Our Angel (Part: 27 My Baby fell sick)

Daddy’s P.O.V.

Four months more passed with our Angel in a blur. Now she is one and a half years old. I’m so amazed that she is growing and learning things so quickly. From now only she has started repeating everything in her babyish language whatever we say. I still feel like we had brought her home yesterday only. Time is passing so quickly and I’m living the best day of my life with my Angel and baby. They both are my world and the reason for my smile.

Angel is so beautiful and extremely adorable that sometimes I feel like eating her up.

I came from work at night and a broad smile flashed on my face as I saw them, my lifelines. My baby is breastfeeding milk to Angel. I admired them, standing at the door with a contented smile on my face. My baby beamed at me as she saw me.

And as Angel’s eyes fell over me, she stopped drinking the milk and squealed cheerily, “Deda…” She stood up and ran to the edge of the bed, calling me constantly with overexcitement.

“Angel, be careful. Daddy is coming to you.” I rushed to her and picked her in my arms.

She laughed out, resting her head on my shoulder and I hugged her tightly, smiling with utter contentment. Her laugh is so peaceful to my ears. I love her so much.

“Hubby, I’m also here. Who will hug me?” My baby asked me, raising her brows before pouting sadly at me. I just smiled at her as she is looking so adorable. After becoming a mom, without any doubt she has become responsible but she has also become more adorable.

“I remember you were angry with me.” Now I raised my brows at her and she averted her eyes, recalling that she is angry with me, I chuckled. Angel also laughed after listening to my chuckle, making me laugh.

She is becoming a copycat and I love my copycat so much. I rubbed my nose against her while she pulled my cheeks with her tiny and soft hands.

She is wearing a white frock today and her hair is tied up in a ponytail. My Angel looks super cute in every hairstyle and outfit. Her chubby cheeks, her eyes filled with innocence, her tiny nose and her pinkish lips, everything is so heavenly beautiful.

I glanced at my baby through the corner of my eyes, she is fuming in anger, clutching the pillow. She is angry with me because Angel likes Bow-wow, I mean dogs. Actually, Angel calls Dog, bow-wow, so I also got habitual of calling bow-wow to dogs.

Now my baby wants to have a bow-wow for Angel and I’m not agreeing because I’m scared what if the dog hurts my baby or Angel. I can do anything for their happiness but I don’t want to take any kind of risk as their safety matters the most to me.

I implored, “Baby, please, throw away your anger.”

“Ba…by.” Angel also calls her Mumma ‘baby’ after me always.

“So cute.” I kissed her forehead.

“Cutie…” She again pulled my cheeks, calling me cutie in her babyish voice as her Mumma does like this with her.

I kissed every inch of her face, making her giggle. I just want to eat her. She is a bundle of cuteness.

Suddenly I saw my baby rushing to the bathroom, palming her mouth. I ran behind her and saw her puking in the pot. She coughed badly, making me anxious for her.

Angel copied her Mumma by taking out the sound of vomit like her. Shit! This is insane.

We both laughed at her and she laughed louder after taking out that sound again.

Oh, God! I can’t believe my baby has just puked and I’m laughing crazily.

As she again puked, I stopped laughing and became worried for her.

I made Angel stand on the floor and knelt behind baby before rubbing her back with one hand and holding her hair with my other hand.

“Momma…” now Angel started crying.

“Angel, Momma is fine. Stop crying.” I said to her but she cried more, hugging her Momma from behind.

Sometimes handling both of them together, becomes difficult for me.

I’m not complaining!

“I’m fine, Princess.” Angel instantly stopped crying as soon as her Momma embraced her in her warm arms. I smiled at them contentedly.

“Now let Momma get clean, Angel. Come to me.” I took Angel in my arms and stood up. I gave my hand to my wifey and she stood up, holding it.

“I’m taking her out. You get clean. Okay?” As I said, she gave me a slight nod, tired. I kissed her forehead.

“Otay… Otay… (Okay.)” As Angel uttered, we both smiled at her.

I came out of the washroom after last time glancing at my baby concernedly. I don’t know what happened to her all of sudden.

“Non…” she pointed at her dummy phone, I don’t know why she calls it non. But whatever, I found it cute.

I picked it up from the bed and gave it to her. She put it over her ear and chirped, “allo… (hello.)”

“With whom my Angel is talking on the phone?” I asked her, raising my brows before sitting down with her on the bed.

“Momma…” she answered me adorably, bringing a smile to my face.

“You’re talking to Momma?” I asked her again.

“Momma…” she again answered, overjoyed, making me laugh and seeing me laughing, she laughed too.

“I love you so much, my Angel.” I hugged her tightly.

After a few minutes, Angel started playing with her toys, sitting in front of me. Then I saw my baby walking out of the washroom, rubbing her wet face with the towel.

I rushed to her. “How’re you feeling now, baby?” I asked her, clasping her face.

“I don’t know, I have been feeling sick since morning.” As she told me, I freaked out.

“Why didn’t you tell me before? If I had known, I would have come from my office early. How did you handle Angel in this condition?” I chided her and she pouted at me.

She is so careless!

I checked the fever by placing my hand on her forehead and it is normal, I sighed with relief, closing my eyes.

“Angel, Deda is scolding Momma.” She complained to her.

“No…” she screamed like she is asking me to don’t scold her Momma, I chuckled.

“Now, first come and sit down.” I led her towards the bed and made her sit. I asked her, “now tell me why didn’t you inform me that you’re not well.”

“Because I was angry and I’m still angry.” She turned away her face in anger.

I held her chin and turned her face towards myself. “Whatever it is, you have to tell me if you’re not well,” I stated sternly.

“No, I won’t because I’m angry. Why aren’t you bringing bow-wow for Angel?” She sneered at me.

Before I could say something, Angel started crying, “bow-wow, bow-wow.”

“Now handle her.” She said, folding her arms across her chest.

I shook my head and picked up the soft toy of the puppy. “Here goes your bow-wow, Angel.” As I showed her, she instantly snatched it from my hand and started playing by talking to it, kissing it and hugging it.

I smiled with self-pride at my baby at how easily I handled my little Angel.

“Now you tell me what you have eaten since morning,” I asked her concernedly, placing my hand on her face as I know she always falls ill whenever she eats something unhealthy.

“I have eaten healthy food only, Hubby.” She answered me, but I don’t know why I’m feeling like she is lying to me. I stared at her suspiciously, narrowing my brows.

“Why are you giving me these looks? I’m saying the truth.” She uttered and I stood up, ignoring her words.

“You lie down, I just come.”

“Where are you going?” She asked me.

“I’m starving. I have to eat something.” I answered her.

“Deda… pick…” Angel stood on the edges, opening her arms, asking me to pick her up.

I smiled and held her in my arms. “Do you want to eat something?” I asked my baby.

She shook her head. “No, Hubby, I’m not feeling like eating anything.” She lay down on the bed, placing her hands on her belly.

“Take some rest and we both will be right back,” I said before walking out of the room.

“Deda’s kissy.” As I pointed at my cheek, she instantly placed a kiss there, making sound, “umma…” then like this she kissed me wherever I pointed my finger on my face. I just love it when she kissed me. At last, I pecked her lips.

“Angel, tell Deda. Did your Momma eat something unhealthy today?” I asked her playfully.

“Unthi unthi… (unhealthy.)” I just laughed out, throwing my head, listening to the way she pronounced, the “unhealthy’ word. It’s so funny!

Then I asked the same question from the caretaker of Angel as most of the time she remains with my baby and Angel.

Her eyes widened as I asked this question from her. “No, Sir. She didn’t have anything unhealthy today.”

“Tell me the truth, Trisha,” I shouted, glaring at her.

“Deda…” Angel made a crying face because she thought I shouted at her.

“No, Princess, Daddy isn’t saying anything to you.” I calmed her, gently caressing her cheek with my thumb and her frown disappeared.

“Deda…” she rested her head on my shoulder and I smiled before kissing her hair. As my eyes fell on Trisha, my smile faded into a frown.

“Now tell me the truth,” I asked her, keeping my voice low because I don’t want to scare my Princess again.

“Mam has been eating Momos in the breakfast for two days.” As she told me, my eyes widened in shock and anger rushed down my spine.

“And you didn’t inform me?” I snarled at her, again forgetting that Angel is with me.

“Deda…” as she cried out, I composed myself by closing my eyes and taking a deep breath.

Only she can control my anger.

“I’m sorry, Princess.” I kissed her forehead.

“Answer me.” I again glared at Trisha.

“Ma-Mam requested me to don’t tell you.” She stuttered in fear.

“No matter what you have to inform me from next time if she eats something unhealthy,” I explained to her in a stern tone.

“Okay, sir.” She nodded meekly.

“Now leave.” As I ordered, she disappeared instantly.

“Your Momma hasn’t done right, Angel. When she knows she falls ill if she eats junk food, then why does she have it?” I asked Angel and she stared at me innocently with a pout, trying to understand what I’m saying.

A smile flashed on my face, seeing her adorable facial expression. She can bring a smile to her Daddy’s face in any situation and she has gotten this special power from her Mumma.

“Now let’s go to your Momma and scold her,” I said before strolling back to my room.

Why does she never take care of herself? And why does she never understand that when she falls sick, I don’t like it? It hurts to see her unwell.

This time I’m going to punish you, baby, for doing this when you get completely fine. Just wait and watch.

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