Love Story (Part : 77 Morning Make Out)

Next morning

Manik woke up next morning and opening his eyes , he saw Nandini’s face. She was already staring him while her chin was rested on his chest. She passed him her beautiful smile. He smiled back.

“Good morning, Manik.” She came close to his face and wished him.

“Good morning, angel.” He sucked her lips and wished her.

“How are you feeling?” He asked concernedly cupping her face.

“I am turned on.” She instantly replied him making him confused.

“What ?” He asked confusingly. Instead of explaining him , she held his hand , took it inside the blanket and placed it in between her thighs. Manik was taken aback seeing her bold move.

“You are so wet.” He spoke massaging her inner thigh slowly.

“Wet for you.” She moaned closing her eyes. He increased the speed of his hand and rubbed her inner thigh vigorously. She was biting her lips and moaning. The way she was biting her lips and moaning , it was turning him on. He captured her lips pulling her face toward himself by holding her hair with his free hand. Both kissed each other passionately. Her hands were moving on his muscular body and his hands were driving her crazy. One was rubbing her inner thigh and another was massaging her twins.

He removed his hand when she was about to release. She opened her eyes and looked at him confusingly. He left her on the edges and she felt irritated.

“I want you to cum when I will be inside you , angel.” He whispered and she blushed. She couldn’t wait to feel him inside her.

“So , choose one option , on the bed or inside the bathroom?” He asked raising his eyebrows playing with her hair.

“Right now.” She whispered coming close his lips. He chuckled listening to her answer.

“So desperate for me ?” he asked after taking her under him. She blushed nodding her head in yes.

“So tell me ,what do you want , angel ?” He asked and smiled naughtily.

“You know that Manik.” She cried like a small baby. She was already turned on , then he left her on the edges and now he was asking from her that what she wants. She was getting irritated.

“I want to listen from your mouth , angel.” He said huskily coming close to her lips and kissed her lips. He was enjoying playing with his wife who was turned on.

“I want you to feel you inside me very badly, Manik.” She whispered encircling her arms around his neck. The way she said , it turned him on too.

“I love you , my angel.” He confessed and entered inside her deeply in one go pining her hands on the mattress. She screamed loudly in pleasure. Finally he gave her what she wanted making her feel so good. She herself was moving with him and scratching his back with her nails. He was thrusting inside her fast and hard. He was satisfying her soul with her body. She wrapped her legs around his hips and took him inside her deeper while screaming his name loudly.


Adi was taking bath with her daughter. Muskan was only wearing floral printed undies and Adi was in black shorts. She was dancing and twirling under the shower happily and Adi was admiring his little doll.

She was the fourth girl with whom he had fallen in love with. First was his mother, second was his sister , third was his wife and fourth was his daughter. She was his world. Every day he thanked god for blessing him with such a sweet daughter. He also thanked his wife for bringing their daughter in this world.

Muskan had also asked Zoya to take shower with them but she denied because she couldn’t resist her husband wet body. His wet body was her biggest weakness.

“Daddy daddy , mumma ko bhi bulao na please. (Daddy , please call mumma also.)” Muskan requested Adi to call her mumma pulling his short.

“Muskan , she won’t come.” Adi spoke sadly because he knew his wife.

“Mele pass ek plan hai. Aap mumma ko towel lene ke bahne se bulao aul fil mein mumma ke upal pani fakne lag jaunga. (I have one plan. You call mumma for the towel and then I will start splashing water on her.)” She excitedly told the plan to her father making him shocked. He was impressed with his little daughter.

“Wow , my daughter is becoming smarter day by day. Great Idea.” Adi picked Muskan in his arms and kissed her cheeks happily.

“Let’s call your mumma now.” Adi spoke and she nodded her head in yes cutely.

“Zoya..” Adi shouted her name but Zoya didn’t respond.

“Mumma…” then Muskan called her.

“What happened?” They both grinned looking at each other listening Zoya’s voice.

“Can you give me the fresh towel ? Actually Muskan threw it on floor by mistake.” Adi lied and Muskan gave thumbs up to her daddy having smile on her face.

“Coming..” Both became so happy listening Zoya’s reply.

“Plan successful.” Both gave high-five to each other happily and Adi kissed her face.

She walked inside after a minute with the white towel. She was wearing pink off shoulder top with black jeans and her hair were tied up in a messy bun. Adi and Muskan were standing under the shower after turning off the shower.

Her eyes fell on his hot husband and she started getting turned on. The water droplets falling down from his collarbone to his chest , from his chest to his six pack abs. She felt like to suck them all. She bit her lower lip to control her inner desires.

The way , she bit her lower lip , it turned on his husband. He felt like to grab her waist and kiss her after pinning her on the wall.

“Your towel , Adi.” She uttered those three words with very difficulty at that moment.

“Mumma , yaha aao aur daddy ko towel do. (Mumma , come here and give the towel to daddy.)”Adi started walking toward her but Muskan stopped him by holding his hand. Then she asked her mumma to come there.

Zoya’s eyes fell on the towel which was hanging on the hanger.

“Oh , this was the plan to call me here. Very bad.” She glared at them holding her waist. They both were standing making a sad pout. They were looking so cute. Zoya felt like to click their photo.

She started laughing seeing their cute expressions. They were looking at her confusingly.

“Kya app gussa nhi ho , mumma.? (Aren’t you angry , Mumma?)” Muskan asked confusingly. Zoya nodded her head instantly in no.

“It was a good plan. Well done both of you.” She appreciated them and Muskan was grinning happily now because it was her plan.

“Mumma , chalo na aap bhi humle sath bath lo , please. (Mumma come , take bath with us please.)” Muskan tried to convince her mumma for the last time.

“Next time, promise.” Zoya promised her and Muskan nodded her head in yes sadly.

“Come here , I make you ready.” Muskan walked toward her. Zoya knelt down and wrapped her in the towel. She kissed her forehead and cheeks making her smile. Adi also rubbed his body with towel after taking the towel from the hanger. Zoya got up and picked up Muskan’s in her arms. She walked outside last time looking at her husband who was rubbing his hair with towel.


Manik and Nandini were sitting in the bathtub. Nandini was sitting between in his legs resting her head on his chest. Their eyes were closed. They were completely lost in each other. The warm water was relaxing their body. His one hand was wrapped around her chest which was under the water and other hand was playing with her hand.

Manik was thinking about last night. He became worried for her because of her last night behaviour.

“Nandini , are you really fine?” Manik asked suddenly breaking the silence.

“I am fine , Manik.” She replied him having smile on her face after turning her face toward him. She pecked his lips putting hand on his face which brought a smile on his face too.

“I know you are asking me this question because of the last night. I myself don’t know that suddenly what had happened to me last night.” She herself was confused.

“But I am carefree now because you are with me. Last night you had changed my mood with in a second. Until You are with me , I am fine. Without you , I will become a body without soul. You are like a precious gift send by god to me. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I love you a lot.” She touched her face with him.

After that they didn’t come to know when their lips met and started sucking each other lips. Manik’s one hand was moving on her back and other one was in her hair. Her one hand was on his shoulder and other was in his hair. They were kissing each other lips passionately like there was no tomorrow.

“I love you ,Nandini and I always want to see you happy.” He whispered after breaking the kiss looking into her eyes lovingly. She was breathing heavily looking at him in same way.

“You are my happiness, Manik.” She smiled and told him. He smiled back and kissed her forehead. He rested his forehead on her and both get lost in each other closing their eyes.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    Hayeee nandu ketna bold hou gaya hai yaar she herself initiated there love making when manik got up it started with her wishing him good morning lovingly then there passionate love making uss time bhi manik ne nandu ko tease karna nahi choda first he stoped rubbing her inner thigh when she was on edge and them he made her tell what she wants poor nandu bhi last mai dey did made passionate love….
    Awww adi and muskan moments are soo lovely and funny zoya was refusing to take a bath with them so the naughty malhotra princess decided to trick her mom and bring her inside the bathroom hearing her plan adi was impressed and there plan got successful as zoya came inside bt still she refused to bath with them which made muskan sad….
    Manik ketne care karta hai nandu ke dats why he was soo worried abt her bcoz of her previous night behaviour bt nandu assured him that she is fine and will be fine till manik is there in her life..

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  2. Beautifully written….muskan ko koi meko la dou…I want to pull her cheeks ….. cuteness ki dukan hay o….nd manan ka morning romance ho geya cute sa lovely update

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Muskan &Nandini rocks,❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍update waiting for the next part eagerly ❤❤❤❤u @mehaklovely

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