Love Story (Part : 28 Love Confession)

“Where is the stairs?” Nandini was shouting and finding stairs in balcony because she wanted to go home. Instead of going outside , she came in balcony by mistake because she was drunk. The balcony of Manik’s room was huge and in balcony only , there was a swimming pool. Manik came there following her.

“Stop..” Manik shouted and ran to stop her from jumping down from the balcony. She was trying to climb on the railing.

“Are you crazy?” He turned her toward himself , holding her one arm and shouted on her. She was looking at him , making cute innocent pout.

“Why are you shouting on me. I was just finding the stairs. I want to go home.” She said in babyish language , looking at him innocently. A smile spread across his face , seeing her behaving like a cute kid.

“But why you want to go home, Nandini ?”He asked and she immediately opened her mouth to speak. But next moment only she closed her mouth without speaking anything making Manik confused.

“Voh toh mein bhul gye. (That I forgot)” she said and laughed loudly clapping her hands. Manik looked at her widening his eyes unbelievably because she was behaving completely different after getting drunk.

“I have to tell Manik something. Why I was going home ?” She asked this question from herself. She was looking upward confusingly , thinking that why she was going back home before completing of her work. Manik was just smiling , seeing her cute antics.

“So tell me.” He said like a excited kid and She looked toward him , having a naughty smile on her face.

“What’s cooking?” Manik asked looking at her suspiciously , noticing her naughty smile.

“Is this the kitchen ?” She asked and he nodded his head negatively.

“Then why are asking the question that what’s cooking.” She again laughed loudly, covering her mouth. Manik shook his head unbelievably, listening her P.J.

“I will tell you but before that you have to play a game with me. Will you play?” She asked putting the condition in front of him.

“What game ?” He asked getting irritated because he wanted to know that what she wanted to tell him.

“In this game , I will run and you have to catch me. If you will catch me , I will be all yours. Then I will tell you whatever you want know.” She said excitedly. Manik was looking at her and thinking that he should play this game or not. He agreed to play the game because he didn’t want to leave this chance of knowing about her real feeling for him.

On the other side, Neyonika was standing outside of Manik’s room. When she tried to open the door. She came to know the door was locked. Then She started thinking that she should knock the door or not.

“I will meet him tomorrow. Cabir was right. I shouldn’t disturb his sleep.” Saying this Neyonika left.


Nandini was making Manik run behind her from five minutes. Manik was trying hard to catch her but every time he was getting fail in catching her. Nandini turned to look at him while running and showed her tongue cutely like a small kid. Manik was enjoying this game. This game made him remind about his childhood. He had spent his childhood playing these types of games with his siblings and friends.

“Come on , catch me Manik.” She challenged him , turning toward him. She was walking backward , looking at him. Manik was also looking at her , pulling up his sleeves till his elbow. His face expressions got changed from happy to shock when he realised that behind her there was swimming pool and she was only few steps away from it.

“Ahah..” she shouted falling down in swimming pool. Manik ran to catch her , shouting her name. Manik without thinking anything, he also jumped  in the pool.

She came out of the water herself. The water level was low. It was coming upto to her waist level. But she was behaving like she would be drowned in it.

“I will die , I will die. Please somebody save me.”she shouted , moving her legs and hands like she drowning in the water. Manik was standing in front of her , wrapping his hands around his chest and having smile on his face. Her acts were making him crazy.

“Don’t need to be worried Nandini because I am always there to protect you.” He said after pulling her toward himself, holding her both arms. She was looking at him like a innocent baby. Her wet hair and the water droplets which were falling from head to chin then to her neck and Curves of her body were now clearly visible. All these things were increasing his inner desires . He wanted to suck all the water droplets from her body. No other girl made him feel like this before. She was the first girl who was making him feel different in all ways.

“Now I have caught you. So tell me , What you feel for me.” He said tugging her hair behind her ear. His other hand was wrapped around her back and he pulled her more closer to himself. Their fronts came in contact and increased their inner desire more. Nandini eyelashes moved downward. Manik immediately understood that she was shying.

“Are you gonna tell me Or you want to see what I can do ?” He held chin and pulled upward. Now she was looking at him. Then he said , brushing her lips. His eyes first looked at her lips and then toward her for answer. Her eyes were closed , she got lost in his touch. She was feeling good because the way his thumb was brushing her lips , it was magical and she was getting weak. She was going crazy to feel his lips on her lips. Manik smiled seeing that how his touch was affecting her.

Removing his thumb from her lips , he snapped his finger to bring her back on the earth. She immediately looked toward him irritatedly because she was feeling so good and he spoiled it.

“What you want to listen that I love you ? Yes I love you.” Next moment She confessed her love in anger. She widened her eyes and palmed her mouth realising that she finally confessed. Manik was also looking at her surprisingly. He didn’t expect her confession at this moment. He wanted her to confess her love after becoming sober. But still his heart was jumping in happiness inside because she finally confessed her love.

“Really ?” He asked to confirm. She nodded her head , looking at him and then again looked down shyly. He felt like to start jumping in water in happiness. She finally confessed her love.

“In drunk state , she confessed her love. You will be won in real when she will confess her love after becoming sober.” His mind reminded him that she was drunk. But still he was happy.

“I tried a lot to run away from the feeling of love but at last I fell in love with you. I even didn’t came to know how and when. Tum ho hi itne achai ki kisko bhi tumse pyaar hojae. (You are very nice person that anybody can fall in love with you.) But I don’t want to love anyone because love means trust. I don’t want to trust anybody. Who knows that one day you will also get bore from me and leave me.” She started sharing her fear and pain with him becoming sad. Manik felt hurt to see her broken and sad.

“I won’t , Nandini. You are very special to me. I will never leave you. I will be always there for you. I will always follow you like a shadow. I will always support you , understand you , protect you and trust you. I will never let a single tear fall down from your eyes. That’s my promise.” Manik said holding her face with his both hands. Both were looking into each other eyes. His eyes were filled with love and her eyes were filled with fear and sadness.

“He had also promised me that He would never let me cry. But he was the only person who made me cry the most. I loved him truly , I trusted him blindly. I never realised that he was betraying me. I never realised that his love and his promises and everything he said to me was a lie. Tell me Manik how can I believe you ? What is the guarantee that your true love is not a lie ? Please tell me..” asking this she started crying loudly , holding his shirt’s  collar. It was getting hard for Manik to control his tears. Her words and her condition was clearly showing that she was completely broken. Her pain was breaking his heart into million of pieces.

Manik was not hurt after knowing that she couldn’t trust him. He was hurt seeing her in pain. Because he understood , It was not her fault that she couldn’t able trust him. It was the fault of person who had broken her heart. He was feeling like to kill that person with his own hand for betraying his angel. He had broken her completely.

“It was not his fault. It was my fault that I couldn’t able to see that he was betraying me. I was an idiot who trusted him. When he betrayed me , i had decided that i would never trust anybody and I would never love anybody. But falling in love is not in our hands. Nobody can stop us from falling in love , not even we stop ourself from falling in love. I love you , Manik. But I am sorry, I can’t trust you.” She said and started crying , resting her head on his chest. Manik didn’t say anything, he just wrapped his hand around her. Seeing her condition, he came to know that with time only she would start trusting him gradually. His no words could assure him that he would not betray her. Only the time would teach her to trust him.


“Mumma , Musu toh nini ni ae. Itni daldi  musu ni sota. Mule chachu sath khelna hai.(Musu is not feeling sleepy mumma. Musu doesn’t sleep so early. I want to play with Chachu.)” She cried when Zoya was making her sleep early in the night. Muskan was lying in her mother arms. Aditya was working on his laptop , setting on sofa.

“Musu , Tomorrow is chachu’s engagement. And early morning we have to visit a temple. That’s why we are sleeping early.” Zoya tried to explain her and she made a sad pout.

“Toh fil daddy ko bi daldi sone ko bolo. Silf musu aur mumma ku soe daldi? (Why only Musu and Mumma is sleeping early , why not daddy?)” She complained and asked Zoya to call Adi also. Adi was listening them.

“Okay Musu , Daddy is coming.” Adi said getting up from sofa. Muskan made a sad pout. She was thinking that if daddy would not come then she would also not sleep. But her daddy spoiled her plan. He laid down on the other side of Muskan. He wished good night to her daughter and kissed her forehead then he wished his wife good night and kissed her forehead. Muskan unwillingly tried to sleep , closing her eyes. Adi and Zoya entwined their hand above Muskan’s head , having smile on their faces. They were looking at each other lovingly like they were talking to each other through their eyes.


They were standing in wet clothes in Manik’s room. Manik was taking out clothes for her and himself from cupboard. Nandini was standing silently behind him. He gave her his lower and shirt to wear.

“Tum gussa toh ni ho na mujhse ? ( Are you not angry from me. )” she asked innocently taking the cloth.

“Why are you asking this question?” Manik asked confusingly looking at her.

“Because I hurt you by saying that I don’t trust you.” She told him the reason of asking that question from him. In drunk state she was telling him everything clearly.

“I can understand that why can’t you trust me. That’s why I am not angry. You didn’t hurt me. In fact you made me happy by confessing love.” He said putting hand on her face and smiled.

“But you haven’t said that you love me yet , why ?” She asked confusingly.

“I will confess my love when you will start trusting me.” He told his decision and she made a sad pout.

“This is very wrong. I confessed my love and now you are denying to confess love to me. Very bad.” She complained like a small kid and Manik was looking at her having smile on his face.

“Now you should go and change or else you will catch fever.” He said and she rolled her eyes showing her anger to him. Then she went to washroom without looking at him and he chuckled seeing her cute antics.


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