Desire To Control Her (Part: 62 Romance Overloaded)

We’re having breakfast on the floor. I’m sitting resting my back against him, in between his legs. The white duvet is wrapped around our bodies. It’s still raining outside and making the atmosphere romantic. My naked back is pressing against his naked front body and increasing our carnal desires. I’m just want to stay like this forever in his arms. This is my real paradise.

He suddenly pressed my twins from inside the duvet, making me moan.

My Mischievous Master!

“Won’t you let me eat?” I asked him, glaring at him over my shoulder.

“You do your work, I’m doing mine.” He whispered naughtily in my ear, making circles around my nipples with his forefinger. They’re hardening and yearning to be touched by him.

Now he nuzzled my neck. “Still do you want me to stop, Butterfly?” He asked huskily, making circles around my buds, not touching them, teasing me.

“No.” As I answered, he pinched them, making me moan louder.

The next moment, he slid his one hand down, caressing my stomach and stopped at just above my crotch. “Spread your legs for your Master, Butterfly.” He ordered me in a dominating tone and I instantly splayed my legs for him. He slowly rubbed my clit up and down, and lightly tapped it before rubbing it vigorously and rapidly, making me go crazy.

And without any warning suddenly he pushed his middle finger deep inside me, I screamed with immense pleasure. He took his finger out and again rammed it, even more, deeper into me, I moaned this time louder, he is rubbing my clit with his thumb, not leaving it for even a single second, giving me so incredible pleasure.

Now he slammed his middle and ring finger together into me so deep and thrust them in and out rapidly. He isn’t giving me a chance to moan even. My moans are stuck in my throat because of the profound pleasurable he is giving to me.

Knots started forming in my stomach, he is thrusting his fingers and rubbing my clit with his thumb rapidly, I’m so close right now.

My body is on fire.

An electric current passed through my whole body when suddenly he stopped everything and slightly hit between my thighs. That time only I exploded, screaming insanely and my legs are shaking.

Then he swiftly turned me towards himself and pushed himself deep into me in a sitting position. Our legs are opened wide in this position and he rammed into me hard and fast.

Suddenly my phone rang up and disturbed us.

“Answer the call.” He ordered and my eyes widened in shock.

What! Is he serious??

“What? I’m not in a state to answer it.” As I denied it, he slightly hit my tits, giving me a deep hard stroke. My whole body trembled and I moaned loudly.

He is setting my whole body on fire.

“Do what I’m saying.” He ordered me in a pure dominating tone.

How can I answer the call when he is so deep inside me?

He likes to challenge me in every possible way.

Pure monster !!

The phone is kept on the floor beside me. I picked it up from the floor and saw it’s Eve call.

“Hello…” I moaned as he thrust me slowly.

“You’re sounding like you’re doing sex.” She said in a fun tone, not knowing I’m having sex only.

“She shouldn’t come to know that what we’re doing.” He murmured to me like he is giving me a warning.

What! He is so evil.

“Eve, I’m middle of something.” I bit my lips to control myself from screaming when he gave me a hard stroke.

“Okay! call me as you get free.” She disconnected the call and I sighed with profound relief.

Thank God, she cut the call and saved me. It was so difficult to attend the call while having sex.

“You did it well, my Butterfly.” He moved closer to me, entering deeper into me and devoured my lips passionately, taking me to heaven. He drives me so insane.


After some time we’re lying in each other warm arms on the bed, our naked bodies touching against each other.

“Where were you last night?” I suddenly asked him.

“At my parents’ place because I was sure that you would come to my place.”

He knows me very well but he did so wrong.

“Evil.” I slightly hit his chest, glaring at him.

“You make me evil and sweet too.” He breathed against my lips before kissing me chastely.

“How much angry you’re, never ever leave me like this,” I whispered as we pulled apart.

“Never.” He shook his head. “Because I can’t stay away from you.” He kissed my forehead and I smiled contentedly, closing my eyes.

I placed my head on his chest and fell asleep, listening to his soothing heartbeat.

I woke up after some time and a bright smile flashed on my face as I saw him making the painting, standing in front of the bed.

“What are you painting?” I asked him, catching his attention.

He moved his eyes from the canvas to me. “It’s a surprise, so keep lying.”

Listening to the word ‘surprise’, my eyes glinted with excitement.

“When it will get completed?” I asked him cheerfully.

“In an hour.”

“Do it fast because I’m super duper excited.” I chirped and he smiled at me.

I picked up my phone and messaged Eve.

Me: Now everything is fine between us.

After a few minutes, she replied to me.

Eve: I’m happy to know this.

I sent her a smiley emoji.

Now he looked at him and saw him strolling to me with a smirk on his face, holding the paintbrush.

What’s going in his mind? I wondered, narrowing my brows.

He bent over me, closer to my face and applied the paint on my nose from the brush. I frowned at him with a pout.

“My cute Baby.” He whispered, making me blush. He gave a ravishing smile to me, bringing a smile on my face too.

He is my sweet master!

We got lost in each other eyes, they’re having their private conversation.

“Now you can see your surprise, Butterfly!” He uttered, breaking the silence and stood straight.

I became excited and jumped down the bed and rushed to the canvas, forgetting my situation that I’m naked. My eyes widened in a daze as I saw his stunning art. He drew my erotic painting, I’m lying naked on the bed and a white duvet is partially covering my body in the painting.

My goodness! He has magic in his hands. I’m loving myself more because he made a masterpiece.

“Do you like your surprise, Butterfly?” He asked and I came on the earth back.

“It’s so… I’m speechless. Your hands have some kind of magic.” I clasped his hands and kissed them.

He placed his hand on my face, smiling blissfully at me. He moved closer to my face and placed a soft kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes and a beatific smile spread across my face.

I again moved my eyes to the painting and got lost in it again. I came on the earth back as I felt his warm breath on my neck. Now he is standing behind me.

He is slowly wrapping his arms around my body from behind, making me shiver, my breath is becoming heavier and my heartbeat is accelerating.

“I don’t get satisfied with you, Butterfly.” He breathed in my ear, holding me tightly, pressing my twins and pulling me closer to himself. I trembled as his warm breath caressed my skin and our naked body came in contact. I’m again dripping wet for him. Our proximity is driving me insane and setting my body on fire.

Next moment he swiftly turned me around and pinned me against the other white canvas. He put both hands on the plate which is filled with red colour while pressing his body into me, sandwiching me between himself and canvas. My twins are pressing against his hard chest and taking my desires to another level.

He knelt on the floor and applied red colour down my both legs. I closed my eyes, getting lost in his heavenly touch. I’m panting and my whole body is shivering. Now he is gliding his hand up, applying the colour all over my legs.

As I felt his warm breath on my dripping wet honeypot, my core throbbed and I grabbed his hair tightly.

He grasped my thighs and applied red colour on them by rubbing them roughly. I shivered and took a deep breath as his soft lips touched my honeypot. He took my right vertical lip between his horizontal lips and stretched it, an electric current passed through my entire body, and as he pulled it with his teeth, I moaned his name loudly with a bit of pain and immense pleasure, gripping his hair tighter. Suddenly he flickered his tongue over my clit, taking away my breath after leaving my lips.

Oh my God! I’m loving it.

He applied colour up my waist and tummy while his tongue is doing its work of rubbing my clit, giving me profound pleasure. He sucked it hard, making me breathless and I just moaned insanely, clutching his hair.

He is driving me crazy.

Oh god! I love it a lot when he gets rough with me, it gives some kind of satisfaction to my body.

He stood up and put his palms on the green colour before applying the colour on my both twins by rubbing them roughly and pinching my nipples together, I bit my lips. He is pressing and squeezing my boobs hardly and roughly, I’m screaming his name with pleasure.

He skimmed his hand across my shoulders, applying the green colour there. He curled his colourful fingers around my neck before grabbing my face and pulling me closer to himself. Our proximity is making me crazy and making me weak on my knees.

“Open your eyes, Butterfly.” He breathed in my ear and I instantly opened my eyes. We deeply gazed into each other. Our lips are just a few inches away, craving for meeting each other. Our hearts are beating rapidly. There is utter silence in the room, only the sound of our heartbeat is echoing in the room.

At this moment, I just want to confess my love to him.

This is a perfect time.

Can I say him?

Because right now his soul through his eyes is saying to me that he is madly and deeply in love with me just like me.

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