Our Angel (Part: 29 Smartest Mommy)

Angel’s P.O.V.

I’m calling Momma and Daddy, hitting the glass wall but they aren’t listening to me. They’re busy talking with each other.

I’m whimpering, “Momma… Daddy…”

Why they are ignoring an adorable and innocent baby like me?

I want them to smile at me, cuddle me in their arms and kiss me. I badly want their attention.

The next moment, I woke up and found myself in the arms of my Momma.

I was sleeping. What was that? Where is daddy?

“Hey, my baby, did you sleep well?” She asked, lovingly caressing my cheek.

“Momma…” I cried, hiding my face in her chest.

“What happened, Angel? Is Mumma’s baby hungry?” She asked me, embracing me. I feel so good in the arms of my Momma.

“No…” I answered her in a crying tone.

“Did you see a bad dream?” She asked me.

I came out of her arms and repeated after her, “bad dim.”

I think Momma is saying right, I saw a bad dim when I was sleeping. Before today I didn’t know what it was.

But I’m so scared.

I don’t like when my Momma and Daddy ignore me and don’t give me their attention.

I don’t want to see that bad dim again.

“Momma, bad dim.” I cried again, burying my face in her chest.

“Angel, Momma is with you. Relax.” She hugged me tighter and kissed my hair.

But where is daddy?

“Daddy, daddy.” I cried louder.

“Angel, daddy is in the office.” She told me, caressing my hair.

I looked at her with my innocent eyes filled with tears, I demanded stubbornly, “tal (call), Daddy. Tal.”

“Okay, okay, wait. I’m calling him.” She said, wiping my tears which are constantly trickling down my cheeks.

She settled down on the bed, making me sit on her lap before calling Daddy.

“Hello.” As Daddy answered the call, I instantly snatched the phone from her hand.

“Daddy, bad dim, Angel.” I tried to explain to him in my language, crying.

“Did you see a bad dream, Angel?” He asked me in a concerned tone.

“Angel, I have done a video call. Hold the phone like this.” As Momma took the phone from my hand, I screamed, not listening to her because I just want to talk to my Daddy right now.

“Daddy… Angel talk.” I wept.

Daddy tried to calm me down, “Angel, relax.”

“See Daddy, Angel, it’s a video call,” Momma explained, holding the phone in front of me and as I saw Daddy on the phone’s screen, I calmed down instantly and smiled.

I sobbed, “Daddy, Momma, vely (very) bad.” I complained, pointing at Momma, and looking at him on the phone.

Daddy explained to me, “Momma isn’t bad, Angel. She was just trying to tell you that you can see me.”

I snatched the phone from her hand and lay down on the bed, holding the phone after glancing at her in anger.

“Daddy, come, home. Angel, missing Daddy.” As I uttered, he beamed at me.

“You’re so adorable, Angel. I just want to hug you.” He whooped with joy.

Mom interrupted, “so hubby, come home. We both are missing you.”

“No, only Angel and Daddy,” I said to her, hugging the phone near to my chest.

I don’t like any interruption when I talk to him.

“Okay, Daddy’s possessive daughter.” As Mom uttered, Daddy laughed out.

“Possive,” I repeated after her, looking at Daddy after lifting the phone.

“Daddy, come,” I ordered him.

“Okay, Princess, Daddy is coming. What do you want me to bring for you?” As he asked, my eyes sparkled with excitement and a huge cheerful smile flashed on my face.

“Toy, cholate (chocolate) Chips, toy,” I told him merrily.

“Okay, Madam and what do I bring for your Momma?” As Daddy asked, I looked at Momma.

She is sitting in front of me and doing something with my clothes, I don’t know what.

“Momma, Daddy,” I called her.

“Baby, what do you want me to bring for you?” He asked her lovingly.

But I always get confused when Daddy calls Momma, ‘baby’. Her name is Momma, why he calls her ‘baby’. And why Momma calls Daddy, ‘hubby’.

It is so confusing for a tiny kid like me.

But who gonna explain this to me?

“Hubby, what I want, I’ll get it when you come back.” Mom answered him.

What? I wondered bemusedly.

“Now come fast, hubby.” She said to him.

“Yes, yes, fast, hubby.” As I answered Daddy, I don’t why they both burst into laughter.

By seeing them, I also giggled as when someone cries, I cry with them and when someone laughs, I laugh with them.

“Okay, babies, I’m coming.” Daddy said and disappeared from the phone’s screen, and my lips drew down in sadness.

I want Daddy now.

I walked to Momma and sat on his lap. “Momma, Daddy,” I whispered, resting my head on her chest.

“Angel, are you missing Daddy?” She asked, playing with my hair. I love when Mumma does this.

I nodded at her before hugging her. “Angel, missing, Daddy,” I uttered in a sad tone.

“Aww… Daddy’s Princess, he’ll come back soon. Until then my all time is yours, Angel.” She said, clasping my face and I gave her my cheerful smile.

“Momma, Angel time.” I squealed merrily.

I laughed hysterically as Momma tickled me. I don’t know if I like it or hate it when she does it. But I enjoy it.

“Momma loves you so much, Angel.” She kissed every inch of my face and I just laughed with joy.

“Angel, love you.” I kissed her lips and she caressed her nose against mine, making me giggle. She kissed my hands before cuddling me.

“Now tell me, who will apple?” She asked me.

“Momma,” I answered, pointing at her.

She laughed, “Oh Momma, then what my smarty Angel will eat?”

“Cholate, Ice cleam,” I told her merrily and licked my lips.

“First apple, then chocolate and Ice cream.” She said sternly and I pouted sadly at her.

I don’t want to eat atle (apple).

“Let’s bring the apple for you.” Mom climbed down from the bed and lifted me in her arms.

I whined, “No, atle.”

“Then what, baby?” She asked, stepping out of the room.

“No, atle.” I started crying loudly because this is my precious weapon to make everyone do what I want.

I don’t know why these giant people listen to me after this only. This drained my all energy but seriously it works.

“Okay, okay, just stop crying. Momma won’t feed you apple.” As Momma listened to me, I instantly stopped crying and grinned at her.

“Momma…” I squealed, hiding my face in her chest, hugging her. She kissed my hair.

“Momma will prepare delicious and healthy ice cream custard for you.” As she uttered, my eyes sparkled with happiness.

Yippie, Momma is going to feed me Ice cleam.

“Ice cleam.” I whooped cheerily and kissed her cheek.

Momma’s P.O.V.

Angel thinks she is smart but she doesn’t know that her Momma is the smartest. I very well know when my Angel cries genuinely and when she does the drama.

I’m going to prepare a healthy custard for her with lots of fruit and going to feed her that, calling it Ice cream.

I came to Mukti’s room and found Golu and Mishti, playing while Mukti is doing some work on her laptop.

“Miti.. Dolu.” Angel called them in her language, making me laugh like always and she caught their attention.

Mishti and Golu rushed to us, smiling.

“Hello, Angel.” Mukti greeted her after standing up.

“Didu…” Angel calls Mukti ‘Didu’ because of me.

“Angel, call her bua.” I corrected her.

“No, Didu.” She said stubbornly.

“It’s okay. Call me Didu, I don’t have any problem.” Mukti took her from my arms and kissed her cheek. I smiled at them.

“Mumma..” But Golu started crying as her Mumma took Angel in her arms.

As I cradled him in my arms, Angel started screaming, “Momma,” holding her arms out to me.

“Give her to me,” Mishti said to Mukti.

“Okay.” Mukti gave Angel to Mishti and I gave Golu to her and they both stopped crying.

I sighed with relief.

“Anybody wants to eat fruit custard?” I asked all the kids.

“Me… me…” they all squealed, making Mukti and me laugh.

“Okay, I just after making it.” I walked out of the room.

Mukti shouted, “for me too.”

“Sure, Didu,” I answered, glancing at her over my shoulder before coming to the kitchen.

I took out the bowl of custard from the refrigerator and started cutting fruits.

A huge smile flashed on my face as hubby snaked his arms around me from behind and placed a soft kiss on my cheek.

“You wanted this only from me, right?” He asked, placing kisses all over my neck, driving me crazy with his touch. I clutched the knife, throwing my head back, giving him complete access to my neck.

“Answer me, baby.” He asked in a husky tone in my ear after yanking me to himself.

I dipped my finger into the custard and turned towards him, smiling naughtily. “No,” I answered, applying custard on his nose and bringing a smile to his face.

I raised my heels from the floor and encircled my arms around his neck before capturing his lips. I kissed him intensely, standing on my toes. He kissed me back with equal passion, pulling me to himself by grasping my waist firmly. He devoured my lips, grinding his crotch against mine, burning my whole body with my carnal desire.

“I wanted this,” I whispered, panting as we pulled apart.

“But now I want something from you.” He murmured huskily against my lips, caressing my cheeks with his thumbs.

“What?” I blushed and asked, acting innocent.

“You know what I want, baby.”

“Even I want it but I can’t give.”

As I denied it, he instantly asked, raising his brows. “Why?”

“Because I’m preparing custard for our Angel. She’s hungry.” I told him, pointing at the custard.

“Don’t worry, the maid will prepare this. You come with me.” He clasped my hand and hurriedly led me out of the kitchen.

“Make fruit custard and call me when it’s ready.” He instructed one of the maids before lifting me in his arms and taking me to our room. I just giggled, resting my head on his chest.

“Why do you work in the kitchen, baby when there are so many maids in the mansion?” He asked after gently laying me down on the bed.

“Because I like to cook delicious dishes for you and Angel,” I answered him and yanked him over me by holding his hand.

“But I don’t like it when my baby works so much.” As he said like a baby, caressing my hair, I just smiled.

“You went to work daily, do I stop you?” I asked him, raising my brows.

“It’s necessary.”

“Your work is necessary and my work is unnecessary?” I pouted angrily at him.

“Okay, baba, do what you like but take rest also when you get tired.” He kissed my forehead.

“Okay, my hubby bubby.” I hugged him merrily.

“Did you meet Angel? She was missing you.” I asked him.

“Of course, I came to meet you after meeting her only. Now no talking,” he whispered against my lips and captured them after pinning my hands against the mattress.

Then we spent a beautiful and passionate time of our life. He loved every inch of my body with his soothing kisses before filling me with himself, making me feel incredible.

“I love you, baby.” He kissed my forehead and lay down beside me, cuddling me.

“I love you more, hubby.” I kissed him chastely.

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