(Part: 10B) (Sidnaaz& Manan) Master And His Princess

I reached college. I don’t know how I’m going to spend my day at college without her. I’m already missing her. I stepped into the classroom and my eyes automatically moved to her seat which is empty today because they have become habitual of seeing her there in the classroom. Oh God, It was really the worst idea to come to college without her. I’m regretting now, badly.

Students greeted me and I smiled at them slightly. I started the class and I’m feeling so empty without her. My eyes are again and again shifting to her seat while taking the class. I used to think wrong before that It is difficult to take the class when she’s present in the class, but now I understood that it is even more difficult to teach the class when she’s not present in the class.

I sent the message to her during the class as soon as I get time.

Me: I’m missing you a lot, Princess. It is getting so difficult for me to take the class when you’re not here.

She replied to me instantly like she was waiting for my message, holding the phone in her hand.

My Princess: Aww, I can understand because I’m missing you too. Come soon.

Me: I’m coming back to you, leaving the class.

She sent me the laughing emoji.

Me: What you’re doing?

My Princess: I was just waiting for your message.

I smiled after reading her message because I thought right, she was really waiting for my message.

My Princess: I want to ask you something.

Me: What?

My Princess: I’m thinking to call Anu and his boyfriend for dinner tonight. Yesterday night only he has come back from abroad and he wants to meet me, but I can’t go anywhere. I hope you don’t have any problem if I invite him for dinner.

Me: It is your house too, you can call anybody there. You don’t need to take my permission.

My Princess: Okay.

She replied with a smiley emoji.

Me: Now, I’ll talk to you later and I love you a lot, Princess.

My Princess: I love you more.

As I stepped out of the classroom after taking the first lecture, my phone rang in my pocket. I slid my hand into the pocket and took the phone out from it. My brows creased after seeing the caller Id, it is Inspector Verma’s call.

I swiped the green button and placed the phone over my ear. “Hello,” I answered the call.

“There is good news, we have arrested the person who threw the stone on her.” My eyes glinted with happiness after knowing this.

“That’s great news.” I squealed cheerfully.

“Who is the person?” I asked.

“He is one of a student from college only.” He told me.

“But how do you found him?” I asked.

“It was so easy. We watched the CCTV footage of the college. It was clearly visible in the footage that who had thrown the stone over her.” I’m not going to leave the person for hurting my Princess.

“You come to the police station, we are interrogating him.”

“I’m just coming there, Mr Verma.” I cut the call and rushed from there. Finally, I will get to know about the person who is behind my Princess.

So what do you think, now he would get to know something about the person who is doing all this?

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I’ll try to update the next part tonight only or tomorrow morning.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Aww professor manik cant stay away from nandu he just came to clg but still he was feeling empty as she was nt there with him…
    Usko tou class lene ka bhi maan nahi hou raha tha they were so lovingly chatting during the class as if it normal hehe…
    Manik is so sweet his eyes where only searching his princess and going to the desk she always sit on bt bad luck today she was nt there…
    Finally woh ladka pakda gaya who threw stone on nandu i think that person is vikas…


  2. Woww … Day by day it’s going very interesting … Is really his submissives r doing .. or someone hurting her intensionally or some one wants them to get separated. Oh God… How many doubts I have.. it will b solved in upcoming episodes 😁😁


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