Desire To Control her (Part: 52 Mood Swings) Manan

“I have work, Mister. Let go of me.” I tried to come of his grips. I’m still bristling in anger.

I’m fucking frustrated with these types of punishments where I can’t get him.

“Now I’ll show you how much I want you, my bad girl!” He whispered in my ear, taking my breath away from me.

Master’s P.O.V.

Really she is very challenging to me and never listens to me. A girl like her, stubborn, short-tempered, sassy, I love to control. When they comply with my orders, it turns me on so badly that I can’t even describe it in words.

She is perfect for me.

My precious Butterfly.

But that doesn’t mean that she has the right to behave like this with her master.

I punish her so that she comes into my control. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want her. She has become my addition now. I feel like now I can’t even breathe without her. When she isn’t around me, I feel empty.

How could she say that I don’t want her?

Now first I’ll show her that how much I need her, then I’m gonna remind her that who I’m.

Next moment I turned her around and rolled her ponytail around my fingers, gazing at her passionately. Now she’s staring at me silently, breathing heavily through her sensuous parted lips.

I held her hand with my other hand and placed it over my crotch to show her that how hard I’m for her.

“You do this to me, Butterfly.” I uttered, finally breaking the silence.

“Then why do you control yourself, Manik? When we both need each other, why do you always bring punishment in between?” She asked in a serious tone and I slowly left her hair.

“Because you never listen to me and I want to control you, Butterfly. I am just like that.” I explained to her.

She doesn’t know every time I punish her, I feel like I punish myself more than her.

But after the punishment when she obeys me like a good submissive, I get a different kind of satisfaction.

“And I’m just like that, naughty, short-tempered, mischief. I become angry when you punish me for every small thing. I’m not habitual of this, but I’m trying.” Now she explained me.

I know from the very first day that she doesn’t deserve all this. She deserves only love which I can’t give to her because I’m different and if she wants to stay with me, she has to accept my this side.

“Seriously, are you trying? You just shouted at me so badly, disobeyed me.” I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, I’m sorry. Now I will never pull your cheeks, not in public, not in private. Whatever you say, I’ll do.” She gave me an angry look.

What really? She is showing me anger again.

Before I could say something, she said, “you came here to help me in my work and this happened. I’m serious, Manik, now I’ll never pull your cheeks.” She said in a crying tone.

What’s wrong with her? She is behaving a bit different today. A few seconds ago she was angry and now she became emotional.

“Hey! Are you okay, Butterfly?” I asked concernedly.

“I’m fine. Now punish me fast, so that I can complete my work.” She said curtly.

Again angry!

Her mood is changing so quickly.

“Butterfly, I’m not punishing you.” I caressed her hair. “You just relax and sit down.” I made her sit on the sofa and sat beside her.

She suddenly grinned at me widely.

“So my sweet Master is back.” She squealed merrily.

My cheerful Butterfly is back. I sighed with profound relief.

“Now let’s complete the work together fast.” I entwined my fingers with her.

“I’m really sorry for shouting at you. I just lost my temper. I don’t know why I’m having these mood swings.” She pouted sadly, looking super adorable.

“It’s okay. If you can take my rude behaviour, so sometimes I can also handle your mood swings.” I assured her, caressing the back of her hand and then I placed a soft kiss there.

“Why can’t you remain like this forever?” She asked and I chuckled. All of a sudden she asked me, “by the way what’s the date today?”

“It’s 21 December. What happened?” I asked, clueless.

“I think now I understood that why I’m having mood swings.”


“Because of periods. You know I get serious mood swings before they even come. It’s so irritating.” She shrieked in frustration, placing her hand on her forehead.

Now everything is making sense that why she was behaving so different. It

So the strictest Master, get ready to become your Butterfly’s sweet boyfriend again because if you behave like Master with her, she is surely gonna break my one or two bones during her period.

“Don’t worry. Now I’m with you, your these days of the period will pass so smoothly.” I comforted her, placing my hand on her face and she just stared at me in disbelief and surprise.

Even I’m amazed at how easily I treat her so sweetly. It happens automatically.

“Aww… Thank you.” She placed a kiss on my cheek and I just smiled.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

We came back from the basement. I settled down on my seat.

“You sit here. I’m bringing something for you to eat.” He went after kissing my forehead and I just smiled contentedly.

From the moment, he came to know that my periods are going to come, he is behaving so extra sweet and a smile is not leaving my face. I’m so in love with him.

“What’s going on?” I came on the earth back as I heard Eve’s voice. She is sitting in front of me, her eyes are shimmering with excitement.

“Work is going on.” I answered her. I know she is asking about what’s going on between me and Manik.

“Don’t act smart, Nanz. I clearly see that you and Manik are in,”

I shouted, cutting her words, “Stop! We will talk about this at home. Not here please.” I begged her as I don’t want Manik to listen to this conversation.

“Hey… Eve.” Manik greeted her, settling down beside me and putting the snacks on the table.

“Hello.” She smiled at him.

“I have some work. You both enjoy.” Eve left from there after winking at me.

I started working and he chided me, “first eat something, then work.”

“Could you feed me with your hands as I have to complete the work?” I requested. He just stared at me in disbelief.

Why he’ll feed me with his hands as now he is my master, not my boyfriend?

But the next moment only, surprisingly he started feeding me.

Oh my God! I’m dead.

I just smiled at him blissfully. This is one of the best moments for me.

“Now complete the work fast. In the night we have to visit the club as we all friends are meeting there and they have especially asked me to bring you there with me.” He told me.

“Wow! I’m so excited to meet them again.” I clapped my hands excitedly and he just smiled at me before feeding me french fry.

“You’re so sweet.” I sucked his lips with love. I’m on cloud nine because of the way he is treating me.

Thank you so much, periods. For the first time in my life, I’m happy after getting them.

“I’m sweet only for my Butterfly.” He caressed my cheek with his thumb.

“Means, I’m the only lucky one to see your sweet side.” I chirped and he nodded.

“You deserve this, Butterfly.” He gazed at me intensely.

Sometimes I want to scream and tell him that I love him so much. When that day will come? I wondered, gazing at his handsome face.


After the work, we came back to his mansion to get ready.

He gifted me a new dress, that’s so sweet of him. He is perfect.

I came to the washroom and opened the lid of the box. My eyes shimmered after seeing the dress, it’s a black one-shoulder dress. I took it out with a cheerful smile on my face.

It’s cute and hot.

I like his choice.

I’ll certainly like his choices as I’m also one of his best choices.


I stepped out of the washroom after changing my clothes.

I saw him standing in front of the mirror, wearing a white shirt with black jeans. He is looking super hot, the upper few buttons of his shirts are open and increasing his hotness more.

Now he noticed me and looked at me through the mirror. Whenever he gazes at me with his captivating eyes like this, he makes me feel so beautiful.

I took a few steps towards him, my heartbeat is accelerating because of his searing gaze. I also gazed deeply into his bewitching black eyes.

Our eyes are talking to each other through the mirror.

He turned towards me and yanked me to himself by grabbing my waist, electric current passed through my entire body.

Our proximity is making me weak on my knees.

“You’re looking ravishing in this black dress, Butterfly!” He whispered in my ear, I can feel his warm breath on my neck.My breath is becoming heavy because of our closeness.

He slid his hand into my dress from its slit, caressing my bare thigh. A shiver rushed down my spine when his fingertips touched my skin. With his other hand, he grabbed the back of my neck under my hair and kissed my collarbone, I closed my eyes and a soft moan escaped out of my mouth mechanically. This kiss directly sent a shiver between my legs. My core throbbed for him once again.

“We shall leave now.” He uttered after moving away from me.

“But I need you, Manik.” I requested.

“We’re getting late, Butterfly.”

“So are you again denying me? You still want to punish me, right?” I asked, raising my brows. “Let’s,” he shushed me by sealing my lips with his lips and pinning me against the wall.

He kissed me passionately and hungrily, clutching my arms, grinding his crotch against mine vigorously and wildly, arousing my carnal desires more.

“I was just teasing you. Now I’ll show you how much I want you.”He whispered against my lips before roughly and hastily yanking up my dress and pulling down my undies.

Why I’m feeling like today I’m going to see his wild side?

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