Desire To Control Her (Part: 54 Becoming Extra Sweet)

Butterfly is still sleeping and I’m searching on google ‘how to treat a woman in her periods’ because I have never done this before and I had never thought that I would do this. But for my Butterfly I can do anything. I just want to make her feel good no matter what because when she smiles, my heart smiles.

I tapped open the site with the title ’12 tips to comfort your girlfriend during her periods’ and started reading it.

* Do not blame anything on her period.

I never gonna do it.

* Avoid telling her anything that can irritate her.

I’ll keep this point in my mind.

* Answer questions with care.

* Be as patient as you can be.

It’s difficult but I’ll be patient with her because I don’t want to irritate her more by arguing with her.

* Prepare food for her.

That I always do for my Butterfly. This is easy.

* Watch a movie with her.

I’ll surely do this today.

But which movie?

I’ll ask her.

* Make her feel loved and appreciated.

* Be there for her.

* Be considerate and comforting.

Okay… I can do this, by the way, I’m already doing this. I’m good going.

I smiled with self-pride.

I searched more and one point caught my attention.

* Be available sexually.

It is written that some women feel horny during their periods or just after that. So therefore from yesterday, she had been going crazy to have me. Now everything is getting clear to me.

I moved my eyes to her from the phone and saw her, she just woke up. She is rubbing her eyes like an adorable baby. I placed the phone on the table and moved closer to her with a smile on my face. She makes me so happy.

“Hey, good morning, Butterfly.” I placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Good morning.” She gave me a warm smile.

“How’re you feeling now?” I asked her, caressing her cheek with my thumb.

“Surprisingly I got better without the medicine and all credit go to you, my Master.” She smiled widely before hugging me and I embraced her, beaming. She broke the hug and squealed with joy, “you’re best and you’re healer of my every pain.” before placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Now I have to change it and get fresh but I’m feeling so lazy to even move out of the bed and go to the washroom. These periods are hell exhausting.”

So quickly her mood changed. Now I have do something.

I hurriedly jumped out of the bed and said after standing beside her. “I’m at your service, Madam.” I turned around and stood facing my back to her. “Climb on my back and I’ll drop you to your destination.”

I glanced at her over my shoulder and found her staring at me with surprise. “Come on, Butterfly. What are you waiting for.”

She lazily raised from the bed after throwing away her blanket and stood up behind me on the bed. “You’re behaving so extra sweet and I’m going crazy.” She climbed over my back by wrapping her arms around my neck and legs around my waist like a monkey.

“Anything for you, my cutie Butterfly.” I kissed her cheek, making her giggle and took her to the washroom.

I made her sit on the slab and as I turned towards her, she yanked me down to herself by wrapping her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately, moving her fingers through my hair.

“Oops… I forgot to bring the pad.” She uttered as we broke the kiss and jumped down the slab.

“You get fresh. I’m bringing it. Tell me where they’re kept?” I asked her, clasping her face.

“Why you’ll bring it? I’m bringing it,”

“Why can’t I bring it?” I asked, raising my brows and she became thoughtful.

“They’re kept in my handbag.” She told me and I smiled with triumph.

“I just come.” I placed a kiss on her forehead and went out of the bathroom to bring a pad for her.

I came back and saw her brushing her teeth.

I kept the pad on the slab and stood behind her. I wrapped my arms around her, looking at her through the mirror with a smile on my face.

“Do you have any idea how gorgeous you’re looking right now?” I whispered, placing my chin over her shoulder.

She spat the paste out of her mouth and turned towards me after removing my hands. “What! No ways. I’m so messed up right now. Look at my tousled hair and my exhausted face. From where am I looking beautiful to you?” She asked, holding her waists.

“If you look at yourself through my eyes, then you will understand how beautiful you’re looking now also.” I tucked her hair strands behind her ears, gently brushing her cheeks with my thumb. She gazed at me in amazement.

I leaned in to kiss her but she suddenly pushed me away, shouting, “no.” My brows narrowed in confusion.

“What happened?” I asked, having no clue.

“The paste is still in the mouth. I didn’t clean it. Sorry.”

“Fuck it! I don’t care.” I curled my fingers around her neck, pulled her closer to myself and kissed her deeply, tasting the paste from her mouth which became sweet after coming in her mouth.

“My brush is also done now.” I said as we pulled apart.

She tittered, “great way to brush teeth.” I smiled broadly at her.

“Now I’m going out. You change it. If you need my help, just call me.” She gave me a slight nod and I came out of the bathroom.


I’m arranging the breakfast on the dining table with Mary, Butterfly is sitting on the chair and gazing at me with a cheerful smile on her face.

I settled down beside her and she kissed my cheek. “You’re so sweet.”

“Thank you. Now start eating.” I pointed at the breakfast.

“I’m not feeling like eating anything, sweetie Master.” She pouted at me.

“But if you don’t eat anything, then you will feel more exhausted, Butterfly. Please, have something.” I requested, placing my hand on her face.

“I can’t eat this boring food.”

“Okay! So whatever you say, I’ll order.”

“I want ice cream, yummy yummy.” She adorably licked her lip after taking out her tongue.

My cute kiddo!

But wait, I read on google that ice cream and other cold food items are not good in periods, they increase period cramps and I can’t see her in pain.

Now I have to deny her.

“No, Butterfly, you can’t eat ice cream in periods.”

“Why? I’m craving for Ice cream so much.” She pouted at me like a sad baby.

This girl is even more stubborn in her periods. I have to make her understand very lovingly because if I argue with her, she’ll get upset and at last I have to pacify her.

“Baby, It’ll increase your period cramps and I can’t see you in pain. So after your periods, we will go on an ice cream date. Please, Butterfly.” After listening to my words, she gave me a winsome smile and hugged me tightly.

“You’re behaving like my sweet boyfriend. I’m on cloud nine.” She squealed with joy, making me smile broadly.

She gave a tight kiss on my cheek before grabbing my face with her both hands

I love it whenever she kisses me like this.

“Now I’ll eat anything from your hands.” She said merrily, playing with my beard with her thumbs.

The way she is playing with my beard, she is looking so adorable as a baby.

I like everything about her.

She has some magic. When she is around me, I feel ecstatic and out of the world.

Then I started feeding her with my hand and she also fed me. She also played a game with me. She brought the spoon close to my mouth and as I opened my mouth to have it, she instantly moved the spoon away from my mouth and ate herself. She guffawed and I got lost in her.

Her joy makes my heart delighted from the core.

And when I did the same with her, she made a sad pout, averted her eyes and turned away her face in anger.

Ohh god, her periods! 

Tiny things are making her angry. She calls me grumpy kid, now she is becoming a grumpy kid herself.

My angry Bird!

“Butterfly, it’s just a game. And when you did the same with me, did I get angry? So you also don’t get upset.” I slowly turned her face toward myself and explained to her in an extra sugary voice.

What she is making me, the sweetest man.

But I have to do this for my Butterfly.

She is in so much pain, going through a lot because of her mood swings. Can’t I become her sweet boyfriend for a couple of days?

“You’re copycat.” She took her tongue out to tease me.

My cute bacha!

Now I placed a kiss on her cheek before sucking it. Her cheeks are so chubby, I’m enjoying sucking them. I’m certainly gonna eat her one day.

“You made my cheeks wet.” She complained and rubbed her cheeks cutely, making cute faces.

Aww! So cute!

“So do you want me to make some other part of your body wet?” I palmed her crotch and a naughty smile flashed on my face.

Shit! I forgot that she is on her periods but I also read that women remain hornier on their periods.


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