Secretly Loving You (81• Kiss Me!) Sidnaaz

“Today, I’ll feed my baby sister.” When Ethan made Sana eat, Sidharth signed with relief because Ethan indirectly helped him, and she just smiled at her brother.

He was dealing with his anxiety attack by squeezing his hands and shutting his eyes, but still, he smiled whenever Sana was looking at him. He could do anything for her happiness, which was why he was keeping his suffering hidden from her; no matter what, he would never snatch her smile.

“Sidharth, why aren’t you eating?” Ethan asked him when he was dealing with attacks.

“Ethan, he is planning to eat something tasty by hiding from me.” As she tittered, Sidharth got lost in her laughter, forgetting everything and his hands also stopped trembling. She indirectly helped him in getting over his anxiety attack; she was the cure for his every pain.

‘She is an angel. Her mere smile can wash away my all sorrows,’ he thought, smiling at his kiddo.

Suddenly he placed a kiss on her cheek, and her eyes widened in surprise. Ella chuckled, and Ethan just shook his head in disbelief.

“I missed this a lot.” As Ethan spoke, they all burst into laughter.


After breakfast, Sidharth directly carried Sana to the bathroom to bathe her.

They were in the bathtub. He was sitting behind her and massaging her scalp after applying the shampoo to her hair, and she was sitting between his legs and enjoying the head massage with a contented smile on her face, and her eyes were closed. Then he lovingly washed her hair with the hand shower.

“Sidharth, I wanna ask you something.” She uttered, breaking the silence after glancing at him over her shoulder while her fingers caressed the tattoos on his arm.

“Ask,” he said before pecking her lips.

“What did you do in this one month?” She asked in a soft voice after turning her face towards him and placing her hand on his face.

“First you have to promise me that you won’t get angry with me.” Listening to his words, her brows narrowed in confusion.

“Why I would be angry, Sidharth?”

“Because I read your diary.” He told her, squeezing his eyes shut, afraid of her anger.

“What? Did you read everything?” She queried him in a stunned tone, but when she saw his adorable facial expression, a smile grew across her face.

“Yes.” He opened his eyes, and nodded at her, making innocent faces.

“I’m feeling so shy. Why did you read it?” She uttered, hiding her face in his chest, embarrassed that now he knew about her every mischief antics.

“Don’t be shy. I just fell in love with you more after reading all those things, the way you have always taken care of me secretly. Literally, no one can love me like you, kiddo. Without any expectations, you love me wholeheartedly. I was such an idiot that I couldn’t see it.” She raised her head from his chest and beamed at him.

He continued, placing his hand on her face, as they gazed intensely into each other’s eyes. “And you know all the crazy things you did for me made me smile on those days when my heart was breaking seeing your condition. You were my pillar of strength through your diary, even when you were in a coma. When I used to read your diary, I felt as if you were speaking directly to me.” He told her with a smile on his face, stroking her cheek with his thumb.

“I’m so glad to know that my diary helped you on difficult days.” She whispered this, and as he pressed his forehead against hers, they both became completely absorbed in each other.


After the bath, he made her sit on the bathroom counter and dried her body with a towel as she did her favourite work: admiring her hottie biker wet body covered in tattoos. Only a towel was wrapped around his waist. He was so attractive that she wanted to gobble every inch of him. The water cascading down his strong torso made him more tempting, and his brow piercing and dark stubbles always gave him a dashing appearance.

She stared admiringly at her man and thought, ‘He is fucking perfect creation of god.’

“You’re doing everything so perfectly.” She uttered when he was making her wear his shirt.

“I have become an expert in this because I bathed and dressed you every day when you were in a coma.” He proudly told her, closing the buttons of the shirts.

“Seriously?” She stared at him in disbelief.

“Yup, because I just love to take care of my kiddo.” He pulled her cheeks, and she gazed at him with adoration.

She swiftly wrapped the towel around his neck and tugged him before engulfing him in her arms. He wrapped his warm arms around her, amazed by her sudden hug.

“I’m so fortunate to have you.” She whispered, and a lone tear of joy trickled down her cheek.

“I missed you so much, Kiddo.” He hugged her tighter, pulling her so damn closer to himself as if he wanted to bury her in his arms. He missed hugging her; his heaven on earth. The satisfying smile on his face was depicting that his soul got profound peace after feeling her warm arms around him; he had yearned for this.

As he lifted her from the countertop without breaking the hug, she encircled her legs around him, hugging him as a monkey, digging her face into his shoulder. His whole body was trembling as her warm breath was caressing his bare skin and driving him insane.

He brought her to the room and laid her down on the bed, and then they slowly drew apart, intensely gazing at each other. There was complete silence, and their eyes were conversing with each other.

She suddenly closed her eyes as they were getting heavy with slumber.

“Sleep well, Love.” He leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead, and she dozed off. He pulled the comforter over her before lovingly stroking her hair while admiring her.


She woke up after a few hours, and her lips drew up to a smile when she saw Sidharth gazing at her with immense love, sitting beside her.

She yawned, stretching her arms before sitting up and resting her head on his shoulder, feeling sluggish. “Waking up from a coma after a month is so exhausting.”

“You’ll be alright in a few days, love.” He spoke, clasping her hand.

“I know.” She brought his hand closer to her lips and kissed his knuckles. A blissful smile appeared on his face as her lips came in contact with his skin, and he gazed at her with pure love.

“When you were in a coma, I planned so many things, that after you woke up, I would do this and that, but now when you have finally woken up, I just feel like keep gazing at you. I missed you so much kiddo.” He spoke, fixing his intense gaze on her.

She smiled and moved closer to his lips, accelerating his heartbeat and igniting carnal desires in him after a long month.

“And didn’t you miss the taste of my lips?” She asked, brushing her lips against his.

Their proximity was driving him crazy, and he couldn’t even tell her in words how much he yearned for their closeness and the touch of her lips.

“Sana, kiss me.” He ordered her, the neediness in his voice and eyes vividly depicting how much he longed to taste her luscious lips.

She immediately complied with his order and sucked his lips hard, cupping his face after sitting astride him. He kissed her savagely, gliding his fingers in her silky hair. With this kiss, he felt as though he had regained his breath, and each dead skin cell on his body glowed with life.

Like there was no tomorrow, they were both relishing each other’s lips. She gave him the same divinely incredible feeling as one month before by clenching his hair and playing with his eyebrow ring while hungrily eating his lips. His hands were roaming shamelessly all over her body inside her shirt, sending chills down her spine.

Then only Ethan walked into her room, and his eyes widened in shock, seeing them devouring each other’s lips like wild animals.

“Shit! My timing is so wrong.” He murmured to himself, covering his eyes with his palm.

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