(Part : 32) The Professor And His Princess

He embraced me and pushed me on the side before truck could hit me. Oh god, If he hadn’t saved me on right time, I would have died.

He broke the hug and clasped my face. Tears are constantly trickling down his cheeks and his hands are trembling. “Thank god, you-you are fine-fine, Princess.” He sighed with relief and started kissing every inch of my face, his lips are trembling too. Now his tears are falling down on my cheeks. I’m completely numb at this moment after seeing his condition.

He hugged me tightly like he wants to bury me in his protective arms. “I became afraid, I felt like-like I would lose you forever. I don’t want to lose you, Princess, I can’t afford to lose you, never. You’re my everything, you’re my whole world. I can’t live without you. I love you a lot.” He is pulling me more and more closer to himself, crushing my bones. I can never forget this bone crushing hug. I’m really feeling like there is no one expect me in his life. He’s really afraid to lose me. He’s crying like a small baby who is afraid to lose his mother. My heart is also crying, seeing his condition. I can clearly see that what I’m for him and he really loves so much. Today, I decided that no matter what, I will never leave the person who loves me so much. Even if he asks me to leave him, I won’t leave him.

I forcefully broke the hug and clasped his face. “I’m completely fine, Manik. You’ve to understand that nobody can separate us, not even death because our soul is one. You reside in me and I live in your soul.” I explained him, looking deeply in his eyes. He is staring at me like a innocent kid and trying to understand me.

As he touched our foreheads, I closed my eyes. “I just can’t lose you. I’m not afraid of dying, but I’m afraid of losing you. You’re the only reason, I’m living my life. I can’t lose you.” He whispered, his voice is filled with pain and fear.

I opened my eyes and we deeply gazed into eachother eyes. I clasped his face and moved his head down. I placed a gentle kiss on his forehead, promising him with this kiss that I’ll always be with him and never leave him. “As long as I have a heart in my chest, it will only beat for you.” I whispered against his forehead.

I looked into his eyes. No, No, I didn’t only look in his eyes, I looked into his soul which is scared to lose me. I don’t know how to assure him that I’ll never leave him, I just took his lips into my warm mouth and sucked them softly. I sucked his upper lip and he responded me by sucking my lower lip gently and grasping my waist. I kissed him, pouring my all love. I want to take away his all fear and pain through this kiss. I’m not only kissing his lips, I’m trying to assure his soul that I’m always there for him.

“I really love you, Princess.” He breathed as we broke the kiss. We smiled through our eyes at each other, panting.

“I love you more, Manik.” I confessed too after catching my breath back. Our lips curved into blissful smile.

He clasped my face. “Please, from next don’t cross the road like this. Take care of yourself, for me.” He implored, his eyes filled with concerns.

“Okay, my baby.” I pecked his lips and he smiled broadly. He held my both hands and gently kissed them. “I can’t lose you.” He whispered, gazing at me intensely.

After that we reached to his huge and lavish farmhouse far away from the hustle bustle of big city. A caretaker welcomed us and left out of the house to give us privacy. We stepped into the huge house, our hands entwined.

“Did you have dinner?” He asked as we settled down on the sofa.

“Yup. you?” I asked.

“No, because I want to eat you in dinner.” He nuzzled in my neck and trailed his hand up into my dress.

“First dinner than you can have me in sweet dish.” I said sternly, pushing him away from me.

“You pushed me again.” He uttered, coming close to me again.

I grabbed his shirt collars and pulled him to myself. “Here I’m your girlfriend, Mr. Manik Malhotra, not your student. Now I’ll order you and you’ve to listen me.” He raised his brows in amazement.

“Okay.” He nodded his head like a obedient kid.

“So cute, my baby boyfriend.” I pulled his cheeks and he laughed.

I stood up and asked. “So what do you want to eat?”

He instantly answered. “You.” He smirked, I frowned.

“Be serious, Manik or else you won’t get me in the sweet dish also.” As I warned him, he stood up.

“Now you’re becoming so strick.” He complained.

“I’m learning to control people from my hottie professor.” I smirked at him.

“I’m not hungry, Princess.” I shook my head in disbelief as he again denied for the dinner.

I crossed my arms around my chest and asked, raising my brows. “If I hadn’t had dinner, what would you do?”

“Okay, fine, let’s go and make something.” I smiled broadly when he finally agreed for the dinner. I won. He strolled to the kitchen and I followed him, smiling.

I decided to make fried rice for him. I’m chopping the vegetables and he’s washing the rice. I always dreamed of cooking with my life partner and today he is fulfilling my that dream too. I feel so lucky to have him.

He placed the bowl of rice on the countertop, smiling at me. He stood beside me, leaning against the countertop and gazing at me like I’m the most beautiful girl on this earth. He makes me feel so beautiful always. I instantly moved my eyes down as he gave me a sexy smile. He’s distracting me. I won’t look at me.

After few minutes, he sauntered and stood behind me. My heart skipped beating as suddenly he grasped my waist and yanked me to himself.

“You look sexy while cooking too, Princess.” He whispered in my ear, his warm breath caressed my skin. I closed my eyes, resting my head on him as he gently bit my earlobe.

He ground his crotch against my butts and nuzzled my neck. My hair are tied up in a messy bun. “You’re doing this to me, Princess.” He breathed against my neck. I can feel, he’s hard for me. This arouses me more that I’m turning him on.

He is kissing and nibbling my neck. He took his one hand into my dress, stroking my thigh and slid the dress down from one side of shoulder with his other hand. I’m completely lost in his magical touch. He’s driving me insane like always and taking me to the heaven. He trailed kisses over my bare shoulder, squeezing one of my twin over the fabric. He slid his hand into my undies and start rubbing my most sensitive spot. I threw my head back and moaned, clutching the knife and squeezing the tomato which is in my other hand as he accelerated the speed of his thumb and applied more pressure on that spot, rubbing up and down, and round and round with his thumb.

“I’m sorry, Princess. I can’t control myself more. I want my sweet dish first.” He whispered against my shoulder. “Turn around.” He commanded after removing his hand and I complied like always. He hypnotizes me with his touch.

As I turned around, he yanked my dress over my head hastily and tossed it before kissing my lips passionately and grinding himself against me. I trailed my hands all over his bare body after opening all the buttons of his shirt. He broke the kiss and pulled off his shirt, gazing at me intensely. He slid down my undies before lifting me up by holding my waist and making me sit on the edges of the countertop. I heard the sound of few things falling down as he made me sit. We chuckled softly, looking at each other. He buried his head in my inner thigh and started sucking my sensitive spot, keeping my legs over his shoulders. I’m pushing myself more into him, flexing my hips, and clenching his hair. He is flickering his tongue and bringing me to the edges. He’s taking me to the heaven with the immense pleasure.

He stopped when I was about to release.

He stood up, I looked at him angrily. “Have some patience, Princess.” He whispered, smirking at me and as he started opening the button of his trouser, I understood his intentions. I blushed, gazing at him in anticipation when he is pulling down his trouser and boxer. He wore the condom and shoved deep into me, grasping my waist. He thrusted me hard and fast, I took him deeper, wrapping my legs around him. Oh, god, I feel so good when he’s inside me. I can’t describe this heavenly feeling in the words. It is beyond anything, it is heaven.

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  1. Is someone trying to threaten Manik through Nandini??🤔
    Because I don’t think the truck is something co-incidence it looks like a plan bro

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor manik metna daar gaya tha when he saved nandu from that truck and uska woh daar uske actions and uske tears mai dekh raha tha he really truely loves her and cant seeing anything happening to her as she is his life and seeing his condition even nandu decided to never leave his side as she doesnt want him to be sad and she felt how much he loves her…
    Hehe aab nandu manik ko bossing kese karte hai woh bata rahe hai now he will understand how nandu feels when manik does like this…
    As usual there romance was super hot and sizzling…

    Liked by 2 people

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