{Manan} Master And His Princess

Part : 1 We Under The Shower

Part : 2 Challenge Accepted, Princess

Part : 3 I want you ready for me

Part: 4 Mom’s Birthday

Part: 5 Playroom And Rules

Part: 6 First Playroom Session

Part: 7 Fifty Shades Of Malhotra

Part: 8 Her Master is nothing without his Princess

Part: 9A Taking Away His Stress

Part: 9B Taking Away His Stress

Part: 10A Missing Her During The Class

Part: 10B Missing Her During The Class

Part: 11A She’s My Peace

Part: 11B She’s My Peace

Part: 12A The Punishment

Part: 12B The Punishment

Part: 13A The Dinner

Part: 13B The Dinner

Part: 14A Losing My Temper

Part: 14B Losing My Temper

Part: 15 The Punishment Session

Part: 16 My Angry Princess

Part: 17A His Mistress

Part: 17B His Mistress

Part: 18 My Heaven On The Earth

Part: 19A The Sweet Revenge

Part: 19B The Sweet Revenge

Part: 19C The Sweet Revenge

Part: 20 My Desperate Princess

Part: 21A The Dice Game

Part: 21B The Dice Game

Part: 22 We in the swimming Poll

Part: 23 A Painful Decision

Part: 24 The Last Kiss

Part: 25 We’ll survive this together

Part: 26 Our Last Day

Part: 27 I’m incomplete without my Princess

Part: 28

Part: 29 The Hot Video Call Session

Part: 30 Remembering About Our Old Days

Part: 31 Angry Master

Part: 32 Punishment Time

Part: 33 Nightmares

Part: 34 My Worst Side

Part: 35 Manan Meet

Part: 36 The Pure Kiss

Part: 37 I’m blessed to have you

Part: 38 Loving My Princess after a month

Part: 39 Master and Princess Session after a long time

Part: 40 Teasing in Car

Part: 41 Jealous Master

Part: 42 I’m hurt

Part: 43 I’m sorry

Part: 44 Punishment in Playroom

Part: 45 Change of Plans

Part: 46 A lie

Part: 47 Shattered

Part: 48 We’re lucky

Part: 49 I need you

Part: 50 A Dance In The Rain

Part: 51 You were right

Part: 52 I shot Him

Part: 53 I’m scared

Part: 54 You’re Warrior

Part: 55 Love Me…

Part: 56 Missing My Professor

Part: 57 Back to college

Part: 58 A Date at the College’s terrace

Part: 59A The Hot Ice Cream Romance

Part: 59B The Hot Ice Cream Romance

Part: 60 Teasing My Master

Part: 61 Teasing her at the dinner

Part: 62 Doubling her Punishment

Part: 63A The Class Room Punishment

Part: 63B The Class Room Punishment

Part: 63C The Class Room Punishment

Part: 64 End Of Master and Princess Relationship?

Part: 65 Realisation

Part: 66 Pleasing My Master

Part: 67 A Invitation to the Party

Part: 68 Revelation of a big secret

Part: 69 Broken Trust

Part: 70 Is This the End?

Part: 71 Please Don’t Go

Part: 72 I’ll miss my home

Part: 73 I’m fortunate

Part: 74 Missing Her

Part: 75 My Baby Doll

Part: 76 Restlessness

Part: 77 A big Problem

Part: 78 You have to be Strong

Part: 79 Everything is fine Now

Part: 80 I missed You

Part: 81 Surprise…

Part: 82 Craving to feel you inside me

Part: 83 My Caring Boyfriend

Part: 84 A Quick Master&Princess Session

Part: 85 A different Surprise

Part: 86 My Evil Professor

Part: 87 A Surprise Punishment

Part: 88 My Cute Princess

Part: 89 His Favourite Candy

Part: 90 Truth Or Dare

Part: 91 The Secret of Anu

Part: 92 The Real Punishment

Part: 93 Rewarding My Princess

Part: 94 Anu and Cabir’s Story

Part: 95 Becoming His Naughty Princess

Part: 96 The Intense Punishment

Part: 97 The Playroom Session

Part: 98 His Unique way