Valentine’s Day (Part: 1 Love of Fans) Manan

The most awaited live is going to happen today.

Manik Malhotra is going to come live with his girl. Yes, you heard right. He is going to come live on the day of love, with the love of his life, his shining star, ‘Nandini Murthy’ as per his fans demand.

In a recent music launch, he promised his fans, that if his recent song crossed 100+ million views before Valentine’s Day then he would come live with Nandini, as that song ‘Hamesha’ is dedicated to her. Well, his every romantic track is about her but he said it’s something beyond words, It’s kinda ‘their thing’, ‘hamesha is MaNan’.

His words hit millions of hearts and hearing him talking about his ‘lady love’, always melts everyone heart. His fans went all crazy saying it’s going to be a big hit and it did. Yes, it did. And now it seems like he is all set to fulfil his promise as within only ten days his song crossed 100+ million views, setting the whole internet on fire and became the fastest 100+ million views crossing video on YouTube.

Woah, such a big hit!

So, are you guys excited for this live with your Manan?

The news reporter asked all the Manan’s fans on the TV.

Anyway, we can see your excitement as they are trending everywhere on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and whatnot.

Well, the beautiful chemistry of this ‘real-life couple’ has created another level of craze. From the moment Manik has posted his picture with Nandini on Instagram, saying, “I have the best angels in my life, thank you so much for making that song a big hit and as I promised, I’m coming live today at 6 pm with my shining star because I love my angels a lot,” his all fans went all thrilled, seeing him giving so much of respect to them. That’s the best part about him, he values his fans so much and always tries his level best to fulfil his promises and their wishes, no matter what.

Well, it’s so ironic, Manik and Nandini aren’t any onscreen couples, still, people admired them so much. According to them, their love for each other is so pure that they taught them the meaning of true love.

Manan are watching this news with a big smile on their face. They’re sitting cuddling each other on the sofa, looking so perfect together and they were feeling so overwhelmed seeing the love of their fans, the smile is not going from their face.

Hearing about trends and breaking the records, Manik picked up the phone and checked a few direct messages of his fans.

“Thank you, Manik for fulfilling our promise of coming live with your shining star. We were really waiting for the day to see you both live together. You look so adorable and heavenly beautiful together. God bless you.” Manik read out one of the direct messages, catching Nandini’s attention.

“Manik, your fans are so sweet.” She praised the fans because the message sent by ‘Mehaklovely’ touched her heart.

“Madam, not only mine, our fans are sweet.” He said, pulling her cheeks.

She smiled, seeing his love for her. He never let his stardom ever affect their relationship. She always felt so overwhelmed, seeing him giving her priority before anything. Her heart flatters whenever she sees him getting so much love.

Placing a soft kiss on his cheeks, she whispered, “My man,” making him chuckle.

“My cutie pie!” He also kissed her cheek like her, making her giggle.

“Read more dm’s, please.” She requested and Manik read more of it.

“Please, do a music video with her.” Manik read out the message sent by ‘shikhaacreations’.

“See! I told you, they all are requesting me to do a music video with you!” He said, showing her the message.

“I’ll think about it later, Manik, now read more Dm’s, please because I’m loving it.” She ignored his words and requested him sweetly.

“I have seen your photos with Nandini. My God! You both look great together like made for each other. You both are my happiness and I love you guys.” She squealed excitedly, “my heart is really flattered seeing their love for us,” making him smile.

“Yes, as I always say they are angels.” He praised his fans, and opened his mouth to read another dm, but before that Nandini snatched his phone, saying, “now I’ll read,” showing him her tongue, making him chuckle. He kissed her cheek, finding her adorable. She beamed at him.

He every time feels so blessed to have such a pure soul in his life.

“Hey, I’m a huge and die-heart fan of you and Nandini. I just love all the photos which you both post. You both are the couple-goals for us. I always pray to God every night to keep you both together forever and one day make me meet you both. Love you so much, Manan.” She read the message sent by muskancreations and her eyes became wet after seeing the love of their fans.

“We’re so blessed. See, so many people pray to ayyapa to protect our bond from all the evil eyes.” Tears slipped out of her eyes mechanically. “Our hamesha is just not ours. It’s them too.” She spoke, getting emotional.

“You should be happy, why are you crying? baby!” He asked, brushing off her tears.

“Manik, these are tears of happiness.” She told him, looking adorable.

“Still, you know that I don’t like them, right? I always want my girl eyes to smile brightest.” He caressed his nose against her, making her smile and continued, “you know what? I think, You just need a reason to cry. Such a dramatic Murthy you are!” He teased her, rolling his tongue in his mouth and she frowned at him.

“You’re such a monster Manik. I’m not talking to you. Huh!” She pouted, turning her head.

“Oh… Are you sure, Nandini?” He whispered huskily, pulling her closer. Her body shivered as his hot breath caressed her neck, “Manik, ” she moaned, closing her eyes, feeling his teeth, biting the side of her neck.

He knows very well how to pacify his angry bird.

“Tell me.” He murmured against her neck before sucking the skin softly, soothing it, making her go all weak on her knees. She breathed heavily, feeling their proximity. After so many years of togetherness, her body still reacts the same way, feeling him. Turning her face slowly, he leaned forward, their lips are just a few inches apart, his hot breath is falling on her lips and sending shivers down her whole body. As his gaze went from her lips to her face, his heartbeat quickened, seeing her looking like an angel, surrendering herself in his touch. He can’t able to take his eyes off her, he smiled seeing her innocence for which he fell.

Cupping her face, he murmured against her lips, “someone was not talking to me.”After licking them softly, he removed his hand from her face, making her startle. She immediately opened her eyes, not feeling his touch and looked at him innocently.

“What happened? Did I say something wrong?” He asked, raising his brows and giving a teasing smirk to her, making her face turn into crimson.

“Shut up, Manik. You’re such a tease.” She glared, punching his stomach, making him wince in pain.

“Gawd, you feisty woman! Control!” Manik said, stopping her by grabbing her both hands.

“This little girl has a strong power in her.” He wondered unbelievably.

“I gave you the correct name, ‘monster manik’, huh!” She pouted, leaning in his chest, making him chuckle.

“Only yours!” He whispered, capturing her lips for a soul-searing kiss, startling her.

They beamed at each other after pulling apart.

“This is the first time I’m excited for Valentine’s day even being single. Lol, thank you so much for this amazing surprise, you are Santa for singles.”

“I’m so happy that besides swiggy, I have something interesting to do this Valentine’s and also for the first time I’m not jealous of my friends because I have something better to do this Valentine’s Day.”

She read some humorous messages and they both burst into laughter.

“Oh, God! They’re so funny.” She laughed out, throwing her head back.

“I went crazy with your voice, but I fell in love with you, seeing your love for Nandini. I love you, Manik, you’re our dream man. You have no idea how much I adore you and you have no idea what my heart feels seeing you happy. I love you so much, Manik, I pray to God to keep you happy always.” She merrily read this message sent by one of Manik’s fans.

“You deserve all the love, my love.” She uttered before kissing his cheek.

“I deserve all the love of you.” He murmured against her lips before pecking them making her blush.

She smiled contentedly, feeling the luckiest girl on the planet and then by mistakenly, she opened the message of one of a hater.

“Manik, you should leave Nandini, she is so tiny, doesn’t look perfect with you.” As she read out the message, Manik blood-boiled in anger and glared at that message, clutching his hands like he gonna break the phone with his eyes.

“How dare she can say this about you? I’m not coming live with you today.” He stated, getting angry.

“Manik, relax, baba.” She said, rubbing his biceps.

“I can’t be relaxed after reading this message, Nandini.” He shook his head, spitting fire through his eyes.

“But this message isn’t affecting me a bit even because It doesn’t matter to me what others think about us-”

“But it matters to me, Nandini.” He uttered in fury, cutting her words.

“Manik, listen to me.” She clasped his face and make him look into her eyes. “If someone becomes popular, he gets positive and negative comments both. We should ignore negativity and always look towards positivity. You can’t cancel the live like this, what about your other fans who are waiting for you to come live desperately. Don’t break their heart because of one negative comment. Try to ignore these comments.” She lovingly said, making him calm. Only her love has the power to control his monster anger and the way she is explaining to him, Manik got lost in her, forgetting everything.

“Understand?” She asked, raising her brows but he kept gazing at her. She blushed, seeing him gazing at her like this.

“Stop it, Manik.” She pushed him away.

She again started reading the DMs with a big smile on her face.

“We’re so excited. Please, come live soon with your Shining star, Manik.” She read the message with a beatific smile on her face.

“What happened, star?” He asked as he noticed her frowning at the phone.

“Manik, how dare she can ask you to send your shirtless photos? I wanna kill her.” She yelled and deleted the message in fury.

Manik stifled his laughter, seeing his star getting jealous because he doesn’t want to be killed by her as she is so damn angry.

“I’m blocking her.” She stated grimly, before blocking her.

“A few minutes back someone was making me understand that Manik, we should ignore negativity and always look towards positivity.” He mimicked her, making her angrier. Now she scowled at him.

She grabbed his collars before pulling him closer to himself. “Only I have right to see you shirtless.” She uttered in a full possessive tone and he is taken back.

He smirked and asked, “getting possessive for me?”

“I’m very very possessive for you, Mr Malhotra because you’re only mine.” She whispered against his lips, gazing at him intensely before kissing him passionately and hungrily. He kissed her back, grasping her waist with equal passion after yanking her closer to himself.

“Yes, Miss Nandini Murthy, I’m only yours.” He breathed as they pulled apart, bringing a precious smile on her face.

“And I love you.” He placed a soft kiss on her forehead and she contentedly smiled, closing her eyes.

“Now do you want to come live with me or not?” He asked her.

“Only if you don’t get shirtless on live.” She put the condition, making him chuckle. She laughed too.

Then they went inside to get ready for their ‘Valentine’s day’ special live.


Nandini stepped out after wearing a red sexy gown with a long slit. Manik is getting ready, wearing a black tuxedo, looking not less than a greek-god.

“Nandini, set this brooch-” Manik breath hitched seeing her as his eyes landed on his star who is looking breathtakingly hot. She blushed, seeing him like this and secretly she too checked out her man whose looks only screams perfection.

She went all weak on her knees because of his intense gaze and strolled him with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Stop staring at me like this.” She blushed, helping him with his brooch after standing on her toes.

They’re looking super hot and adorable at the same time.

He snaked his arm around her and yanked her closer to himself. “You have the right to look so sexy and I don’t even have the right to gaze at you?” He asked, tucking her hair behind her ear with his free hand, caressing her soft cheek. She closed her eyes, getting lost in his soft touch.

“But Manik, you’re arousing me with your gaze and we’re getting late.” She complained and bit her lips, realising her words, making him smirk as he felt proud seeing his effect on her.

“I don’t care.” He said, pulling her more into himself. “And it’s getting hard for me to concentrate over anything else when you are just beside me.”

“What about the live, Manik? Only ten minutes are left,” She teased him, raising his brows.

“Come on Nandini, who come live exactly on time?” he asked sarcastically and continued, “and they are my fans, they know how punctual I am,” he proudly confessed and she nodded her head in disbelief.

No one can change, “THE MANIK MALHOTRA.”

“But this time you’re coming with me and don’t you know Nandini Murthy never get late-” she froze as he slid his hand into her dress from the slit and placed it over her thigh. She shivered and closed her eyes as he stroked up her milky white soft thigh, melting her down with his heavenly touch and turning her more.

He’s gliding his hand up and up, accelerating her heartbeat and making her breath heavy.

She mechanically splayed her legs for him as he placed his hand between her thigh, taking her breath away from her.

“Baby, we’re already late for the live. Could we continue this later on?” He suddenly moved away from her, grinning mischievously and she looked at him, annoyed.

He is really a pure monster!

She grabbed his collars and pulled his face down. “No, I can’t control myself. Your fans can wait and it’s your fault, you started it first.” She said in a stern tone.

“But ‘Nandini Murthy’ never get late,” he said, making an innocent face, trying his best to control his laugh, seeing her face turning into crimson.

“Well, I don’t care anymore because I think Manik Malhotra has literally rubbed on me.” She whispered, biting his earlobe, pulling him closer to her.

“You’re getting desperate, baby! I love it.” He smiled teasingly, sliding his hands into her soft and silky hair and kissing her lips with profound love.

“I need you, Manik.” She whispered, panting as they pulled away.

“As you say, my Jaan!” He swiftly turned her around before pulling her closer to himself, her back body collided with his front. He brushed away her hair from the back and caressed her bareback with his lips. Her breath became heavy and she closed her eyes, getting lost in his heavenly touch.

He ground himself between her butts, kissing all over her back, roaming his hands all over her, burning her body with carnal desires. She moaned as he squeezed her twins over the dress and kissed her neck, sending a direct shiver between her thighs. He is driving her crazy with his touch and kisses.

He pulled down the dress from her shoulder and started placing wet kisses all over there, caressing her bare inner thigh with one hand and massaging one of her twins with his other hand, driving her insane and taking her to another world. She is utterly lost in his touch with a contented smile on her face and feeling like he’s touching her soul with every kiss.

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