(Beyond Love) Chapter: 59 (Manan)

Manik’s POV:

“Oh look, Neyonika, they finally graced us with their presence at the breakfast table,” Dad said teasingly, having his omelette and toast as my baby girl and I took our seats.

We both looked at each other and shook our heads as we expected this.

I mean, come on, it was obvious that they would pass some comments. Huh!

“Yeah Raj, I thought they would take some time to come downstairs as last night might have tired them,” Mom teased, making Dad laugh, while I shook my head in disbelief, seeing my parents.

Really? God, they seriously need to start behaving like parents. Teasers!

My attention was drawn to my girl, and a beatific smile came across my face, seeing her biting her lips, trying her best to control her blush. 

“Weren’t you supposed to turn the tables?” I teasingly whispered in her ear and chuckled as I saw her crimson cheeks, and continued, “you’re behaving like my old-shy, baby girl,” slightly biting her earlobe, making her eyes widen. 

“Shut up, Manik,” She whispered and slightly hit my biceps making me giggle, trying her best to hide her flushed face.

But on a serious note, I could see my baby girl getting a little embarrassed due to all the teasing. So I held her hand in mine, under the table, making her relax as she was sitting to my left. Dad was sitting to my right, which means in the middle, and mom was sitting on his left, which was in front of me. 

“Some people really can’t take their hands off each other, isn’t it Neyo?” Dad innocently said, feeding Mom with a fork, while Mom nodded her head, staring at us, and they both laughed, seeing our flushed faces. 

When it comes to teasing, they are worse than my friends. Huh! 

I glared at them as I started feeling shy with their teasing and mischievous gaze. 

“Don’t give us this look; we aren’t stopping any time soon,” Dad teased, moving his gaze to my baby girl, who just blushed harder.

“So princess, it seems my shameless son is literally rubbing off on you, isn’t it?” Dad asked her. 

“Oh Raj, wasn’t that obvious after last night?” Mom said, in a matter-of-fact tone, after having a bite of her pancake. 

“Have some shame, oldies!” I mocked them, saving my baby girl from their teasing. I could see them glaring at me, but ignoring them, I started, serving my baby girl a pancake while she moved her eyelashes down, not once looking at us. I only knew how I would control myself from gobbling her up if she continued looking so adorable with her flushed chubby cheeks.

Her cheeks dipped in the shade of my love are a huge turn-on for me. Ugh! 

“Look who’s talking,” Mom murmured under her breath, but we still clearly heard her.

“Yeah,” Dad said, nodding his head and parting his lips to say something more, but before that, Mom cut him off. 

“And stop calling us oldies.” Mom said, showing her index finger while I just shrugged, seeing dad happily bobbing his head as mom took his side. I was about to interrupt her, but she cut me off too with her glare and said, “call your dad if you want to, but not me.” and threw the napkin at me, but I dodged it and laughed, seeing dad staring at mom with his jaw dropped. 

“I thought we were on the same team,” Dad said, giving a disbelief look to Mom while she smiled sheepishly, making me and my baby girl giggle. 

“Aww, I’m in your team, honey.” Mom lovingly said, caressing dad’s cheeks with her index finger as he sat grumpily. 

 “But it doesn’t appear to be,” Dad grumbled to Mom, but as she softly caressed his cheeks, he closed his eyes, lost in her touch.

One touch from mom is enough for dad to lose his mind. lol! 

“And they were teasing us,” I murmured under my breath, looking at them while my baby girl giggled. 

“I always see our future in them.” My lips curled into a smile as I heard my baby girl’s voice. I slightly turned my head and looked at my baby girl and found her looking at me with the same affection that I had for her.

“Amen,” I mouthed, and she smiled widely while I joined our foreheads. 

“They are so cute, Manik.” My baby girl said, smiling contentedly, eyeing our parents as we pulled apart. I looked at them and shook my head, seeing them utterly busy drowning in each other’s eyes. 

“Cute? Shameless they are! ” I said dramatically, making faces, and Nandini laughed. 

“I know you’re admiring them too, Malhotra!” She smiled, extending her fork to me, giving me a bite of her pancake, and making me smile slightly. 

“Well, should I confess something?” I asked, chewing the food. She nodded her head, giving me another bite of her pancake. I took it and said, “Food is love, but it becomes heaven when you feed me.” I could see her eyes softening. I startled her with a quick peck on the lips.

“Manik, you’re so naughty,” she blushed, softly slapping me on my cheeks, making me giggle. 

“Only for you,” I said, flicking my index finger across her nose. “And you were calling them shameless.” She giggled, as I pecked her lips again. 

God knows for how long we were both lost in each other.

I forwarded the fork to my baby girl but stopped in my tracks when I saw her eyes widening. 

What happened? 

I followed her gaze, and soon I felt like banging my head on the table. 


Dad pulled mom’s chair towards him, startling her and us at the same time. His one hand was on her thighs, caressing her soft skin, while his other hand was on her cheeks, pulling her closer to him. Both were so lost in each other that their lips were just inches apart, and before I could stop them, their lips met. Mom was moaning in his mouth, roaming her hands through dad’s hair, as dad was busy moving his hands all around her… Umm… I don’t want to say that. 

They literally forget their children, it seems! I don’t want to see my parents’ lovemaking! 

I sighed in relief when they broke their kiss, but soon my eyes widened as I saw dad pulling mom on his lap, capturing her lips again.

“Oldies, get a grip on yourself,” I shouted, pulling them apart, making them startled.

“Gosh, get a room, people!” I exclaimed, dramatically as I saw mom blushing hard, moving back to her place, pushing her chair a little back, much to dad’s liking. 

“Always a romance breaker!” Dad murmured under his breath, making me laugh. He glared at me, pulling Mom closer to him. 

“Manik, you’re so mean,” Before Dad could say anything, my baby girl elbowed me.

Really? I’m mean?

“I didn’t know, baby girl, that you’re so eager to watch porn,” I said, giving her a dramatic expression while all she did was blush. 

“Mean and shameless,” Dad scoffed, and continued, “Like a good son, you should have walked out of here rather than spoiling our romance, you know,” Dad said in a matter-of-fact tone. 

“Yeah right, I am shameless. We saw clearly who is shameless here. ” I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah… Obviously, you are because you didn’t walk out. ” 

“Raj, shut up!” Mom blushed harder, hiding her face in Dad’s chest as he continued sulking looking at me.

“Why should I shut up, Neyo?” My dad whined, making me laugh, and turned to face me, saying, “Yesterday, my wife and I gave you and your baby girl privacy, but see, you ruined ours.” He complained and made us embarrassed. From the corner of my eyes, I saw her getting shy. 

Damn! My dad is utterly shameless. 

 “I told you guys to move into your room. That’s why you both went. ” I shrugged my shoulders, hiding my blush. 

“Don’t take our credit, son, because anyway, we were both going to our room because we didn’t want to ruin our innocent eyes,” Dad smirked. 

Innocent eyes? Seriously? 

“Oh, dad, you’re saying this?” I asked, raising my eyebrows, and continued, “You are the one who tried to ruin innocence in childhood,” I said, in a matter-of-fact tone. 

“Huh?” I could see him getting all confused.

“Because of you, I used to wear headphones at night and, I must add, I moved upstairs as sleeping beside your room at night used to be a nightmare for an innocent kid like me,” I said, smirking at him as now I played my card.

They can’t tease us now as I have already shut their mouths. Nice Manik, well done. I mentally praised myself as I looked at my parents’ flushed faces. Aww! Well, indeed they look adorable while blushing, but I’m not going to miss this chance where I left no room for my dad to tease me. 

Gosh, I’m enjoying this. 

I smiled teasingly at them and was about to say something but I stopped as I heard a voice beside me making me startled.

“But if you are that innocent then how come you get to know that you should change your room?” My baby girl said innocently, looking at me and before I could react and understand what happened, dad squealed merrily, and said, “that’s like my princess,” giving a high five to her. While I started at the duo in complete annoyance, they both laughed at my face.

“I didn’t ask you to turn the table like this,” I whispered in her ear and she smiled sheepishly at me.

“Why are you whispering in her ear, my son? Now answer my princess question.” Mom smirked at us.

“Yes, Manik tell us,” Dad asked, teasing me and Nandini bobbed her head.

Of course, he will say this. Both got their favourite work back, i.e., teasing their innocent son!

“I’m taking your side baby girl and you’re teaming against me?” I pouted at my baby girl who was giggling.

“I’m always going to be in my dad’s team, my love.” She said, showing her tongue.

“Awww, my princess.” Dad laughed, giving a flying kiss to her, and she acted like catching it and placing it in her heart.

The corner of my lips curved into a smile, seeing their bond but at the same time, I felt like crying getting not enough attention from my girl.

“My princess loves me more than anyone, my princess is in her dad’s team,” Dad literally sang, smirking at me, having his juice and making mom and my baby girl giggle.

I looked at my mom with a pout, but she too ignored it and laughed with the devils.

“She was wasted last night, you both should scold her,” I said, complaining to them about her. I could see her jaw drop but what?

Now laugh, baby girl… was having a lot of fun, wasn’t it?

“Well, what were you doing? Can’t you take care of her properly?” Mom chided me.

My eyes widened hearing her words and my jaw dropped.

What the fuck?

I looked at Nandini and saw her smirking at me.


And immediately she made an innocent face and bobbed her head at mom.

She has taken Mom and Dad on her side utterly.

Fuck, such a drama company.

“Definitely you’re rubbing off on her, Manik!” My subconscious mocked me.

“You both are so bad. And mom how can you do that to me? You were supposed to be on my side. And didn’t you hear Baby girl said she’s going be in dad’s team always? What about you, mom? She didn’t take your name. See?” I tried to fill my mother’s ear.

Mom narrowed her eyes at Nandini.

“Mom and dad are one soul. They are not divided Manik. If I’m saying Dad, then it implies Mom too vice versa. Don’t you know that?” Nandini immediately replied before mom could say anything.

“Oh Gawd, it feels like I’m living with the devils,” I said, looking at their teasing smirks.

“You know what guys, I don’t want to even talk as all three of you are so bad, huh!” I whined, getting up from my seat and they laughed.

“Finish your breakfast and come outside baby girl. I’ll see you in the car.” I said sternly to my baby girl before turning my attention toward my parents and saying, “Now I got to know that I’m adopted.” I thought now they will show some mercy on me, but no! They still laughed at me. Agh!

“You guys are annoying me,” I said, looking at them with an annoyed expression.

“That’s was our plan,” Dad said, smiling widely at me.

“And it’s getting successful,” Mom winked at me while I just stared at them in utter disbelief. I turned my gaze at my baby girl as she was too bobbing her head and opened her mouth to say something but before that, I cut her off.

“I think I was lenient towards you, baby girl. You have five minutes. Come outside otherwise…” I dashed out after saying this, totally ignoring the teasing smirks of my parents. Well, I deliberately left the sentence incomplete as I know now she will come in two minutes as I clearly saw how scared she gets.



I sat inside the car and she came rushing behind me.

“Manik, we were just having fun.” She sweetly said, sitting inside, making me smile but I quickly hide it and gave her a pointed look.

“Manik, trust me, baby, that was only fun,” She pouted at me, caressing my cheeks. I closed my eyes feeling her touch but soon reality hit me.

Aghh! Indeed a devil. She knows very well how to wrap me around her finger.

No Manik, no! Don’t fall into the trap of this little devil of yours.

Exhaling a deep breath, I opened my eyes and grasped her arms, yanking her to myself. “Now I’ll have fun,” I whispered against her lips before capturing them and kissing her passionately.

I slid one of my hands into her shorts and undies after opening the shorts button. I vigorously rubbed her while devouring her lips by holding her hair to keep her close to me. She is grinding herself against my hand even faster while kissing me back with equal passion by grasping my hair.

She bit my lips as I jabbed my two fingers deep inside without any warning. I attacked her neck and rammed my fingers in and out of her, making her moan insanely with immense pleasure.

Just when she was about to release, I took my fingers out of her and moved away

“Manik, I need you badly.” She said, panting and I smiled devilishly at her.

“You won’t get me,” I stated, closing the button of her shorts.

“Why?” She asked, irked.

“Baby, this is your punishment for getting drunk and then putting all blame over me,” I told her and her mouth opened in shock.

“That’s not fair. We were just teasing you.”

“Now I’ll tease you. Simple.” As I said, she frowned at me.

“You can’t punish me like this. I’m so aroused.”

“I’m punishing you like this so that you won’t repeat this,” I stated before starting the car.

“Manik, please, don’t do this with me. I really need you.” Now she tried to convince me by pouting innocently at me.

No, I won’t give up this time.

“If you don’t take your punishment like a good girl, you won’t get me for a week,” I warned her, making her eyes widen in shock.

“Okay.” She agreed unwillingly and pouted sadly, resting her head against the seat and squeezing her legs shut to control the intense sensation.

She deserves this for teasing me by teaming up with Mom and Dad when it was her fault. I forgave her for getting drunk but I won’t forgive her for this so easily.


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