck and I grinned widely.

“Aww!! So cute. My cutie Master.” I couldn’t control myself and pulled his cheeks.

“Don’t pull my cheeks in public ever again.” He warned me in a pure dominating tone and stared at me darkly.

As if I’m scared of him.

I again pulled his cheeks

“You… bad girl! Never listen to me.” He gritted his teeth in anger.

He grasped my wrists and dragged me to the corner. He pinned me against the wall by holding my hands above my head with his one hand and glared at me dangerously like he gonna kill me. The intensity of his scorching eyes is making my heart beat fast.

But he looks super hot when I make him angry and turn on his Master mode.

His this side makes me so damn wet.

I’m just lost in his captivating eyes. They are magical.

“What the fuck!” I yelled as he pulled my horizontal lips with his fingers and thumb from inside my jeans. I was so lost in his intense gaze that I didn’t come to know when he opened my jeans button, slid his hand into my undies and did this. He’s still stretching them after squeezing them.

“Aaa..” He left my hands and suppressed my scream by palming my mouth as he pulled my horizontal lips more.


Why do I always play with this fire?

He dangerously came close to me and whispered in my ear, taking my breath away. “Do you want people should come to know that a bad girl is getting punished by her Master?”

I don’t want that, but he is not leaving my that part.

God!! It’s a bit painful but it’s giving me some kind of pleasure. I don’t know what but whatever he does to me, it gives me immense and a different kind of pleasure.

He is doing this in public, in my cafe. What if someone catches us like this, what they will think?

This fear is taking my excitement to another level.

“You bad girl! You’re liking this punishment also, you’re so fucking wet.” Now he left my vagina lips and pressed my crotch with his palm. I’m breathing heavily, my heart is pounding and my whole body is on fire.

Ohh god!

He is driving me insane.

Holy shit!!

He is now twisting my vagina lips with his thumb and forefinger.

Fuck! He pinched my clitoris and an electric current passed through my whole body.

I was about to close my eyes but his words stopped me. “Don’t dare to close your eyes. I just want you to keep looking in my eyes when I’m punishing you.” He warned me in a serious tone.

Now I’m trying to keep my eyes open when he is doing sweet torture on me.

Thank god! His hand is on my mouth because if his hand wasn’t on my mouth right now, then every single person who is present in this cafe would have definitely come to know what he is doing to me in the corner of this hall.

His punishment is taking my carnal desire to its peak.

I want him badly now. My core is throbbing for him. Seriously he is becoming my addiction, but a good addiction.

He removed one hand from my mouth and took out his other hand from my jeans before closing my jeans button with both hands.

“If you next time pull my cheeks more than once in a day or in the public, I’ll put nipples clamp on your nipples.” My eyes widened in shock as he gave me a warning.

“No, you have promised me that you won’t use them.”

“You also promise me every time that you will listen to me.”

Whatever! Right now, I’m not in a state to argue with him because I’m so damn wet for him.

Next moment I grabbed his collars and yanked him to myself. “I want you!” I demanded.

I just fucking want him right now.

“You want me to do that here, in the public place?” He stared at me surprisingly.

“Come with me.” I held his hand and led him to the cafe’s basement.

As we reached the basement, he uttered, “What you want, you won’t get it now.”

I stared at him in shock and asked, “why?”

“I think you have forgotten that today you broke one of the rules. You forgot to call me after reaching here. You didn’t even message me. So this is your punishment. You won’t get me.” A mischief smile flashed on his face.

He is so evil. He finds reason to punish me. I think every single second he keeps wondering how to punish me.

“Punishment! Punishment! You just want to punish me, you don’t want me.” I frustratedly growled at him before placing my hands on his chest and pushing away. My anger is at its peak.

He is shocked to see my anger.

I want him, how could he deny to me?

“You just keep thinking about how to punish me in your mind. I’m leaving.” I yelled and turned around to go but he stopped me by grasping my wrist tightly. He yanked me closer to himself, my back body collided with his front body, sending shivers down our spine. He grasped my waist tighter and pulled me more closer to himself.

“I think you’re forgetting that who I’m, Butterfly.” He dangerously whispered in my ear. Our proximity is making me weak.

“You aren’t allowed to leave this basement until you remember who I’m.” He stated in a serious tone, clutching my waist. He took my breath away from me and arose goosebumps all over my body.

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