Desire To Control Her (Part: 55 My Cute Butterfly) Manan

“It’s aching, Manik. Remove your hand.”She threw away my hand.

“I’m sorry. It skipped out of my mind that you’re on periods.” I instantly apologised.

“Why it’s aching so much?” She cried out frustratedly.

“Butterfly, it’ll be fine. Now leave all this and tell me which movie you want to watch?” I asked her after clasping her face to distract her and her eyes twinkled instantly.

My plan worked!

“Wow… Movie!” She squealed merrily, making me smile. She said, placing her finger over her chin, “umm… let me think which movie we should watch together.”

“Now let me take you to the room and you decide which movie you want to watch. Okay?” I asked while tucking her hair behind her ears properly.

“Great.” She thumbed up at me with a winsome smile on her face.

I carried her on my back and brought her to the room. I laid her on the bed and kissed her lips chastely after bending down.

“You know I read that lips kiss reduce periods cramps,” I told her as we pulled apart and her eyes widened a bit in surprise.

“You read it? Where?” She asked in a surprised tone.

I stood straight and shyly scratched the back of my neck. “Actually in the morning, I searched how can I treat you well in periods.” I blushed at her.

Only she can make me blush like a teenager. Seriously she is doing magic over me.

“Aww… I can’t believe, you searched for it. That’s so so… sweet of you, my cutie Master.” She stood up on the bed and caressed her nose against mine after leaning down and wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I just can’t see you upset, Butterfly. I want you to keep shining like stars for me. Always.” I whispered, caressing her cheeks with my thumbs, touching my forehead with her.

All of a sudden she hugged me firmly after bending down. “I’ll always shine for you, Manik.” She whooped, hugging me tighter and tighter. I embraced her in my arms, pulling her closer to myself with a contented smile on my face. I kissed her hair.

She broke the hug and whispered against my lips. “I’m so blessed to have you, Manik. Nobody took care of me like this before.” Now she kissed me passionately, clutching my hair, wrapping her legs around my waist like a wild cat.

She arouses my carnal desires when she becomes my wild cat.

After some time we’re sitting on the bed cosily in the blanket. She is watching a rom-com movie on Netflix with a bucket of popcorn and I’m watching her. I can vividly see she is enjoying the movie and I’m so relieved that finally, she is not irritated or upset.

“I just come, Butterfly.” I kissed her temple before climbing down the bed.

“Where are you going?” She asked with the mouth full of popcorn after I wore my sleepers. I smiled at her, shaking my head in disbelief.

“Surprise,” I told her.

Her eyes glinted with happiness and she whooped, tossing the bucket of popcorn on the side, “wow… surprise. I’m living the best day of my life with you, Manik.”

“Me too.” I beamed at her before rushing to her and planting a lingering kiss on her lips.

I went out and hurriedly came with her surprise, hiding it behind my back.

I strode to her slowly and she stared at me with excitement. I brought my hands in front and dropped the chocolates and candies before her.

Her eyes shimmered and she squealed with joy, “wow… wow… so many chocolates. I love it. Thank you so much.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. “You’re best.” She kissed every inch of my face merrily.


I came out of the bathroom after taking the bath and didn’t find Butterfly in the room. I went out, searching for her.

“Did you see Butterfly? I mean Nandini?” I asked Mary.

“A few minutes back, I saw her in the kitchen. She was taking out something from the fridge.” As soon as Mary told, I marched to the Kitchen.

But she isn’t in the Kitchen also. Where did she disappear?

I came back to the room after checking her everywhere and decided to call her.

But suddenly I heard some munching sound from my cupboard and found its door ajar. I became suspicious and tiptoed to the cupboard. I slowly opened it and my eyes widened in shock. But the next moment only a smile flashed on my face when I saw my Butterfly adorably eating the Ice cream from the bucket, sitting in my cupboard like a small kid.

Damn! This girl is something else but so cute.

She moved her eyeballs to me while licking her finger and stared at me with her eyes filled with pure innocence.

“Hey…” she waved her hand at me and tittered.

I smiled broadly at her but my smile faded into a frown as soon as I realised that she is on period and she can’t have Ice cream.

“Butterfly, are you crazy? Why did you eat Ice cream when you knew that it can increase your cramps. You’re so careless.” I chided her, snatching the bucket of Ice cream from her hand and she pouted at me sadly.

As I saw the bucket is empty and I glared at her. “You ate the whole bucket of Ice cream in your Periods. You’re unbelievable, Butterfly.” I shook my head in disbelief.

“I’m sorry.” She apologised in an extra sugary voice but I averted my eyes in anger, folding my arms across my chest after tossing the empty bucket on the floor. “I just can’t control myself. I was craving for it.”

“So have some control on yourself, Butterfly,”

“Stop scolding me. I don’t like it, please.” She requested.

“And I don’t like when you don’t take care of yourself, Butterfly,” I uttered in a serious tone after leaning down, closer to her face and her eyes glinted with guilt.

“Now it’s finished. What I can do?”

“I’m adding one more rule in the list which you have to follow. You can’t eat anything which can increase your cramps in periods.” I stated sternly after standing straight.

I thought that I would be her sweet boyfriend during her periods but she brought back my Master side.

“What one rule! I hate following rules.” She cried out in irritation.

I took a deep breath before clasping her face. “Butterfly, I’m doing this for you only because it can hurt you more. And you know I can’t see you in pain. Please for me, take care of yourself. It’s just a matter of a couple of days.” Now I explained her calmly after again coming closer to her face.

“Okay! My sweetie Master.” She placed a kiss on my cheek and brought a smile to my face.

“By the way, you were looking so cute while sneakily eating Ice cream in the cupboard.” I pulled her chubby cheeks.

She grinned widely. “Thank you. Now turn around because I want you to drop me to the washroom as I want to wash my hands.” She ordered me, showing me her dirty hands.

I instantly stood facing my back to her and asked her, glancing over my shoulder. “Okay, Madam. Anything else?”

“Nothing for now.” She chuckled before climbing on my back and kissing my cheek.


At night I came back to the room from the balcony after talking on the phone and found her shedding silent tears, seeing something on her phone. She was completely fine before I got a call and went to the balcony.

What happened to her all of sudden? I wondered, ambling towards her.

“Butterfly, what happened?” I startled her as I asked her concernedly, placing my hand over her shoulder. She instantly locked the phone and kept it on the other side.

I felt something fishy and stared at her dubiously.

“As you know it’s just period mood swings.” She wiped off her tears and answered me without looking at me.

Avoiding eye contact! Now I’m sure that she is hiding something from me.

“Butterfly, don’t lie to me. Tell me what’s the matter.” I asked in a calm tone, placing my hand on her cheek and she looked at me with pain in her eyes.

“Nothing. Really.” She again lied to me and I frowned at her.

Now she is making me angry. But I have to stay calm because she is on her periods.

I composed myself and requested, “Butterfly, please tell me. I know you’re hiding something from me.”

“I’m saying there is nothing. Why aren’t you understanding, Manik?” She shouted, getting irritated.


“Fine if you don’t want to tell me.” I became upset because for the first time she isn’t sharing what’s bothering her.

But the question is why and what is the thing that she can’t even tell me.

“I’m sleeping. Good night.” She covered herself with the blanket utterly including her face and I shook my head.

I lay down beside her and pulled the same blanket over me before turning towards her and hugging her from behind.

After a few minutes, I slipped my face inside the blanket and yanked her closer to myself after encircling my arms around her. I nuzzled down her neck and murmured in her ear, “I know, Butterfly that something is bothering you and you aren’t telling me. But It’s okay whenever you feel like sharing with me, I’m always there for you.” I kissed her hair and all of sudden she turned around and hugged me tightly, burying her face in my chest and clutching my shirt. I wrapped my arms around her, distraught for her. The next moment only I felt a stabbing pain in my heart as I heard her sorrowful sob.

Now I’m scared! What is the matter? I want to know badly so that I can comfort her and make her feel better and until she tells me, I won’t able to do this. Please, Butterfly, tell me, what is bothering you.

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