Desire To Control Her (Part: 63 You Intoxicate Me) Sidnaaz

“I-l,” in the heat of the moment, I opened my mouth to confess my love but he shushed by putting his lips over mine. He kissed me deeply, caressing my cheeks, applying colour on my face too. He is taking my breath away from me with this intense kiss. We’re devouring each other lips like our life is dependent on this only.

Taking it as a god signal, I decided not to confess my love right now.

“I feel like I’m on drugs when I’m with you because you intoxicate me, Butterfly and I love that feeling. I’m insanely addicted to this drug and I want to have it every second.” He whispered, gazing at me passionately.

“I feel the same for you, Sidharth.” I breathed, gazing into his eyes deeply.

“Now turn around and stand facing the canvas.” He suddenly moved away from me and ordered, increasing my carnal desires.

So my hot master is back!

I instantly stood facing the canvas. My heart is pounding with excitement.

The next moment, he entwined his fingers with mine from behind and pinned me against the canvas, placing my hands on either side of my head. He pressed my painted body against the canvas, imprinting me on it.

“Now open your legs wider for your Master, Butterfly.” He ordered in my ear in a husky tone, taking away my breath.

Dam! I love this side of him! So intense and tempting!

I obeyed him by splaying my legs as much as I can for my hot Master and he ground himself between my butts, taking my desires to the peak.

I need him so badly right now and he isn’t giving me what I want, he is such a teaser.

I moved my hips back to feel him against my crotch but he instantly pushed them back on the canvas by pressing his crotch against my hips. “Beg me, butterfly, whatever do you want.”

Ohh god!

This man is something else.

“I want you, Sidharth, please.” I pleaded, craving for him.

He left my hands and suddenly smacked my bare butts, making me jump and electrifying my body. “Butterfly, did you forget who I’m?” He asked, squeezing them roughly.

His roughness is intensifying my desires and setting my body on fire.

I won’t lie, I like it more when he is rough and wild to me during our make-out session.

“Master! I want you badly.” As I begged him again, he grabbed my hair tightly, pulled my head back, came close to my ear and bit my earlobe hard, leaving a deep mark there.

“Never ever forget that I’m your Master, Butterfly.” He warned me, staring at me darkly.

Fuck! Today he is in full master mode and it’s making me insane.

As I felt his warm breath on my neck, I took a deep breath. He took the skin of my neck between his teeth and bit it.

“Sidharth…” I moaned his name loudly with pain and pleasure.

Shit! Shit! I again called him Sidharth in the heat of the moment.

The next moment only he left me and instructed me, “open your legs as wider as you can, Butterfly.”

I complied instantly, spreading my legs apart as much as I can and he spanked my crotch hard from the back, taking my breath away from me and I closed my eyes in response. As I tried to close my legs, he warned me, “don’t try to close your legs,” keeping my legs apart with his feet.

Now he directly smacked my clit and an electric current passed through my entire body. Every part of my body is burning with his sweet torture.

He smacked on the same spot a few more times in a row, making me go crazy with profound pleasure. “Master…” as I moaned loudly, he finally stopped and I closed my legs immediately, trying to catch my breath. My core is burning and pulsing because of his intense spanking.

He just wanted to hear Master from my mouth.

“Did I order you to close your legs butterfly!” He uttered in a dominating tone, opening my legs by grabbing my thighs from behind.

What happened to him?

I think someone has pressed the button of his strictest Dom side.

But today I’m loving this side also because it’s arousing me like hell and making me so damn excited and insane.

I love everything about him.

His smell.

His smile.

His voice.

His hair.

His existence.


He is perfect for me.

And he is my mine!

I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

“Butterfly! Where did you get lost?” He asked after turning me around, bringing me on the earth back.

“Could I keep you forever with me? That’s all I really want.” I just asked him without thinking twice, gazing deeply into his eyes with so much love. I want to show him how much I love him without saying it to him.

He clasped my face and whispered, gazing at me with the same intensity as me. “Butterfly, I also want to keep you in my heart forever.”

His words brought a beatific smile to my face but surprised me at the same time as I wasn’t expecting this answer from him. I’m cloud nine after listening to his words and feeling like dancing crazily.

He came closure to me and kissed my forehead, I closed my eyes to feel his pure touch. I felt like with this forehead kiss, he promised me that he’ll never leave me in any situation. I love every time he kissed my forehead.

Then he pressed his forehead with mine and smiled contentedly, getting lost in him.

I just want to stop the time here.

This moment is so precious to me.


Sidharth’s P.O.V.

A few days passed so swiftly with my Butterfly. Now I have stopped punishing her for small things because she doesn’t like it and I don’t want to do what she doesn’t like. We’re coming closer to each other with each passing day and I’m enjoying every second with her. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. She changed me and slowly vanished away all the memories of my past girlfriend who had cheated me. My Butterfly isn’t like her, she is different. I feel so complete with her. I feel like she was the missing piece of my life. I forget everything when she is around me. She makes me happy from the inside. She gives immense joy and peace to my soul with her presence.

Initially, I desired to only control her because I used to run away from love but now I desire to make her mine and keep her in my heart forever.

I’m certain she also feels the same for me. She hated BDSM relationships, then also for me, she agreed to become my submissive, took my punishment, followed my orders. After being a free bird, she let me control herself. I behaved so fucking rude with her, but then also she didn’t leave me, she stayed with me no matter what and kept shining like a star in my dark life like always. Her every act vividly shows what I mean to her.

She never says but I know she loves me so much and she can do anything to stay with me and for my happiness.

Either I’m in love with her so deeply that now I can’t look beyond her, my life revolves around her. Spending a single second without her is like a punishment for me and she has become my life, I realised this that day when I had left her alone for a night.

I’m not the strictest Dom with her, I’m just Sidharth with her. Her sweet and loving Sidharth. I found myself back after finding her. She fixed me with her magical power. I found heaven on the earth after finding her.

After thinking a lot for a few nights, I finally decided to confess my love to her with a beautiful surprise. I want to make this day most special and unforgettable for my Butterfly. I just can’t wait to say and hear those three magical words ‘I love you.’

Oh my God! I’m getting excited like a teenager.

What have you done to me, Butterfly?

I’m standing in front of the mirror and gazing at the tattoo on my chest which I made for my Butterfly. A beautiful butterfly is drawn and ‘my world’ is written below it.

Like her name is engraved on my heart and soul forever, I imprinted her name on my body too. Now my heart, soul and every cell of my skin and part of my body belong to my Butterfly.

I’m sure, she is going to love this surprise. Just can’t wait to see her reaction after seeing this tattoo. She will go crazy with joy.

I came out of the bathroom shirtless and messaged her.

Me: Meet me at El Matador State Beach sharp at 7 pm.

She instantly replied to me like she was waiting for my message.

Butterfly: I won’t come.

I frowned after reading her message.

Before I could call her and ask why. I received her one more message.

Butterfly: at sharp 7 pm.

Me: Then you’ll be punished.

I sent her the message with a smirk on my face.

Butterfly: I was just kidding. I’ll be on time because I’m already missing you.

Me: I’m missing you too.

Butterfly: Couldn’t we meet a bit earlier?

Me: No, because I have some work.

I lied to her because I have to do arrangements for our perfect date.

I’m sure she must be pouting sadly right now.

Butterfly: Okay! *pouting sadly*

I knew it!

I chuckled after reading her message.


Now it’s 7:10 and I’m still waiting for my Butterfly at the beach. I have decorated it with candles and rose petals. It’s looking so dreamy.

Why she has to get late today only when I’m so excited to confess my feelings to her.

Ten minutes more passed and I messaged her first on WhatsApp.

Me: Where are you, Butterfly?

But when only one tick came, I became a bit worried for her because her net is off for the first time.

I instantly called her and now I became even more anxious for her because her phone is coming switched off.

What’s happening? Where is she? Why her phone is switched off? My mind is twirling, wondering about all these questions. My sixth sense is saying to me that there is something wrong.

What do you think why she didn’t come?

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