Desire To Control Her (Part: 61 A Heavenly Kiss)

Master’s P.O.V.

The next morning, I woke up with sadness in my heart. Last night I came to my father’s mansion because I knew that she would certainly come to meet me at my place and I didn’t want to talk to her.

The whole night I couldn’t able to sleep properly. I was wondering about her. I was restlessly changing my position and rolling over the bed.

I wasn’t understanding that am I doing right by ignoring her like this. She did wrong by lying to me but now am I doing right by giving her tears and doing the same which she did to me?

But now I have understood that I can’t punish her like this. I’ll make her understand and I’m sure she’ll understand me. Staying without me for one day is enough for her. I can’t hurt my Butterfly more and also I can’t stay without her. She needs me and I need her.

I’m coming, Butterfly.

I switched on my phone and saw so many miscalls and a voice message from Butterfly on WhatsApp.

I promptly opened it and played the voice message. My heart shattered and my eyes breamed with tears as I heard her painful voice. “I’m sorry. Believe me, I had no intention to hurt you. At that time I just wanted to escape from your punishment. Your anger I deserve it, but please don’t get disappear like this. I can’t stay without you. Please don’t give such a hard punishment to me. I promise I will never do this drama. Please, come back,” as I heard her sorrowful sob, a lone tear trickled down my cheek mechanically. “Your butterfly is missing you so much. Please, forgive me.”

“I’m missing you too, Butterfly and I’m so sorry for hurting you.” I apologised, gazing at her profile photo.

I hurriedly call Mary to ask her about Butterfly.

“Sir, where are you? Mam came here last night and she was so worried for you.” Mary asked me.

“Where is she right now?”

“She stayed here only last night with Eve.”

“Okay, I’m coming.” I disconnected the call and hurriedly left to meet her.

I reached my mansion in no time. I directly hurried to my room and pushed the door open. I saw her sitting on the bed, hugging Eve. She is consoling her.

“Butterfly,” I called her in a low voice, slowly taking steps towards her. As my voice reached her ears, she immediately came out of Eve’s arms and stared at me with her sorrowful eyes, brimmed with tears. I felt a pang of guilt and halted in mid.

She hurriedly jumped down the bed and marched to me.

“Why did you disappear like this? You’re so bad. I will never talk to you. Who does like this?” She started hitting me on my chest in anger.

Eve walked out of the room, giving us private time. She is sensible.

Now it’s time to bring back a beautiful smile to my Butterfly face.

I grasped her hands and moved down, closer to her face. “I thought when you saw me, you would welcome me with so many kisses.”

“I’m going to kill you for disappearing like this.” She averted her eyes.

I apologised, “I’m sorry. I was angry. And hurt. I just lost my mind when I came to know that you lied to me.”

“I know I did wrong and your anger was justified. But leaving me like this wasn’t right. You know I got so worried for you when last night I didn’t find you here. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I was so restless and constantly calling you.”

“When you did the drama of period cramps, I felt the same, Butterfly. I got so worried for you. For you, it will a small thing, but seeing you in pain, it’s a huge thing for me. I can’t see you in pain. Please, never do that again.” I requested after placing my hand on her face.

“Never.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry.” She apologised, placing her head on my chest.

I embraced her in my warm arms and placed a kiss on her hair. “I’m sorry for behaving again rudely with you and leaving you like this.”

She looked at me and uttered, “it was my fault, that’s why I’m not angry with you for behaving rudely to me. But if you again disappear like this, I’ll kill you.” She gave me a warning after grabbing my collars and moving my face down.

“Never.” I whispered against her lips before kissing her passionately and hungrily. Her lips are like my drug.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I murmured as we pulled apart. “I missed you so much.” I again captured his lips and kissed him with equal passion, moving my fingers through his hair. Our kiss turned wild when he rubbed his crotch against mine. It aroused my carnal desires.

He pushed me down on the sofa and promptly crawled over me after taking off his shirt. He hastily opened the button of my shirt and kissed, bit and suck every inch of my body before tearing my undies and slamming into me, making me scream.

“Be quiet, Eve is outside.” He palmed my mouth and thrust me hard and fast. I scratched his back, biting his palm. It feels so incredible to feel him inside me. I feel so complete and inseparable.

After our intense make-out session, for a few hours, we slept peacefully in each other arms on the bed, in the white duvet.

I woke up with a smile on my face and the pitter-pattered sound of rain reached to my ears. I love it, I feel so calm and cheerful listening to it. My smile grew bigger as I saw him, my handsome sweetie Master. He is sitting at the window, gazing outside with a smile on his face. He is only in lower and looking searingly attractive and hot.

I quietly stepped down the bed and tiptoed to him with a smile on my face after covering my body with the white duvet. I sat over his lap and he stared at me surprisingly.

“When did you wake up?” He asked, holding my face.

“When you were busy looking outside,” I answered him after wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I have prepared something for you.”

“What?” My eyes glinted with excitement.

“The Hot Chocolate shake.” He picked up the transparent mug of mouthwatering shake and I licked my lips.

“Wow. So sweet of you.” I took the mug from his hand and pulled his cheek. “Now I can pull your cheeks whenever I want.” I squealed, pulling his cheeks again and he laughed out.

“Now will you drink it or you’ll keep pulling my cheeks?” He asked and I chuckled before drinking it.

“It’s yummy. How did you make it?” I asked before taking one more sip.

“I won’t give my magical recipe to you.”

I rolled my eyes by mistake.

Shit! Now he gonna punish me for this.

But he didn’t say anything this time, just glared at me and looked away.

I’m surprised that he didn’t say anything. But why? I wondered, staring at him bemusedly.

“What happened?” He asked, raising his brows.

I can’t even ask him. What if he punishes me?

“Do you wanna have it?” I asked him, pointing at the mug of shake.

“Of course.”

“Wait.” I took a sip and moved closer to him, gazing at him intensely. I kissed him passionately to make him taste the hot chocolate.

“The shake tastes even more delicious like this.” He whispered as we pulled apart. I smiled before pecking his lips.

Like this we finished the hot chocolate, enjoying the rain and kissing each other.

The rain is making the atmosphere romantic and igniting our carnal desires. We’re gazing at each other with wild desires in our eyes. Our proximity is accelerating my heartbeat.

He snaked his arm around my body and slowly leaned me out of the window. The raindrops fell over me, he came over my face, gazed at me deeply. He grabbed my hair with his one hand, slowly came close to my lips, raindrops are making us wet and increasing our desires more. As our wet lips touched, I closed my eyes to feel the heavenly touch of his sensuous lips, I’m feeling so alive. He kissed me softly and affectionately, making my heart happy. This kiss directly touched my soul.

The rain, the way he is kissing me softly, our wet face touching each other, his lips on mine, everything is so blissful and perfect.

He took me to heaven with this kiss!

My soul is dancing with joy.

I’m loving it!

I just want to stop this moment and want him to keep kissing me like this forever!

I’m falling in love with him a bit more everyday.


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