Secretly Loving You (17• Unique Meet) Manan

Miss SA: Stand out of the restroom, put on your blindfold, and wait for me.

She smiled as she sent him the instructions.

Butterflies were fluttering in her tummy with excitement.

My Hottie Biker: Okay, hurry up, I can’t wait any longer.

“I just come.” After excusing herself, she went to meet her hottie biker.

Manik reached the restroom and blindfolded himself with a handkerchief after taking it out of his jeans pocket. Even though he wouldn’t be able to see his Secret Admirer, he was still eager to meet her.

He was like a love-struck Romeo, blindly obeying her every command.

She sneakily saw him from afar, whether he was ready or not. ‘He looks even hotter with the blindfold on.’ She approached him with a smile stained on her face.

‘I never imagined that he would follow my instructions and stand like this in front of my eyes, completely submitting himself to me.’ Fuck! Is this all a dream? Is he my delusion?’ She thought, staring at him in utter disbelief.

As she yearned to look into his bewitching brown eyes, she muttered, “fuck this blindfold.”

His heartbeat stopped like hers for the first time because of their proximity as she rose to her toes and stepped closer to his face, gazing at him intensely. The way he felt with her was unlike anything he had ever experienced with anyone else. He was going crazy because he could feel her warm breath caressing his lips. He used to drive her insane, and now she was doing the same to him. The time had come for him to lose himself in her love.

“Hey, Mr Hottie Biker.” She huskily whispered in his ear, bringing a glorious smile to his face. She added, “just feel my touch and let me feel your touch.”

She clasped his hand and placed it on her cheek before closing her eyes and caressing his hand on her cheek, contentedly smiling. She was just engrossed in his touch since it brought profound peace to her soul.

As his hand came in contact with his soft skin, he just felt like caressing her chubby cheeks. He was thoroughly enjoying the way she was stroking his hand across her face. He felt a deep inner peace because of the way she made him feel, and he was overjoyed that the Almighty had provided him with this opportunity to meet his secret admirer.

“I couldn’t even express to you how much I have longed for this, your touch.” A solitary tear of joy mechanically trickled down her cheeks as she whispered, still holding his hand against her face.

She had a contented smile glued to her face, and she couldn’t even put into words how she was feeling. It was a feeling of utter contentment.

He cupped her face in his hands and stroked her cheeks gently with his thumbs. She closed her eyes once more to feel his divinely soothing touch.

They were so close that their lips were only a few inches apart, and they could feel each other’s warm breath on their lips. They were feeling goosebumps down their spines because of their proximity, and it was arousing their carnal desires.

She was startled when all of a sudden he grabbed her waist and pulled her to himself. “Hello, Miss Secret Admirer. Now it’s my turn.” He smirked, and she just smiled at him. She had always envisioned him holding her in this position, and she was overjoyed that one of her dreams had come true.

“What if I take off my blindfold and see you right now?” He asked her, still holding her closer to himself by holding her waist.

Even though he couldn’t see her, he was still enjoying this precious moment because her mere presence was enough to make him feel alive.

“You won’t.” She answered him with full confidence.

“How can you be so sure?” He asked her.

“Because I trust you.” She breathed, placing her hands on his chest and gazing at him intensely. He was rendered speechless after witnessing her unwavering faith in him. She drove him insane with the way she loved him.

Everything he was feeling was novel to him and brought immense joy to his heart. He had no idea that this was just the beginning, his secret admirer would make him experience true love and bring immense joy into his life.

“If you trust me, why are you afraid to reveal your identity in front of me?” He inquired.

“I can’t explain you now but you’ll understand when you get to know who I’m.” She answered him.

“I desperately want to break your trust right now by removing this blindfold because I’m dying to find out who my secret admirer is.” He said, irked. However, he wouldn’t do this because he couldn’t take the chance of losing her unshakable faith in him.

“But I know, you won’t.” She chuckled, seeing his desperation.

Her heart was screaming at her that he was also in love with her.

“Don’t make fun of my helplessness, or else you know what I’ll do.” He warned, tightening his grip on her waist and yanking her closer to himself, taking her breath away.

She just beamed at him, not even a bit afraid of his warning, and rested her head on his chest. Her soul got immense peace and a contented smile flashed on her face as she heard his soothing heartbeat for the first time. As he mechanically embraced her in his strong arms, she felt as if he took her to heaven by merely hugging her, and he felt like he found his home in her arms.

He had never hugged a girl before, but she was doing magic of love on him and making him do things he had never done before.

The exquisite scent of her body reached his nostrils and intoxicated him when he took her tender body in his warm arms. He quivered as he felt her warm breath on her bare chest; everything about her was driving him insane.

‘I prayed to God for this hug only this morning, and he granted my wish so quickly. I’m so grateful. His arms feel like heaven on earth. I just want to halt time and be lost in his cosy arms forever. This moment is so soothing. Listening to his heartbeat has already become my favourite melody, and feeling his arms around me is beyond words.’ She was thinking while in his embrace.

‘God, I never felt like this for anybody before. I never thought that the mere hug would give me profound peace. This woman is making me experience so many things. I’m feeling like never letting her go out of my arms. Fuck! I just want to stop time, and she fits so perfectly in my arms as if she is created just for me.’ He thought, pulling her closer to himself as if he wanted to bury her in himself.

They were completely absorbed in each other’s arms, forgetting about the rest of the world, and their lips were drawn up in a contented smile.

They returned to the earth from their world of profound solace as Manik’s phone rang.

They slowly pulled apart.

“I think, I shall leave now.” She said those words, placing a stone over her heart because it was hard for her to bid him bye.

“Why? Stay a little longer.” He implored.

“Someone is waiting for me. I have to leave.” She was speaking to him in hushed tones because she didn’t want him to recognise her voice.

“Okay.” A smile appeared on her face as he made a cute pout, and she felt like kissing his pout.

“Thank you for meeting me in this manner.” She clasped his hands and placed a soft kiss on his knuckles, and his lips curved up into a contented smile, feeling the touch of her soft lips.

“I’m glad you got this idea. At least we could meet like this and experience the best moment of our life.” As he said, she beamed at him.

“See you around, Manik.” She walked away from him after giving him a quick on the cheek.

He took off his blindfold and looked around, his eyes desperately searching for his Miss Admirer.

He took his phone out of his jeans pocket which was continuously ringing and answered it, “hello”

“What, hello? Where did you disappear, Bro?” Ethan asked him, freaking out.

“It was an important call, I’m just coming.” He lied, scratching the back of his neck.

“Come right now.” Ethan disconnected the call.

He came back and settled down beside Ethan while Nandini was just grinning, recalling the precious moment she had spent with him just moments before. He continued to look for her, his gaze darting around the club.


After returning to their respective homes, they hastily changed their clothes and sent the message to each other while lying on the bed. He was on his back, bare-chested, and she was on her front, swinging her legs in delight. She felt as if she had gotten everything after hugging him and spending time with him, and her face was glowing.

Miss SA: Hey.

My Hottie Biker: Hi!!

When they texted each other at the same time, they both laughed.

Miss SA: What a coincidence!

My Hot Biker: God! I just can’t get our meeting out of my head.

She smiled broadly after reading his message.

Miss SA: Me neither.

They couldn’t take their smiles off their faces because memories of their first meeting kept flashing before their eyes, and they yearned to embrace each other again.

My Hottie Biker: I wanna meet you again.

She chuckled softly. “He said exactly what I wanted to say! He has begun talking like me. Wow!”

Miss SA: Next time when we meet, I’ll reveal my identity to you.

My Hottie Biker: When?

Miss SA: Soon.

‘Oh God, I don’t know when she’ll agree to reveal her identity in front of me,’ he grumbled.

My Hottie Biker: Anyway from today’s encounter, I got to know a few things about you.

Her eyes glinted with curiosity after reading his message.

Miss SA: What?

My Hottie Biker: First your height is short.

She pouted after reading his message.

Miss SA: Correct.

He grinned with triumph.

My Hottie Biker: And you were whispering, so I couldn’t recognise your voice, right?

‘Shit! He understood this also.’ She pouted.

Miss SA: Right. You should be a detective, Manik.

He chuckled after reading her message.

My Hottie Biker: I also smelled your perfume.

‘Fuck! I’m never going to use that perfume again.’ She made a decision.

Miss SA: What else do you come to know?

My Hottie Biker: Today I also discovered that God created you specifically for me because you fit perfectly in my arms. After hugging you, I felt like I had found my missing piece, and I felt so complete and alive.

His words touched the core of her heart and mechanically tears of joy streamed down her cheeks.

“I love you so much, Manik, and I’m so glad that my love is no longer one-sided.” She murmured and smiled blissfully, gazing at his profile photo with deep love in her eyes.

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