Desire To Control Her (Part: 58 Teasing Each other) Manan

Again the bottle stopped at Manik and I squealed with joy, “wow! It’s again you.” He just smiled at me.

“So Truth or Dare?” Max asked him.

“Truth.” He again chose truth.

Now Alex asked, “tell us what you don’t like about your Butterfly.”

Good Question! I also want to know this.

Manik looked at me and I raised my brows.

“Actually, I… like everything about my Butterfly.” He answered, moving his eyes back at them and I smiled broadly.

Max uttered, “it’s a game, at least you have to tell one thing.”

“Okay! Let me think.” He became thoughtful.

“I don’t like when she argues with me.” He told them and I made O mouth.

“I will still argue with you,” I murmured and winked at him mischievously.

“When you know that I don’t like it, then why?”

“As you know I’m your challenging submissive.” I smiled naughtily.

“And now I know very well how to control my challenging submissive.” A smirk flashed on his face.

Now, what is going in his mind?

My eyes widened in shock when suddenly he slipped his hand into my dress, caressing up my thigh, taking my breath away from me.

I instantly looked around to check nobody is seeing us but sighed with relief because they all are engrossed in the game. The bottle stopped at Max and now they are wondering about Dare for him.

He is gliding his hand up and up into my dress. I looked at him with pleading eyes. “Anybody can see us, please stop.”

“Do you really want me to stop, Butterfly?” He asked huskily, now slightly stroking my clit over the fabric of undies. I flexed my hips and ground myself against his hand. I want him to stop but my body doesn’t.

He grinned devilishly. “But your body is saying something else.” He whispered in my ear, still teasing me by slowly rubbing between my thighs. I want him to do it fast. This is torture.

“Nandini, you tell what Dare we should give to Max because we aren’t understanding.” Eve’s words brought me on the earth back.

“But I’m out of the game, Eve as you know,” I tried my best to act normal, ignoring what is going down between my thighs, but the next moment only I paused and pursed my lips to suppress my moans as my evil Master rubbed me fast and vigorously, giving me immense pleasure.

Oh, God! He is such a Monster!

Eve narrowed her brows and stared at me dubiously.

Eve, now you don’t become CID.

She is slowly moving her eyes down and my heart is pounding.

“Yes, Eve, she is out of the game. She can’t tell.” Thankfully Max uttered and his word caught her attention. She moved her eyes to him.

I have to do something to stop my Evil Master but I want him badly.

I glared at him and he is just smiling evilly at me. “Are you stopping or not?” I asked him in a warning tone.

“Nope.” He shook his head, rubbing up and down, driving me insane. My core is throbbing for him. I’m craving to feel him inside me.

I grinned as an evil idea popped into my mind. Now, wait and watch, Mr Evil Manik Malhotra. Now you’ll see my monstrous side.

The next moment only, I unbuttoned his jeans, smirking at him. Now his eyes widened in shock.

I plan to tease him and turn him on too in the same way he did to me so that he will fulfil my carnal desires right now.

Before he could say something and stop me, I slipped my hand into jeans and grasped his junior.

“Stop it, Butterfly.” He warned me, palming my crotch and pressing it.

I nodded my head with an evil smile on my face, rubbing him.

He didn’t stop and now either I won’t stop.

“Did you forget the punishment of teasing your Master, Butterfly?” He asked me in a dominating tone.

Here came again punishment!

“Punishment is your only weapon, isn’t it?” I asked him and squeezed his hardness in anger.

“Aaa…” he shrieked, drawing everybody’s attention towards himself. We hurriedly took out our hands as everybody stared at him bemusedly.

“What happened to you, Manik? Why all of sudden you shouted?” Dev asked him.

“Nothing, just an insect bite me.” He gave a lame excuse, scratching his forehead with his forefinger.

Insect me! Haha.

I turned my head and giggled, covering my mouth with my hand. He scowled at me.

“Are you kidding, Manik? Here insect?” Alex laughed out.

“And we all know that who is that insect here.” Max assumed right, shifting his gaze from Manik to me.

I smiled, moving my eyelashes down.

Manik shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever? I don’t want to explain anything.”

“You don’t have to because we have already understood everything,” Dev uttered and everybody laughed out loudly including me.

He suddenly stood up. When did he close the button of his jeans? I wondered, staring at him bemusedly.

“We’re going now.” He ordered me, grasping my hand, his eyes are scorching with anger.

“Why? We have to play the game.”

“Butterfly, why don’t you listen to me at once?” He clutched my wrist in fury.

I stood up, having no other option.

Everybody is silent. I think they are afraid of his anger.

But I’m not.

“But at least let me bid them bye properly.”

“Okay, you have a minute.” He freed my hand and I smiled broadly.

“Bye, guys. I had a great time with you all. We’ll meet soon and play more games.” I smiled merrily, waving at them.

“We had a great time with you too.” They all said in unison and I beamed at them.

“You have become our entertainment queen, Nandini.” Lara gave a new name to me and I tittered.

Manik grasped my hand. “Time over, let’s go.” He led me out of the private cabin.

“Why are you so angry?” I asked him innocently and he glared at me.

“You teased me, Butterfly, that too in front of my friends and now you’re asking why I’m so angry.”

“You did the same with me. Did I complain?” I asked him, raising my brows.

“Why do you always forget that I’m your Master, Butterfly?” He asked after dangerously coming close to my face.

So my Grumpy kid is back.

“And why do you forget that I’m your challenging submissive?” I asked him back.

“You won’t understand like this, right?”

“I won’t understand this in any way.”

“So are you challenging me, Butterfly?”

“Yes, stop me from teasing you if you can. If you tease me, I’ll tease you back always. Tit for tat.” I said sassily.

“Now it’s time to give you real punishment.” He said in a stern tone.

“That’s what I want.” His eyes widened in surprise after listening to my answer and I grinned with victory as I win this argument.

I’m not scared of his punishment, rather I’m excited to see what he will do to stop me from teasing him.

“You’re unbelievable.” He shook his head and I chuckled.

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