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Chapter 1 (Secretly Loving You)

“Cole Williams, a cool and ruggedly attractive rider, is set to take home the victory in today’s race. For the past two years, he has won every race, so his fans are giddy with anticipation of seeing him win again today. Even I’m confident.” The commentator chuckled as he said to the audience on camera. Cole was waiting impatiently for the race to begin while seated on the bike, helmet on. He was donning a black helmet and a black and grey outfit. He was everyone’s crush and was so… Read more Chapter 1 (Secretly Loving You)

Our Angel (Part: 19 Planning To Go Out)

I woke up in the evening and stood up, holding the railing of my crib. I saw Momma and Daddy getting ready. Are we going somewhere? Yippie I’m so excited to go out with them. I smiled broadly and my tiny eyes twinkled. Momma is standing in front of the mirror. Haye… my Momma is looking so beautiful in this red dress. Daddy is standing holding her waist from behind and kissing her face and neck. They look so cute together. I also want someone like Daddy in future, hehe.… Read more Our Angel (Part: 19 Planning To Go Out)