Desire To Control her (Part: 53 Wild Make-out) Manan

He turned me around by grabbing my waist with both hands and pushed me to himself. My back body collided with his front, arousing my desires.

“How much I carve for you, I can’t even describe in words, Butterfly? But now I’m gonna show you.” He whispered in my ear, raising goosebumps all over my body.

After taking off my dress hastily, he pinned me against the mirror by grasping my hands above my head with his one hand. The touch of the cold mirror on my hard nipples is making me hornier. From his other hand, he pulled down his jeans and pressed his body against mine, sandwiching me between the mirror and him. He smacked one of my butts with his free hand before squeezing it and shoving deep into me, without warning. A loud moan escaped out of my mouth mechanically.

I feel so complete and one once again. When he is inside me, I feel like we’re one and now nobody can separate us.

He started moving in and out, leaving my hips and hands. He grabbed my hair roughly with his both hands, yanking my face backwards and gave me a hard stroke, making me go crazy in extreme pleasure. I’m just moaning crazily, my hands are on the mirror and my eyes are closed.

“Keep your eyes open as I want you to look at me when I’m fucking the hell of out.” He ordered, this time smacking my both hips and then he jabbed himself deeper into me, pressing my body against the mirror.

Feeling him so deep inside me, it feels so damn incredible.

I opened my eyes and looked at us in the mirror. He also looked at me deeply with his eyes filled with desires. The intensity of his gaze is searing.

He eased out of me and again shoved into me the next moment only. “Manik…” I moaned his name louder.

“Butterfly, I love your voice more when you moan my name.” He confessed before again giving me a hard and deep thrust. I again moaned his name, but louder this time.

After giving me a few hard strokes and entering deeper and deeper into me with every thrust, he palmed my mouth and increased the speed of his thrust, pulling my face backwards.

He is so wild today and I fucking love his wildness.

My wild master!

Then he turned me around to himself, spread my legs and lifted me from the floor by sliding his hands under my knees. I balanced myself by pressing my back against the mirror. He rammed deep into me from the front now, deeply gazing into my eyes, I screamed, scratching his back with my nails. In this position, he is fully inside me. He started thrusting me rapidly from the front. I moaned insanely and he groaned with immense pleasure.

I don’t know why I never get satisfied by him. I feel like he is doing some kind of magic to me. Truly, he is becoming my addiction.


Now I’m lying naked on the bed and he is sucking, chewing and massaging my twins. He was really wild this time as expected and I loved it. He took me to heaven with pleasure like always.

“Now aren’t we getting late, Manik?” I asked him, caressing his hair.

“I have already cancelled the plan.” He told me after coming closer to my face.

“What? I was so excited to meet them.” I pouted sadly.

“Butterfly, it’s already late. You must be tired after our unlimited and wild make out and the most important thing is that right now I just want to stay like this with you.” He placed a kiss on my forehead before lying beside me and engulfing me in his arms. I just smiled blissfully and kissed his chest.

“Manik, are you doing black magic over me?” I suddenly asked him, making circles on his chest with the tip of my finger and he stared at me in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“You know I’m not getting satisfied. As soon as you come out of me, I craved to again feel you inside me. What’s happening to me? Am I alright?” I asked him worriedly and he laughed out.

“Butterfly, just chill. It’s happening with me also. There is nothing wrong. It’s good that you aren’t getting satisfied or else you get bored of me.” He explained me.

“I can never get bored of you, Manik.” I shook my head.

“I know.” He smiled at me. “Okay now tell me that what do you want to eat for dinner?” He asked, tucking my hair behind my ears.

“Pizza. Yummy!” I looked at him and licked my lips.

“My cute Butterfly!” He pecked my lips and I chuckled.


Now we’re eating pizza, I’m sitting on his lap. After every bite, we’re kissing each other lips.

So romantic!

“Butterfly, I want to ask you something.” He uttered when we again lay down in each other’s arms, in our paradise.


“Why are you with me?”

“Because I,” I instantly paused realising that I can’t tell him that I love him. I took a deep breath and continued, “because I’m living the best day of my life with you. You’re perfect for me, Manik. I have never regretted a single day after coming into a relationship with you.”

He just smiled at me contentedly. “I’m thankful to God from the core of my heart to have you.” He kissed my lips chastely and softly. I kissed him back with equal softness, placing my hand on his face and caressing his stubble with my thumbs.

Master’s P.O.V.

In the early morning, I woke up alone in bed.

Where is Butterfly? I wondered and suddenly my eyes fell over the blood strain.

“Butterfly…” I called her, climbing down the bed.

Then only I saw her coming out of the washroom, holding her belly. She is in one of my shirts, all messed up and exhausted.

I hastily stood up and rushed to her.

“Hey, are you alright, Butterfly?” I asked her after clasping her face.

“Periods cramps and I’m sorry that I spoiled your bed-sheet. I should change it.” She stepped towards the bed but I stopped her by holding her hand.

“Relax. I’ll change it. You sit down on the sofa.”

I won’t let her do anything in this condition.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll do it,”

I ordered her in dominating tone, cutting her words. “It’s my order, Butterfly, go and sit down on the sofa.”

Why does she never listen to me?

She slowly wandered to the sofa and sat down, placing her finger on her lips like a kid. I shook my head, smiling and turned around to pull off the blood strain bed-sheet.

After changing the bed-sheet, I strolled to her. She is making crying like faces as a baby, holding her stomach. And she was saying that she would change the bed-sheet in this condition.

“Is it hurting you a lot?” I asked her concernedly, placing my hand over her shoulder.

“Why only girls have to go through this? Why not boys? Oh God… this pain will kill me.” She cried out frustratedly and I sat beside her, staring at her anxiously, not understanding how to help her because before I never handled any woman when they’re bleeding.

It must be so frustrating.

“Is there any medicine which can reduce your pain?”

“I forgot to bring it.” She again cried out.

“Relax… Butterfly. I’ll ask my driver to bring your medicine.” I comforted her, constantly caressing her hair.

“I can’t relax because it’s hurting a lot. You can’t understand this pain.” She shrieked at me and I frowned.

I know it’s hurting her a lot but what’s my fault that she is shouting at me.

“Butterfly, behave.” I warned her and the next moment she started sobbing and tears started trickling down her cheeks.


“Here it is hurting me a lot and you’re showing me your anger. I don’t want to talk to you.” She averted her eyes, getting angry at me.

I shook my head.

Oh, God! Now it’s getting even more difficult for me to handle her.

“Okay, I’m sorry but please stop crying.” I apologised, wiping her tears.

She rested her head on my chest. “I just want to sleep again and want this pain to vanish away.”

Then I stood up and carried her to the bed after scooping her in my arms.

I laid her down on the bed. “This would only last for a couple of days, you’ll be fine.” I kissed her forehead and she faintly smiled at me.

“Thank you for being there for me at this time and bearing my anger. I know my behaviour must be irritating you.” She stared at me with guilt in her eyes.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about this.” I comforted her, caressing her cheek with my thumb and she just smiled at me affectionately.

“Okay now tell me the name of medicine. I’m messaging my driver to bring it.” I lay down beside her, holding the phone.

She moved closer to me and placed her head on my chest after telling me the name of the medicine.

After sending the message to my driver, I hugged her firmly, pulling her closer to me. “Go back to sleep, Butterfly,” I whispered in her ear.

“I’m feeling so much better after coming in your arms, Manik. It’s magical.” She murmured, pulling me closer to herself more and more.

I smiled and kissed her hair.

This is just the beginning and I have to handle her mood swings for five days more.

Don’t worry, Manik, this would only last for a couple of days and you’re doing great. I tried to encourage myself and fell asleep, thinking how I’m gonna handle her.

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