(Beyond Love} Chapter: 47 (Manan)

We are sitting at the edge of the bed as I’m taking the pill. I smiled at Manik as he held out a glass of water to me.

I thanked him while taking the glass and then I gulped the pill with the help of water.

“Well, baby girl, one day in your anger you gonna make both of us parents.” I choked water as soon as I heard his words.

“Well, I do like the process but I don’t think we are capable enough to take that responsibility.” He whispered huskily behind my ear and my body shivered as soon as his hot breath came in contact with my skin. My eyes widened at his comment.

“Manik, shut up.” I scolded him, pushing him back, trying hard to hide my blush and he chuckled, making it harder for me.

“Look at your face.” He laughed, pointing his index finger at my flushed face.

“It’s your fault,” I whined, slightly punching in his stomach. He giggled, pulling me closer to himself by snaking his arms around my waist. I kept my head on his shoulder and played with the hem of his T-shirt.

“Next time I’ll never leave the note like this, I’ll leave the message on your phone.” He said, nuzzling my neck and I closed my eyes feeling his breath, getting lost in his warmth.

“If you next time leave me like this, I’m gonna kill you,” I whispered, pulling myself out of his embrace and holding his collar in my fist.

“Well, you had already killed me the moment my eyes landed on you.” He said, huskily, gazing at me. My breath hitched because of his searingly intense gaze, it always sends a shiver down my spine. Tucking my hair strands behind my ear, he continued, “anyway, I won’t mind getting killed by you.” He winked, making me blush.

“I love you.” I suddenly confessed and kissed him chastely, making his eyes widen in surprise. I can feel him, taking a sharp intake of breath as soon as my lips touched his.

I’m kissing him pouring all my love for him. Our every kiss feels so different and shows so many emotions which exist and we weren’t aware of.

We broke the kiss panting heavily, “God, that feels so good. I can never get over this. I love you so much.” He breathed on my lips, slightly caressing my lower lip with his thumb and capturing it again on another level of irony.

We both didn’t come to know when our kiss turned wild and now he’s kissing me, pulling my head back by grabbing my hair with one of his hands. His other hand is shamelessly roaming all over my body and I’m just pulling him closer to myself by grabbing his t-shirt.

Without breaking the kiss, he swiftly pulled me on his lap, with my legs folded around his body and his both hands roaming inside my shirt. I moaned in his mouth because I felt his hardness as soon as his lower part came in contact with mine, evoking my carnal desires.

I don’t know what got into me that I started grinding myself against his crotch on his lap, feeling his erection more precisely. It happened mechanically like I have no control over my body. It’s turning me on so much that right now I just want to feel him deep inside me.

He groaned after breaking the kiss, making both of us panting heavily. “You’re playing naughty, baby girl, you have no idea how hard I’m controlling myself to be gentle with you.” He murmured against my lips, making me shiver as his hot breath is falling on my lips and his hands are shamelessly roaming under my shirt.

“Maybe I don’t want you to be gentle. I want to see every side of my man until or unless it is only reserved for me.” Before I could realise it, these words automatically slipped out of my mouth.

But do I regret saying this? No!

Call me a bitch, but I did like this feeling that only I has the power to make him feel the way he is feeling right now.

“Do you have any idea how hot mess you’re looking right now?” He chuckled, sucking my lips.

“Yes, I can vividly see that in your chocolate brown eyes,” I whispered, sucking his lips and looking deeply into his eyes, which are only filled with desire, passion and love.

“You’re turning me on, woman!” He groaned, digging his face in the hollow of my neck, placing wet kisses all over there, setting my whole body on fire. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me as I moaned loudly when I felt him biting my neck, soothing it with his tongue.

My breath hitched as I felt his finger playing with my bra strap and I was so lost in his touch that I didn’t even come to know when my shirt kissed the ground with his t-shirt. We both are utterly lost in feeling each other’s warmth of passion.

“This time, it’s not going to be only love, baby girl, this time it’s going to be something beyond love and passion.” He huskily whispered behind my ear and slightly bit my earlobe. I moaned and my eyes winded as he hastily tore my bra.

I breathed heavily, throwing my head back as I felt him playing with my bud with one hand while sucking another one.

Ahh… This feeling is making me want him more and more. This feels so amazing that I can never put that feeling into words.

I can feel the wetness between my legs as I started grinding vigorously on his already erected manhood.

I didn’t even get to know for how long he is doing that. His tongue played along with my erect bud, licking and sucking it just like a newly born baby.

“You look so beautiful, baby girl.” He whispered, roaming his eyes up to my body to my face. I blushed harder when I realized our position that I’m half-naked, and sitting on his lap.

“So do you,” I whispered back and caressed his one-day stubble with my thumb, roaming my eyes all over his face to his chest.

I blushed harder when my eyes landed on our lower bodies. I instantly looked up, feeling shy as I felt him looking at me.

I bit my lips, lowering my eyelashes down as I felt him getting harder against my crotch. This is taking my desire to another level.

“Fuck!” I heard him cursing under his breath and my eyes winded as I felt his lips on mine for another round of passion. Grinding myself against his hardness, I responded to his kiss with equal passion.

“Good, we need to stop.” He panted, heavily breaking the kiss, making me groan.

“Why?” I asked, frustrated.

“Because I still don’t have a condom. Fuck!” He murmured under his breath, closing his eyes.

I can see him suffering because stopping at this point is as difficult for him as it’s for me, but ignoring his expression, I asked him, “what do you mean?” surprised.

“I meant exactly that you’re listening. Fuck, bloody condoms. I still don’t have it.” He groaned, shaking his head. I stared at him in disbelief.

“But how? You should have bought it. What were you doing the whole day?” I asked, sexually irritated.

Okay… I know I’m sounding like a sex maniac, but dude, it’s not my fault that my man is irresistibly hot and whenever we’re about to make love, that sexy face idiot forgets that bloody condom.

Okay… Twice. But still. It’s twice!

“Woah… Woman! Are you okay? I had gone to work today, remember? And whole day besides work, you were roaming on my mind and by you…I meant your warmth, your kiss, your cuddle..not this.” He said, pointing his index finger at our lower part. Idiot!

“Oh, so you mean, you don’t want this.“ I asked, pointing my index finger between us, irking him.

He groaned, smacking his head. Well, good… he deserves that. I waited patiently for his answer, still sitting on his lap.

“God, of course, I want this. But obviously, this is going to be my second priority as your comfort is my first. I wanted to give you comfort by my presence as I know you’ll need that.” He confessed, still frustrated.

Grabbing his t-shirt in my fist, “I don’t know why I’m feeling like punching the shit out of you and kissing the hell out of you, both at the same time,” I murmured on his lips before sucking them softly.

“You’re an idiot!” I breathed, pushing him on the bed, getting up from his lap, and he groaned.

Grabbing a towel and his t-shirt from my closet, I moved towards the bathroom. I can feel his gaze on my twins, but I deliberately didn’t wear a bra, anyway, I was going to remove it inside the bathroom plus, he should know what he missed.

Idiot Malhotra!

“That’s torture, baby girl.” He shouted, putting a pillow on his face while I glared at him.

“This is called tasting your own medicine, Malhotra!” I shouted, throwing the towel on his face.

No problem, I have my bathrobe inside the washroom.


I turned towards the door but stopped as I felt his presence behind me.

Is he a vampire? How did he reach here so quickly?

Fuck Nandini! Stop reading Vampire books!

“Baby girl, even I want to use the washroom. So…” He whispered huskily behind my ear. I closed my eyes, throwing my head back as I felt him sucking my earlobe.

“Ahh,” I hissed as he bit it, breaking my trance.

I turned around and gaze into his eyes. He roamed his eyes all over my twins to my lips. I breathed, moving closer to him as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing our upper bodies against each other.

Gazing at each other lips, we closed our eyes as we leaned closer. I can clearly feel his hot breath falling on my lips.

Our lips were just inches apart, I opened my eyes and saw him leaning close. The moment our lips were going to touch, I pushed him with my full force, startling him. Before he could understand what happened, I already closed the bathroom door on his shocked face.

He deserves that.

Isn’t it?

“What the fuck was that baby girl?” He shouted, hitting the door.

“Your punishment, Malhotra!” I replied, opening my shorts.

“What? Baby girl, open this.” He banged the door.

“Nope!” I said, popping the ‘p’ as I stripped from my panty and turned on the shower.

“God, I know you’re turned on but even I was too. I’m sorry.” He shouted, banging the door again while I rubbed my body with my loofah, ignoring his words.

“Jeez, whenever she’s turned on, she behaves so violently.” He said, complaining to the walls I guess.

Still Ignoring him, tho!

“I will buy the whole factory of condoms, baby girl, promise,” he shouted, and I can feel him going away from the door as I heard the room door getting opened.

He might have left to use the other washroom.


Ignoring him, I engrossed myself in my shower.

Only this is my happy place.

Oh shower, I love you.


I stepped out of the bathroom, only wearing his t-shirt which is reaching my mid-thighs.

Super Comfortable!

I didn’t wear my undergarments as there was nothing he hasn’t seen. Isn’t it? And also I want to be always ready for him. I’m getting bold.

I glanced at him and saw him sitting on the bed, doing something on his phone. I can see his wet hair and new pair of clothes.

Well, he might have taken the shower.

I turned my gaze quickly and started applying moisturizer as I felt him looking at me.

I can feel him gazing at me, noticing my every moment from the bed without moving his eyes away from me even for a second.

Still ignoring his burning eyes, I pulled the teddy from the couch of the room and from the corner of my eyes, I saw him frowning at me.

But do I care? Of course! That’s why I’m doing this. Huh!

I strolled towards his side of the bed and saw him, gazing at me with profound desires. I leaned beside him and saw him gulping his saliva as he saw my twins from my neck. I pressed my legs tightly, controlling my wetness and then I quickly turned off the lamp before walking towards my side and laying beside him turning my back at him, holding the teddy close to my heart, ignoring his presence.

“Fuck it,” I heard him cursing under his breath while capturing my lips in his after turning my body swiftly towards him, making me startle. My trance broke as he threw the teddy out of my hand, pressing his upper body against mine.

“You’re an idiot.” I panted heavily, forcefully breaking the kiss, I didn’t reciprocate.

“I know that!” He groaned, pulling me to himself, capturing my lips again and I responded, giving in.

Grabbing my waist, he yanked me to himself and kissed me passionately, vigorously and roughly grinding his knees against my crotch, instantly taking my desire to another level.

“Baby girl, do you mind taking those pills again?” He asked, nuzzling his face in my neck.

“Finally you realised it. Thank god!” I sighed with relief.

“What?” He asked, narrowing his brows in confusion.

“That I can take those pills again, idiot. Finally, you realised it.” As I told him, he made O mouth as realisation finally drown him that why I was ignoring him.

“You could have told me, baby girl.” He groaned.

“Yeah… Idiot.” I smacked his head, capturing his lips again.

“Wait, you didn’t reply to me.” He asked, breaking the kiss.

“Reply? What?” I asked, frustrated.

“That, would you like to take those pills again?” He smirked.

I so want to kiss this sexy smirk off his face.

“Do I still need to answer this?” I groaned.

“Yes, I want to hear it from your mouth.” He said sheepishly.

“Of course, you idiot. Now make love to me, I’ll take those pills again.” I finally answered him and he hovered over me, straddling me and surprising him.

He attacked my neck, slipping his hand into the t-shirt, caressing my thighs, making me shiver with his touch. As he touched my wet honeypot, he stared at me in surprise after finding that I’m not wearing undies.

“I knew that this would happen, that’s why I didn’t wear it,” I answered, smiling sheepishly.

“Fuck! You never stop to surprise me.” He shouted and after hastily yanking down his shorts, he pushed himself deep into me in no go, filling me and making me scream, clutching his vest. Finally, I got what I was longing for. It feels out of the world to feel him inside me. I feel like we’re one and nobody can separate us. I hugged him wrapping my legs also around him, taking him deeper into me.

“I love you so much.” We confessed with utter contentment, completely lost in each other.

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