(Beyond Love} Chapter: 33 (Sidnaaz)

Sidharth’s P.O.V.

The next morning I woke up and found her missing from the bad. I panicked and ran out of the room to find her making coffee in the kitchen.

God! I was acting crazy.

I sighed and hugged her from behind kissing the crook of her neck. I love kissing her neck. It feels so refreshing, always. She giggled, which literally make my heart flutter.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” She turned and wrapped her arms around my neck, making me startled. I wasn’t expecting this.

I bit the inner corner of my cheeks giving her an amusement expression and she giggled. Smiling widely, I lifted her and made her sit on the counter.

“Good morning, baby girl,” I whispered, pecking her lips, making her blush.


“Well, this blush of yours is definitely making this morning more beautiful. Isn’t it?” I teased rubbing my index finger on her cheeks, rolling my tongue in my mouth and she pouted making me chuckle.

“You’re so bad, Sidharth!” She whined, hitting my shoulder lightly with her small hands and tried to wiggle out of the counter.

“Ouch! I’m bad? Really?” I smiled, tightening my hold around her waist not letting her move out. Well, precisely caging her between my arms which only belongs to her.

“Yes, you are!” She pouted, glancing at my hands, looking adorable as always. I bit my lips to control my smile seeing her expression. She sighed and wrapped her arms around my neck again, making me chuckle.

“Why?” I raised my brows, biting my lips to hide my smile and asked her again as if I’m talking to a five-year-old kid. No offence, she’s Indeed a baby to me. Isn’t she?

“Who makes fun of his girl like th-” She blurted out and bit her lips as soon as the realisation hit her. I wiggled my eyebrows smirking in amusement. She blushed hiding her face in my chest making me laugh.

“Sidharth, don’t laugh. You’re literally making fun of me.” She mumbled still in my chest, punching my stomach lightly, making me smile at her shyness.

After what felt like an eternity, I finally broke the hug and pulled her out and pecked her nose making her smile.

Tucking the strands of her hair behind her ears, I whispered, gazing at her eyes, “I’m not making fun of yours, I’m just worshipping the adorable side of m-“

I deliberately left the sentence incomplete for her to react. She is literally looking at me with so much affection, the smile on her lips is making her look more beautiful. At that particular moment, she seems just like a flower to me, her smile is literally illuminating my whole world. I kept staring at her without blinking, getting lost in her. She pouted and raised her eyebrows asking me to complete the sentence, making me go all aww on her.

Her pouts always take my breath away!

“My girl, my adorable baby girl.” I slightly rubbed our noses together making her giggle. Her giggling sound felt so aesthetic to my soul. I can’t resist her. I want my every morning like this, only with her.

Her smiling face, her melodious giggle, her carefree nature feels so soothing as well as so pleasing to my heart. I silently prayed to God to keep her happy as this and I promised myself that soon I will solve all her problems. I won’t let anything affect her. I only want her happiness and I’ll do my best to keep her happy like this. My baby girl only deserves joy.

Man! How did I get so lucky? She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

“Why did you leave the bed before me?” I asked, nuzzling my head in her neck, making her flinch at her place due to the sudden proximity. She tightened her hold around my neck and moved her neck back giving me more access.

“Answer me, baby girl,” I murmured placing wet kisses all over her neck.

“B- because I wanted to make breakfast for y- you.” She breathed, closing her eyes tightly as I gently bit her neck, sucking her skin, hard.

She opened her eyes and blushed harder, when she felt my index finger gently caressing and worshipping the art I just created on her neck, making me smile.

“But I would like to have my favourite dessert, may I?” I whispered, caressing my thumb on her luscious lips, looking at her utterly beautiful face.

“You never have to ask.” She whispered back, intensely looking into my eyes, making my heart skip a beat.

Her words made my heart smile, touching my soul. What are you doing to me, baby girl?

I pulled her closer to me and she immediately responded wrapping her legs around my waist and I took her lips between mine and it is pure bliss. I love the way she reacts to my touch every single time.

Automatically my hands slid into her top and moved up her belly. I pressed her twins over the fabric of her bra, they’re so soft. She moaned in my mouth in response. I squeezed and massaged them while kissing her deeply. She’s moaning in my mouth and I’m loving the way she’s responding to me.

I won’t lie, this kiss is making me so damn hard and I know she felt my dick poking her. God! One touch from her and I was acting like a sex-starved teenager. My desires are at their peak.

I rubbed myself against her crotch and deepened the kiss, my hands still massaging and kneading her twins inside the top. Oh Fuck I’m getting out of control. For the first time, I’m losing control over my manly desires. She’s driving me insane. I vigorously rubbed myself against her. To my shock she increased the intensity of our kiss and unknowingly ground herself against my arousal, making it more difficult for me. I couldn’t control it more. She’s definitely testing my patience.

“Baby girl, I think we should stop. Gawd! I can’t believe, I’m losing my control.” I breathed, breaking the kiss.

“Who is even asking you to control?” She smiled shyly, cupping my face making me startled.

“Baby girl are y-” before I could complete my sentence, she placed her lips on mine, pulling me for another kiss. She tangled her fingers in my hair, pulling me more into herself if that’s possible. I groaned in her mouth as she rubbed her lower part into me, deliberately. With our lips locked, I moved my fingers inside her top, caressing her navel. She moaned as soon as my hands reached the hook of her bra inside her top. I waited for her to stop me but she didn’t. Taking it as her permission I unhooked her bra, digging my face in her chest, inhaling her fragrance. I slowly feel her twins as I moved my hands inside her bra, making her moan my name more loudly.

God my name sounds so sexy from her mouth.

Just as I was about to remove her top, we heard the doorbell go off. I immediately saw panic in her eyes and it killed me to see her like that. Shit! She’s still sacred and what the fuck I was doing? You’re an asshole, Sidharth!

“Hey… Relax bacha, don’t be scared.” I comforted her, cupping her face, she relaxed hearing my voice and snuggled in my chest.

“It must be my driver, I asked him to bring my clothes.” I softly said, patting her back.

“I love it when you call me bacha,” she mumbled, making me smile and I pecked the back of her head.

After a few minutes, I broke the hug and cupped her cheeks in my palm and said, “I’m sorry bacha, I should have not done what I was doing but I just wanted to let you know again, that you don’t have to be scared of anyone.” I waited for her to say something but she didn’t. She kept looking at me with the same affection which I had seen in her eyes before. “Baby g-” she placed her index finger on my lips halting me in mid.

“I’m not scared Sidharth, because I trust you a lot.” She said, intensely gazing into my eyes, placing the soft kiss on the back of my hand, making my heart flutter.

“But i-“

“Shh, let me finish it first, Mr brown eyes.” She said, pulling me closer to her. “I want my every morning like this, with you. The moment we just shared is so precious to me. Don’t spoil it with your sorry.” She said, pecking my nose making me chuckle.

“Okay, baby girl,” I said, pulling her more closer, smooching her lips and we both groaned when we heard the doorbell ring off again and laughed.

“Wait here, okay?” I asked, hooking her bra properly and adjusting her hair while she nodded her head so cutely making me smile.

Giving her a quick peck, I hurried out of the kitchen to open the door. As expected it’s my driver. I took the bag of my clothes and asked my driver to wait for us in the car.

I kept the bag on the sofa and went to the kitchen where my baby girl is waiting for me.

She is still sitting on the slab and swaying her legs like a baby.

So cute!

I have given her the right name.

Baby girl!

I strolled to her, smiling.

“Baby girl, we are getting late for college. Let’s have a bath and then we will go to college. I have asked the driver to wait outside.” As I said, she immediately shook her head. I narrowed my brows confusedly.

“Could we stay here today? As I’m not feeling like to go anywhere today.” She asked me, nodding her head in an upward and downward direction requesting me to say yes. Adorable!

“Yeah sure, Baby girl. I can stay with you anywhere.” I said flicking her nose and she chuckled.

“Now let’s take a bath first, then we will have our breakfast, okay?” I asked, tucking the strands of her hair that were falling on her face.

“Oh god, but I still need to finish some work here. You literally distracted me.” She blushed at the last line as saw me smirking at her. “Don’t you dare to tease me again?” She whined, pointing her index finger at me before I could say anything, making me chuckle.

“Don’t worry, I’ll finish the work whatever is left as it’s my fault you know. ” I said and bit the insides of my cheek and she blushed making me laugh.

Without any warning, I scooped her in my arms in bridal style making her squeal loudly. She laughed wrapping her arms around my neck making me smile. I took her to the bedroom.

“Now you take bath in your bathroom. I’m taking the bath in another bathroom. Okay?” I said after putting her down. She nodded.

“See you.” She rushed to the bathroom after pecking my cheek and I just smiled like an idiot, placing my hand on my cheek.

My shy baby girl!


Sana’s P.O.V.

I blushed seeing myself in the mirror admiring the art he made on my neck. God, I made the best decision to choose him over all my negative thoughts.

I might be selfish, but I made the right choice. His mere presence around me feels so soothing to my soul. I don’t know what the future has stored for us but I want to live every second with him forever. I have seen in his eyes the affection he had for me, I have seen in his eyes what I mean to him, and now it’s my time to show how much he means to me. Now, I decided I just want to go with the flow with him. I’ll not let anything affect me. I want him, I need him. Only him.

I removed my clothes and stepped inside the shower, to relax my muscles. Smiles aren’t ready to leave my lips, reason? Mr brown eyes!

His mere thought is enough to accelerate my heartbeat. I was so lost in his thoughts that I lost count of time, I ignored the knock on the door. Finally, the loud banging on my bathroom door broke my trance and I came out of his world.

“Baby girl, are you fine?” I nodded my head in disbelief when I heard his tensed voice.

“Yes, Sidharth,” I said and wrapped the towel around my body.

“But why are you taking so much time? Open the door, baby girl. I don’t trust you on this.” He again said, banging the door.

God! He thinks about me so much.

“Sidharth, I’m fine and it’s your fault that I took so long.” I smiled, walking towards the washroom cabinet which is just beside the door of the bathroom.

“My fault?” He asked confusingly.

“Yes, your fault. Your thoughts weren’t leaving my mind.” I laughed after saying this and I’m sure he must have tapped his foot on the floor in annoyance.

How? Well, because I too notice his every action. I blushed thinking this.

“Haha… very funny. Now come out or else I’ll come inside.” he said like a stubborn kid. God!

“And how will you come inside?” I chuckled, applying the moisture on my face and body which I kept in that cabinet.

After all, skincare is important. Isn’t it?

“Please, come out, baby girl. I’m starving,” he said softly and the realisation hit me.

“Shit! I totally forgot about the breakfast. He must be hungry and here I’m wasting time in applying this stupid moisturizer. ” I murmured to myself throwing the moisturizer back in the cabinet. I rushed towards the door.

“Oh god, Sidharth. You should have told me earlier, I’m so sorry.” I said, coming out of the bathroom and found him staring at him. I smiled and moved closer to him.

“I’m sorry, I totally forgot that you must be hungry. Come let’s have breakfast first.” I whispered and held his arm moving towards the door. I stopped when I felt no moment from his side.

“Sidharth why aren’t you moving? Let’s go.” I said, turning around, and he was staring at me without blinking his eyes. His intense gaze is literally making the environment so hot. His eyes are filled with carnal desires, making me go all weak on my knees.

But what happened to him? Why he’s staring at me like this? God, he’s making me feel so… Umm… Idk.

I started looking here and there, not knowing what to say. My gaze fell on the mirror of my dressing table and my eyes winded. I immediately looked down at myself, cursing my stupidity.

I can’t believe this that how can I behave so stupid.



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