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Category: Promo

Desire To Control Her (Part: 22 It’s Painting Time)

Ethan’s P.O.V. This girl is making me insane with her cuteness. I was a short-tempered man but with her, I forget what’s anger is. But to maintain my Dom image,… Read more Desire To Control Her (Part: 22 It’s Painting Time)

Monster’s Bride (Promo) Sidnaaz

Sana’s P.O.V. I’m so happy and feeling blessed as today I married the man of my dream. Every girl dies on him but now he is my husband. Wow, I never thought that my dream would be fulfilled as I’m from a small town and he is a famous singer. Now I’m sitting on his bed. Oops! Now it will be our bed. I’m a bit nervous as it is our first night and I’m waiting for him. Butterflies are flying in my stomach with excitement. I’m just wondering that… Read more Monster’s Bride (Promo) Sidnaaz