(Part: 49) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

A mandap was set up in the hall of the house. Aman and Sana sat there and a priest was already sitting there. In the centre, the fire was put on. Sana was not looking at Sid because she couldn’t see him in a helpless state. She was looking at the fire and shedding tears. This supposed to be her happy moment but Aman destroyed everything. She was just waiting for a miracle to happen. She could feel that Sid’s eyes were looking at her. She also knew how badly he wanted to help her but couldn’t. She could feel his pain. Sid was standing there helplessly, looking at his girl, marrying someone else. Seeing your girl marrying another person in front of your eyes and you can’t do anything except staring. It is a very hurtful and difficult situation. He wanted to save his girl but couldn’t.

Mahi and Jay, they were feeling like they were becoming selfish. Aman was doing wrong with Sana in front of their eyes and they weren’t helping her. The love for their daughter made them selfish, but they were feeling guilty for not helping Sana. It was getting unbearable for them to this. One side there was their daughter, Muskan who was their world and another side there was Sana who was bearing all this for their daughter.

“Jay please do something. I, I can’t see this. This is wrong..” Mahi cried, resting her head on Jay’s chest and clutching his shirt. He was standing like a statue and looking straight blankly.

Aman smiled evilly, looking at Sid. He was happy, seeing their helplessness. His plan was working because Sana was marrying him.

“I just can’t wait to see you in my bed.”He whispered in Sana’s ear and she gave him disgusting looks. He nuzzled his face in her neck and she moved her face backward, glaring at him. Sid fisted his hand angrily, seeing this. Aman was testing his patience by crossing all the limits.

“Aman..”Sid roared like an angry lion and marched toward him. Next moment, he made Aman stood up, grabbing his collar. Without any pause, he punched him four times on one side of his face. Sana, Mahi and Jay, they were shocked. Sid was not stopping, he was beating him continuously. He was not even letting Aman speak something because he knew he would blackmail him more. Sid was taking all his anger out on Aman. Sana stood up, looking at Sid shockingly. Jay and Mahi walked toward mandap. Pandit just got disappeared from there, getting scared from Sid.

“You try to harm my Angel. You touch my girl..” Sid was shouting and punching Aman continuously. Aman’s face started bleeding up and his eyes swelled up through Sid constant beating. He started getting unconscious. From one hand, Sid was holding his collar and from another hand, he was striking his face and from his knees, he was hitting his stomach. This was the second time when he was beating someone and both of the time, the reason was his angel. Her love took out Sid’s this side. He could do anything for his angel and even he could kill anybody for her.

Nobody was stopping him because they were getting satisfied because Aman deserved this, In fact, he deserved more than this. He gave a hard punch, leaving his collar and Aman fell down on floor unconsciously. Sid went toward him and started kicking the unconscious Aman.

“Sid please stop… he will die,” Sana said because she didn’t want that Sid should become murder and she also wanted him to stop because only Aman knew that where was Muskan, but Sana’s words didn’t affect him, he continued kicking him. Jay also tried to stop Sid but he pushed him away, saying”I will kill this bastard.” Sid’s anger was not lessening. He was not getting relief.

“Sid, please stop..” Sana back hugged him, wrapping her arms around him from behind tightly and dug her face in his back. As her body came in contact with him, he instantly stopped at that moment only. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath like finally, he got his breath back. A few seconds ago he was beating Aman to get relief but he was not getting it. When Sana hugged him, he got relief. At that time he wanted her arms only. She was his only peace. Sana knew this very well that’s why she just hugged him without thinking anything.

He turned around after removing her arms and they looked deeply into each other eyes. He held her face with his both hands. He opened his mouth to speak something but no word came out of his mouth at that moment. Then he just took her fragile body in his arms and tightly held her like he wanted to keep her safe forever in his arms. Through this hug, he told her that what she was for him and how much he loved her. The words which he couldn’t speak, his hug spoke to her clearly and properly. Forgetting about everything, they got lost in each other which was not less than heaven for them.

“What really Dad ?” Jay’s eyes glinted with happiness. His words brought Sidnaaz on the earth back. They broke the hug, looking at Jay while Mahi looked at him confusingly with his sudden happiness.

“Is, Is she fine? Ushe kuch hua toh nhi na ?” He stammered because only the thought of his daughter getting hurt scared him but his eyes were shining with his happiness. His words and happiness gave Mahi and Sidnaaz the idea of Jay’s sudden happiness.

“We are just reaching there. I am just coming to my Princess” He hung up the call and looked toward Mahi first who was looking at him with excitement, waiting for him to give the good news. Then he looked toward Sidnaaz and their expression were also same as like Mahi.

“Dad told that Police found Muskan. They were taking her to resort. She is absolutely fine but.. she is scared.” Jay said the last line sadly. But this news gave them relief. The news brought a smile on their faces. Mahi happily hugged Jay and he hugged her back, having a content smile on their face. Sidnaaz looked at each other for a few seconds then looked toward them. Finally, the tension was gone.

Within a few minutes Police came to take Aman and after that, they all immediately left for the resort to meet Muskan. Jay and Mahi were happy but not relieved because they would only get relief after seeing their daughter absolutely fine in front of their eyes and after taking their little princess in their arms. All of them were constantly thanking God for making everything fine.


Jay and Mahi with Sidnaaz stepped into the room. Jay and Mahi’s eyes fell on their daughter who was crying, sitting on the bed. Everybody was trying to console her. Neyonika was wiping her tears, sitting beside her. Cabir was making her drink water, sitting on his knees in front of her. Raj was caressing her back. She was only asking them to call her Mumma and daddy. Jay and Mahi rushed toward her and they both hugged her together. Tears were rolling down from their eyes and they were hugging her so tightly like they wanted to safe their princess in their arms forever. Finally, they got relief, taking her in their arms.

“I am sorry princess,” Jay apologised, clasping her face, having tears in his eyes and started kissing every inch of her face. Then he held her hands and saw that there was a red mark on her both wrist because they had tied her hands with the rope. He cried, seeing those mark and kissed her wrists thousands time. Mahi was just looking at her daughter without blinking her eyes and tears of happiness falling down from her eyes, seeing her daughter absolutely fine in front of her eyes.

Shefali hugged Sana. Ram walked toward Sana and he also hugged her. Sana hugged him back, closing her eyes. Sid looked at them, having a faint smile on his face. Ram was happy, seeing her daughter fine. He had full trust on Sid that he would not let anything happen to his daughter and he proved him right without breaking his trust. Ram put his hand on her face after breaking the hug still looking at her worriedly. Sana just blinked her eyes, saying him in a gesture that she is fine. Kissing her forehead, he murmured thank you, looking at Sid. Sid just passed him a small smile and looked toward Sana who was standing silently and staring at Muskan. He knew that she wasn’t fine at all. How could anybody be fine after going through a lot?

“Daddy, Mumma, aap dono ka thai? Mujhe Ek uncle ne bola aap dono ke pas lekal ja lahai pal voh mujhe ek an.. andhele wale kamle mein legye aul mele hath, per bandh diye aur mela muh bhi. Musu bhut loe.. bhut,” Muskan started crying saying this and made everybody emotional. Mahi again took Muskan in her arms while Jay cried, closing his eyes in guilt.

“Mumma and daddy, they both are sorry for leaving their princess alone. Now they will never leave you alone.” Mahi spoke, holding Muskan’s face after breaking the hug and she cried kissing her forehead. She again took her in her arms and cried, rubbing her back. Jay rushed out of the room because it was getting difficult for him to control his emotions. His daughter and his wife, they both were his world and they were crying because of him only.

“Sana, are you fine beta ?” Neyonika walked toward Sana and asked, putting her hand on her face. Sana didn’t speak anything, just nodded her head and blinked her eyes. She just hugged her. Sana hugged her back, having a content smile on her face.

“Sid take her to her room.” After breaking the hug, she said to Sid. He nodded his head and then looked at Sana who was looking at him. He found pain in her eyes which broke his heart. Then they both left the room last time glancing at Muskan.


Sid was taking out her nightclothes from her bag. He walked toward her, holding her blue colour nightwear. He found her lost. She was standing silently and staring straight. He felt hurt, seeing his angel’s condition. He wanted to take away her all pain and sorrows.

“Shehnaaz,” He composed himself and called her in low voice, putting a hand on her shoulder. Sana flinched when his hand touched her shoulder. She calmed down within a second when her eyes looked at him.

“Everything is fine now. Don’t worry, I am with you.” He spoke, putting his hand on her face and looking into her eyes. She didn’t speak anything, just kept looking into his eyes.

Then he led her to the washroom and hung her clothes there.

“I am waiting for you outside.” He was about to left the washroom but she stopped him holding his hand. He looked at her, turning his face. Her eyes were pleading him to don’t go, leaving her alone.

“Please don’t go..” she pleaded him and next moment Sid was standing in front of her. He first removed the heavy dupatta of her lengha and threw on the floor. Both were looking at each other without even blinking their eyes. His eyes fell on the wound which was on her forehead. He leaned down and kissed there to soothe her pain. Her hand clutched his shirt and she closed her eyes in response and felt like he took away her all pain with his kiss. When his lips touched her skin, she felt alive like always. He looked at her and kissed her eyelids, holding her face with his hands. His magical touch was taking away her all pain. She was feeling better and good with his touch.

He turned on the shower, looking at her. When the water droplets started cascading down her body, she instantly opened her eyes and her eyes met his eyes. He was looking at her, having immense love for her in his eyes. His hands started removing earrings from her ear, touching his face with her face. Closing her eyes, she was enjoying his touch. He was doing some kind of magic on her because she got lost in his touch, forgetting about everything.

“I will never let anything happen to you. I will always protect you. Until my last breath, I will follow you like a shadow and I won’t let anybody harm my angel.” He whispered in her ear and listening to her words, a shiver ran down her spine. Her hands clutched his shirt more tightly in response. He looked at her, coming back to his initial state. He started cleaning her face by caressing her face gently and giving kisses on her cheeks and forehead. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the feeling of his touch. His touch was making her feel alive like always.

He removed the heavy necklace and then holding her hand, he started removing her bangles. He felt hurt and few tears rolled down from his eyes to his cheeks which got mixed with water when he saw that small pieces of a broken bangle were pierced in her skin. He looked at her, having pain in his eyes. She was looking at him silently. She hissed in pain when he took out the one piece of it but more than her he hissed in pain while taking it out. He composed himself and took the remaining pieces out. Without thinking anything, he sucked the blood from her hand to soothe her pain, closing his eyes. Sana was not feeling any pain. In fact, her heart was happy inside, seeing how much he loved her. She was feeling blessed to have a person like him in her life.

“Why you stopped me? I wanted to kill that bastard for hurting my angel. ” His eyes glinted with anger. Then he kissed her wrist for thousands time. Sana was having a content smile on her face, seeing his love.

“But next time if anybody try to harm you, I swear that I will kill him.” He said angrily looking at her and his hands held her face. She just hugged him tightly, encircling her hands around his neck. She was finding no right words to explain to him that what she was feeling at that moment that’s why she just hugged him. First Sid was taken aback with her sudden hug but next moment he also hugged her back, wrapping his hands around her. Sid’s love was pure bliss for Sana. The water which was falling down their bodies, it was increasing their desire. Their bodies were burning with the desire.

Breaking the hug, Sid’s hands held her face and they instantly started moving close to each other lips, looking into each other eyes. Their desire to feel each other lips were at the peak. It seemed like nobody could stop them today from kissing each other.

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