(Part : 33) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

“Mumma edagement kab hodi, Musu ko nini ae hai. Chachu, chachi ka chale gye. Mein subha se wait kal lha hoon.” Muskan uttered sadly, rubbing her both the eyes with her tiny hands.

Mahi was about to answer Muskan, but stopped when she saw Sidnaaz. They were strolling out from the room.

“Muskan, they came back.” Mahi pointed her index finger at them. As Muskan looked at the, her eyes started twinkling. She rushed to them.

Sana was looking down in embarrassment because everybody were staring at her and giving her doubtful looks. Sid noticed this. As he entwined his hand with her, she turned her face to him. He blinked his eyes, squeezing her hand lightly. He said in gesture  that he is with her. Sana gave him small smile in response. She got courage and looked straight into everybody eyes. His love became her strength.

“Talo ab dalti se endagement kalo. Musu aul intzal ni kal sakti.” Muskan said strictly coming in front of them like grandmother. Sidnaaz smiled looking down at her. Before they could speak something, she started dragging them to the stage holding their hands. Sidnaaz looked at each other having smile on their face.

They reached on stage. Sana gave everybody guilty looks because she was blaming herself that the whole function got spoiled because of her.

Ram was about to ask this from his daughter, but before him, Neyonika went to her. “Are you feeling better now, Sana?” She asked, clasping her face, having concern in her eyes for her. She looked at her in disbelief. She was feeling blessed to get a mother like Neyonika.

Sana just hugged her, making her surprised. She embraced her back and kissed her hair.

“Now I am feeling better.” Sana answered happily after breaking the hug. Neyonika smiled broadly in response. Ram was so relieved and happy to see this. After that Sidnaaz stood in front of each other. Sana was smiling happily now. After today incident, she came to know that  Sid’s family trusted her so much. He was also super happy to see her smile.

He gave his hand to Sana. She held his hand and slide the ring on his finger and there was a huge round of applause. Sidnaaz were looking at each other, having smile on their face. Then Sid slide the ring on Sana’s finger. He leaned down and gently kissed her knuckle. She blushed, moving her eyelashes down. Then he looked at her and grinned after seeing her blushing. He was happy because finally they got engaged. After two weeks  they would be get married also. With this engagement Sid made a promise to Sana that he would never leave her and always support her. Sana made a promise to Sid that she would try to trust him.


Photographers were clicking Sidnaaz pictures for the album on the terrace. Sid was enjoying a lot this photo session. He was standing behind her, wrapping his hand around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder. She was feeling good to be in his arms. She was also enjoying this photo session. They both smiled and photographers took their perfect photo.


After the photo session wrapped up, Sid strolled to the door to leave. She was also walking behind him, but she stopped as something clicked her mind.

“Sidharth, wait. ” As she asked him to wait, he stopped on the doorstep listening to her voice. He turned around looking at her confusingly.

“I want to give you something.” She said in low voice, playing with her hands.

“What?” He asked, strolling to her.

“Reward.” She uttered and looked down while blushing. He was surprised to hear the word reward and the blush on her face made him suspicious.

“What type of reward you are talking about Shehnaaz?” Sid asked, grinning. She looked at him, still blushing. Next moment she palmed his eyes with her one hand and stood on her toes and gave a quick kiss on his cheek. She stood back on her heel, removing her hand from his eyes. Sid was looking at her surprisingly. She just kissed him. It was quick cheek kiss, but it was more than enough for him because the Sana who was running away from her feeling a day before, she kissed him. He was beaming like a fool and looking at her in utter disbelief.

“Say something Sidharth.” She said holding his hand. He came on the earth back, listening to her voice. He scratched his forehead and she smiled. He wasn’t understanding that what to say. He was just speechless at that moment.

“Between Could I ask something ?” As he asked, she nodded her head instantly. “Why I get this beautiful and surprising reward ?” He asked raising his eyebrows and wrapping his arms around his chest.

“Because I love the way how you stood for me in front of everybody and how you gave me strength when i became weak in front of the crowd. This kiss is nothing in front of what you are doing for me Sidharth.” She confessed, looking at him, having respect in her eyes for him. He smiled broadly in response.

“This means, I am going to get so many rewards in future.” He smirked. She gave him confused looks.

“Because I will always fight for you. I can fight for you from the whole world.” He placed his hand on her face. Sana felt good when his hand touched her cheek and his words were just blissful for her. She smiled delightedly.

“Will I don’t get reward then ?” He asked like a excited kid, raising his eyebrows. She again blushed, looking down.

“You look adorable when you blush.” He complimented her, raising her chin up by holding it with his thumb and index finger. She became completely red like tomato after his this compliment. He was just grinning at her. She closed her eyes shyly. He was getting crazy seeing her cuteness.

“Will you please stop ?” As he shouted suddenly, she snapped open her eyes and looked at him confusingly.

“Stop making me crazy with your cuteness or else I won’t be able to control myself.” He warned her, touching her lower lip with his thumb. When his hands touched her lip, she instantly closed her eyes in response. He started brushing her lower lip and now he was making her crazy with his touch. He was smirking, looking at her.

“What’s going on here ?” They instantly moved away from each other, listening to someone’s voice from the door of terrace. Sana looked to the person and the person was non other Cabir . She instantly looked down embarrassingly. Sid put his hand on his forehead, recognising the voice. He was standing facing his back to Cabir.

“Half of the time, you both remained missing from the party. I mean bro, I used to think that you are zero in romance but you are Romance guru. Can’t you both wait till marriage ? Or you both want to make babies before marriage.” He teased them and laughed loudly, walking to them. Sana looked at him, widening her eyes and rushed from there getting embarrassed.

“Cabir are you crazy. You seriously speak nonsense every time.” Sid shouted on Cabir and he also left from there. Cabir was standing there having smile on his face. He enjoyed a lot to tease others.


So finally Sana is thinking positive and trusting Sidharth.

Do like the way, how sid and his family stood for Sana?

How do find the teaser Cabir🤭

Don’t forget to leave your comments, they really mean a lot to me.

Love Mehak

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