Monster’s Bride (Sidnaaz)

This is the story of a Rude, Arrogant husband and an innocent and sweet wife. She married him because she was in love with him, he married her for the so-called revenge of his sister. He hurt her, he broke her, but she never stopped loving him from the core of her heart and changed her monster husband with the power of her immense love.

So are you ready to join the journey of a Monster husband and an innocent wife?


Part: 1 Evil Plan

Part: 2 First Meet

Part: 3 His Perfect Acting

Part: 4 Revenge or Marriage

Part: 5 Humiliated

Part: 6 A Difficult Task

Part: 7 The Punishment

Part: 8 He cares for her

Part: 9 Falling For her

Part: 10 Sufferings and Craving For Love

Part: 11 Her New Look

Part: 12 A Whole New Person

Part: 13 Her Outburst


Part: 15 Secret romance

Part: 16 Hot Massage

Part: 17 My Loving Husband

Part: 18 Your arms are my Heaven

Part: 19 Love Confession Of A Monster

Part: 20 Meeting After a week

Part: 21 Distressed

Part: 22 Karma Is A Bitch

Part: 23 The Letter

Part: 24 Union Of Two Souls

Part: 25 Guilty

Part: 26 His Side Story


Part: 28 I’m luckiest

Part: 29 Love&Care

Part: 30 Consoling Him

Part: 31 Enjoying The Rain

Part: 32 Loving My Wife

Part: 33 I’m afraid to lose you

Part: 34 Love Is Magical

Part: 35 A Married Women

Part: 36 The Romantic English Class

Part: 37 Spanking

Part: 38 Falling Apart

Part: 39 Happiness After a month

Part: 40 You’re my God

Part: 41 Mukbhi’s Story

Part: 42 Makeover

Part: 43 Awakening His Monster Side

Part: 44 Wild Love Making

Part: 45 Punishment of Fab3

Part: 46 Secret Romance

Part: 47 Punishment

Part: 48 I hurt her again

Part: 49 My Heaven

Part: 50 My Wild Cat

Part: 51 Almost Losing her

Part: 52 What if she really leaves me?

Part: 53 My Protective Husband

Part: 54 Inseparable Souls

Part: 55 A Shocking News

Part: 56 Angry Monster

Part: 57 Is this the End

Part: 58 Consoling My Bacha

Part: 59 A Surprise

Part: 60 Please, forgive me

Part: 61 Danger

Part: 62 A Heartbreaking News

Part: 63 Happy Faces

Part: 64 Beautiful Dream

Part: 65 A Shocking Surprise

Part: 66 The Heartbreaking Truth

Part: 67 Love can conquer all pain

Part: 68 Happy Family

Part: 69 Married! Why?

Part: 70 Hurt And Disappointed

Part: 71 Karma

Part: 72 Devil Abhi

Part: 73 Goons Attack

Part: 74 A Little Baby Girl

Part: 75 Our Little Bundle of Joy

Part: 76 Realisation

Part: 77 Final Part