Desire To Control Her (Part: 77 The Dinner) Sidnaaz

We’re going to Sidharth’s parents’ place for dinner. Kiara has been discharged in the evening. I’m so excited to meet his parents again. They’re so sweet.

I’m going to tell Sidharth a half-truth after dinner tonight. I hope he understands me and doesn’t force me to tell him the whole truth.

He’s still a bit angry with me for teasing him in the hospital. He punished me and also left me after turning me on at the hospital in the morning but still, he isn’t satisfied.

Suddenly I recalled something and I asked him in a worried tone, “Sidharth, what if there were CCTV cameras in the hospital’s storeroom?”

He glanced at me before answering, “Butterfly, there were no cameras, don’t worry.” He reassured me and I sighed with relief.

We reached his parents’ place in no time and stepped inside. We’re directly walking to Kiara’s room. I palmed my mouth and my eyes widened in utter shock as my eyes fell into one of the rooms.

I saw Auntie, she is bent over the study table and her dress has been raised and Uncle is about to spank her, I guess.

Shit! And next moment only, he raised his hand and spanked Auntie, making her moan.

Surprisingly I felt a bit turned on, seeing this.

“You’re shocked like you aren’t aware of what’s happening inside.” As Sidharth uttered casually, I came on the earth back.

“But seeing your parents like this, it’s a bit awkward.”

He smirked before answering to me, “if bad girls don’t obey their masters, they get punished, so chill, it’s normal.” He said so casually that I’m shocked.

“But still they’re your parents.”

“And they’re in BDSM relationship like us. So this is normal. Now let’s go.” He clasped my hand and led me to Kiara’s room.

Now I got know why my Sidharth is like this. Like father, like son.

Kiara is also in this relationship. The whole family is the same. I chuckled, catching Sidharth’s attention.

“What happened?” He narrowed his brows confusingly at me.

“Nothing.” I shook my head before stepping into Kiara’s room, and he walked behind me.

“Kiara, you have been discharged and it doesn’t mean you’re completely fine.” He chided Kiara, marching to her when he saw her trying to pick up the glass with her injured hand.

He made her drink the water and gave her strict instruction, “you can’t use your hand for two months.”

He loves to boss around everywhere.

“Sorry.” She apologised, holding her ear with her uninjured hand.

He kissed her forehead before hugging her, beaming. I just admired them with a smile on my face. Sidharth cares about the people so much who are important to him. I’m falling in love with him more and more every day.

“Let’s go out for dinner because I’m starving,” I uttered, catching their attention.

“Yes, Kiara, let’s go because for the first time my Butterfly is starving.” He taunted me and Kiara laughed out. As I rolled my eyes and he glared at me.

Shit, I broke the rule! I mentally slapped myself as now my Master isn’t going to leave me.

We sauntered out and reached the dining area, his parents are already present there. As I saw them, I smiled slightly, recalling how uncle had spanked Auntie a few ago.

We settled down in front of his parents while Kiara sat down on the other side of Sidharth.

“I’m going to punish you later on for rolling your eyes.” He suddenly leaned down and whispered in my ear when I placed the cloth on my lap. I stared at him with a sad pout.

How can I think that he has forgotten that I rolled my eyes? He never gonna leave the chance to punish me.

I don’t like it when he punishes me for this because it’s not in my control, it happens automatically.

“Sweetie, tell us more about yourself.” As Auntie spoke up, I swept my eyes to her with a smile on my face.

Master’s P.O.V.

“I owned a cafe here and I love cooking. You know it was my childhood’s dream to own a huge cafe.” She merrily told about herself to my parents while I just got lost in her sparkling eyes. She is so beautiful and lively.

I automatically leaned down and kissed her temple, making her smile, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Wow! Would you teach me cooking, Sana?” Kiara asked her excitedly.

“Of course, Kiara.” She instantly agreed. “I’ll also prepare my special dish and bring it here when I come here next time.”

“And also don’t forget to share special recipes with us,” Dad spoke up over-excitedly and I smiled.

He’s a complete foodie!

“Yeah sure, Uncle.” She smiled at him merrily.

“And what about your parents, Sana? Where do they live?” As Mom asked about her parents, her smile vanished away in an instant.

I immediately entwined my hand with her and answered on her behalf, “Mom, they stay out of LA.”

“I want to meet them,”

“Mom, you cooked delicious food today. It’s yummy.” I cut her words and changed the topic as I can’t see my Butterfly upset.

“Really! Thank you, my child.” She smiled at me.

I looked back at my Butterfly concernedly and surprisingly found her smiling at me. She blinked her eyes, indirectly telling me that she is fine. I sighed with relief before bringing her hand near to my lips and placing a kiss on her hand. She smiled contentedly at me.

After that, we had dinner with lots of chitchats but my Butterfly was only talking and not having dinner, therefore I had to feed her.

She is a kid! And I love her so much the way she is.

After the dinner, my parents insisted that we stay here with them tonight and Butterfly instantly agreed. But I didn’t want to stay as I never slept here, after the death of my real mom because her memories keep me awake the whole right. It was so difficult to come out of the darkness after she had left this world forever.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

We stepped into Sidharth’s room and he locked the door.

So it’s time to tell him the half-truth. I took a deep breath before strolling to him.

“Sidharth, I want to tell you,” he shushed me by placing his finger over my lips.

“First I’ll punish you for rolling your eyes and then only we’ll do and talk about something else.” He stated sternly.

“But Sidharth it’s important.” I tried to explain to him but he again cut my words.

“But for me, it’s most important to punish my bad butterfly.” He said huskily after moving closer to me. I shivered as his breath caressed my face.

“Okay!” I agreed, having no other option and he grinned with self-pride.

“Do you know what rolling of your eyes means to me?” He asked, I shook my head.

“It means that you disrespect your Master, Butterfly and as you know it’s one of the vital rules of our relationship.” He explained to me and I made O mouth, understanding him.

“But I never do this intentionally, Master.” I pouted at him.

“But the thing is that you disrespect me and now you deserve punishment.” He stated authoritatively, grasping my chin and gazing at me intensely.

And I mechanically answered him, “yes, Master.”

“Now take off your top and bra.” He ordered, smirking. I have no clue that right now what’s going on in his evil mind.

He strode to the dressing table while I pulled the top out of my head and unclasped my bra before tossing them on the floor, staring at him in anticipation.

He turned towards me, smiling mischievously and gazed at my tits with profound desires in his eyes. “Now lie down on the bed with closed eyes and wait for your Master patiently.” He instructed me before again turning towards the dressing table.

I lay down on the bed and tried to see what he is picking up from the dressing table. But he chided me, glancing at me over his shoulder, “I asked you to close your eyes, Butterfly.” I instantly closed my eyes.

Only he has the power to control a girl like me.

After a minute which was like an hour for me, I heard the sound of his footsteps approaching me. My breath became heavy and my heartbeat quickened because of the excitement.

I felt him sitting down beside me and keeping something beside me. What is it? I wondered bemusedly. My heart is pounding with profound excitement now.

He suddenly cupped my twins and squeezed them hard before pinching my nipples, making me moan with pleasure. I just love the touch of his hands.

“Today I’m going to spank them.” He slightly spanked them, making me jump. “With this,” he added, stroking something against one of my hard nipples, I felt a sudden urge to open my eyes and look what he’s holding.

“Keep your eyes shut, Butterfly or else I’ll blindfold you for a week.” He warned me as I was about to open my eyes.

“At least tell me what is it?” I asked curiously.

“I won’t tell you and today I’ll spank you with this,” he pressed that thing against my nipple and continued, “until you give me the correct answer.”

I gasped as he told me this. Holy fuck, how will I do this? It is so difficult task. Now I’m a bit nervous and also I can vividly imagine him grinning devilishly.

Poor me!

What do you think, will she able to give him correct answer?

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