Secretly Loving You (86• I missed you) Manan

“Kiddo, now you can stop hiding your face in my chest. They have left.” As he said, she slowly pulled away from him, smiling as a cute baby, showing her teeth. He beamed at her and kissed her forehead, placing his hand on her face.

“So now I can kiss you.”She spoke before grabbing his hair and capturing his lips. He began passionately kissing her while his tattooed hand crept into her top from behind and shamelessly roamed all over her bare back, driving her insane with the touch of his long fingers.

He deepened the kiss and brought his hands in front of her, then squeezed her twins together above the fabric of her bra, making her groan inside his mouth, and she bit his lips, playing with his brows piercing. They devoured each other’s lips as though breaking the kiss would cause them to pass out. After a month of suffering, this kiss brought them back to life.

“Manik, could you give me the diary? I want to write.” She requested while shifting from his lap to the sofa after kissing him.

“Sure, my darling.” He went to the table and returned with a pen and her diary.

He handed her the things and sat down beside her. She sat, leaning against the arm of the sofa and placing her legs on his lap. As he pressed them gently with pure affection, she just admired him, feeling so fortunate to have a life partner like him.

“Manik, will you read my dairy on daily basis?” She asked, opening the diary.

“No, I don’t need to read it any longer because I have you with me. So relax, write whatever you want.” His words made her eyes sparkle.

After smiling at him, she began writing, while he massaged her feet and did his favourite job of admiring her.

‘Dear Diary, I know our secrets have been read by my loving boyfriend, but don’t worry now he is not going to read my diary. So I’m free to share anything with you like always.

You know I’m not feeling like that I’m waking up after a month. It still feels the same to me, but when I look into Manik’s eyes, I feel as if something has changed. Something has changed in him, I can feel it. Maybe I’m overthinking, and he is just trying to overcome that accident.

I was in a coma for a month, it isn’t a small thing. It scared me to death to even imagine myself in his place, and he has been through this for a whole month. Seeing me lying lifelessly every day, would be so tough for him. I know he’ll take some time to be healed properly, and I won’t bother him by talking about all those things and will just help him secretly as I have always done from the beginning. I’m certain I’ll make him forget all the miseries and make him completely fine with my immense love. I’ll give him millions of reasons to smile that will make him forget all his sorrows.’

She closed her eyes and smiled contentedly as she felt his soft lips on her feet. She loved the way he treated her. As she opened her eyes, they both gazed into each other’s eyes intensely, and then he grabbed her leg and drew her closer himself, stealing her breath away and his intense gaze fixed on her.

He curled the side of her neck with his tattooed fingers and delicately pressed it before leaning closer to the other side of her neck. She closed her eyes as she felt his breath on her neck and moaned his name, gripping the dairy in her palm tightly as he clenched her skin between his teeth. She felt as if he had given her the love bite for the first time, which drove him insane. After a month, everything seemed new to them.

For a few seconds, he sucked the spot where he bit her, and she softly moaned his name, utterly engrossed in him.

“I missed you so much, Love.” She opened her eyes when she heard his words, and he gazed at her, expressing to her through his eyes how much he missed her and longed for her love for one month, and then their eyes conversed privately with one other.

She placed the diary on the table and lay down on the sofa, placing her head on his lap. He clasped her hand and said, caressing her tattoo with the thumb of his other hand. “After my denial, still you had the tattoo. Such a stubborn girl you are.”

“Manik, it didn’t hurt me-“

He shushed her, placing his finger on her lips. “Sh… let me complete my words.” As she nodded meekly, he continued, still stroking her tattoo. “Honestly speaking, this is so beautiful. I was in tears when I first time saw this. I just love it.” He gently kissed her tattoo, and she just smiled at him.

“Now I want your lips somewhere else, and you know where.” She said, intensely gazing at his luscious lips.

“Where? I don’t know.” As he acted innocent, she glared at him before yanking him down by grabbing his collars and sucking his lips hard. He reciprocated the kiss with equal passion by grasping her hair.


Ella and Ethan were lying naked in each other’s arms after their wild encounter. He was playing with her fingers while she was stroking his hair with her other hand and gazing at him intensely, her head rested on his chest.

“Ella, now you’re going to be my wife. I think you should quit your job and start working with me. You know we’ll get more time to spend with each other.” He suggested, looking at her.

“That sounds great, Ethan.” She raised her head from his chest and kissed him hard before straddling him and riding him. He moved her fast by grabbing her hips, and they moaned and groaned in ecstasy.


Nandini was sitting between Manik’s legs in her undergarments only, and he was massaging her shoulders from behind. She was relishing this with her eyes closed and a beatific smile on her face.

“Manik, now I’m fine, so I think you should rejoin the office.” She advised him.

“Nope. I won’t go anywhere until you’re fully recovered.” He refused in a stern tone.

She turned around and sat, facing him. “Manik, you’re spoiling me with your presence. I’m getting accustomed to your 24-hour presence with me. After a few days when I go to college and you go to the office, how will I manage without you?” She rest her head on his chest, and shared her worry with him, playing with his neck chain like a baby.

“Aww, baby! We’ll manage. Right now I just want to pamper you by showering my love on you.” He told her, embracing her.

“I’m loving this.” She squealed and snuggled in him more and more. He hugged her firmly with a contented smile on his face. He was going through a lot, but gradually her presence was healing him.


After a few days

‘Dear Diary, it’s been a week passed since I woke up from the coma. I’m recovering pretty fast, and all credit goes to my loved ones, Manik, Ethan and Ella. They are the Angels of my life. I’m nothing without them. Everything is going so great, my life is so beautiful like a dream. Now I have my parents as well. They love me so much and treat me like a Princess. Manik and his mother are coming closer, and I’m so glad. And I can see that Manik is recovering from his miseries. From today I’ll begin going to college again, and I don’t know how I’m going to manage without Manik because I have a serious addiction to him. I get flustered if he is out of sight for even a second. We have been staying with each other for twenty hours, and it is heaven. We bathe together, eat together, work out together, and watch movies together. Fuck! I’m sure it’s going to be so tough for us to stay without each other.’

Nandini was sitting on her swing chair and engrossed in writing the diary early in the morning, a bit worried about how she would stay without Manik in college. He woke up and strolled towards her.

“Love, when did you wake up?” As he questioned, holding her shoulders from behind, she returned to the earth.

She dropped the pen, rose from the chair and embraced him after standing on her toes. “I’m going to miss you like hell, Manik.”

“I know, kiddo. It’s hell difficult for me too because I haven’t stepped out of this house for more than a month, but sooner or later, we have to come back to our daily routine.” He made her understand, embracing her in his protective arms.

He couldn’t tell her how anxious he was. He was so fucking afraid to lose her because nightmares of losing her again weren’t letting him sleep in peace since she came out of the coma, but thankfully, he was no longer experiencing panic attacks because he had given up riding his bike. He abandoned the second most precious possession in his life. He missed it sometimes, but he didn’t tell her because he knew she couldn’t handle it and would be devastated after seeing his condition.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy; he was living happily with his kiddo. Her smile, laugh, and presence gave him strength. After losing his passion, he was still smiling because of her solely, as his every pain faded in front of her love. It was just that nights were terrifying for him because nightmares wouldn’t let him sleep.

He knew deep down that he couldn’t keep all of this from her for long because she would find out, but he wasn’t ready to give her stress because of him. Even if he was dying to share everything with her, he wouldn’t tell her because he couldn’t be selfish. He just couldn’t give his kiddo pain to feel better. He had promised himself after that accident that he would never put her through such agony again. He would never be able to ride the bike again, and he accepted it as God’s punishment for putting his kiddo’s life at risk.

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