(Part: 14) Mine (Sidnaaz)

“Take this and change it fast,” Sidharth gave her costume. She took it and opened it to see it. She made a adorable pout after seeing the dress. Sidharth was smiling evilly at her. Something was going in his mind.

“Hero, I think you have given me a wrong dress, this is for the kids as it is so short,” as she said innocently, he chuckled.

He placed his hand on her face. “You’re my baby, this dress is for you.” Sidharth was dying to see her in the short dress. It was a cute one piece floral print swim suit.

“No, I’m not a baby, I am 18 years old. A big girl, okay?” She frowned at him and made an angry pout. As Sidharth pecked her lips, she widened her eyes.

“Okay, my big girl, this dress is for big girl only, here girls wear this type of costumes.” Sidharth explained her after clasping her face. She nodded at him innocently and went inside the restroom to change her dress. Sidharth was becoming desperate to see her and his eyes shimmering with excitement.

She stepped out after five minutes which were very long for Sidharth. As his eyes fell over her, he raised his brows and his eyes glinted with amazement after seeing her in that short sexy dress. He had never seen her in short dress and today finally he was her. He was utterly satisfied. She was looking tempting and sexy more than his expectation. She was looking cute even in a hot dress, this was the best and special feature about her. She always looked cute. Her long silky hair making her look more beautiful. Sidharth wanted to eat her.

He was staring at her without blinking his eyes, she asked innocently. “Hero, am I looking like an alien?”

As he heard her voice, he came back to reality and replied “no, not at all, you are looking hot.”

“Oh, hot, I know the meaning of hot, like pataka and all.” She giggled by placing her hand over her mouth after calling herself pataka and this made Sidharth also laughed. She was making him crazy like her.

“Oh, Mr Hero, now who will change your clothes?” As she asked, raising her brows, his lips curved into a smirk. He started opening the buttons of his shirt and noticing her expressions.

She widened her eyes in shock and held his hand to stop him. “What are doing? Go and change inside, why here?” She asked innocently and Sidharth removed her hand, just smirking at her.

“Baby, wait a second.” As he again started unbuttoning his shirt, she turned her face to another side after squeezing her eyes shut and her this act made him chuckled.

“Sidharth, have you changed?” She asked before turning her face toward him.

“Yes.” After getting the answer from him, she turned her face to him and immediately turned it to another side as she saw him bare chest. He was only wearing a shorts.

“Why didn’t you wear anything?” She asked because something happened to her when she saw him like this, and Sidharth knew about this.

He strolled behind her, gazing at her kneely. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Baby, these are my clothes. Why are behaving like you are seeing me like this for the first time, in the morning also you have seen me like this. I am your husband. Don’t shy from me.” As his warm breath caressed neck, she closed her. This new sensation made her shiver and arose the goosebumps all over her body.

“I love you, baby.” He whispered against her neck before placing few kisses there after holding her both arms from behind. Sana felt heavenly incredible, she was enjoying his touch to the core.

“Now let’s have some fun here.” He said after coming in front of her. After listening to his voice, she opened her eyes and looked at him and nodded her head, but her mind was only thinking about the effect of kisses on her.

“This ride,” she squealed and pointed her finger at a ride. “Sidharth, will you do this with me?” She asked cutely, her eyes glinted with excitement. He just nodded.

“No, I don’t want to do any ride.” She suddenly uttered when they both strolled over the stairs. He smiled, understanding her problem.

“You have problem with the stairs?” He assumed, and she pouted and innocently nodded her head.

“Kitni sari hai (these are so many.)” She moved her eyes from the first stair to the last. “lift hoti toh maza hi aajata hai, (if there was lift, then it would be great.)” Sidharth chuckled after listening to her words.

“Lift is there. You go upstairs and you will get the lift.” She raised her brows in surprise.

“Waha, Lift ban bhi gye yha, great work, tumhai sab pata hai, mere hero. (That’s great, you know everything my hero.)” She was stepping upstairs and Sidharth was smiling like a fool, gazing at her.

“Stop there,” As Sidharth suddenly uttered, she stopped immediately and looked at him confusingly after turning toward him.

“Lift abhi nhi aayi, mere hero. (Lift is not here.) Why did you stop me?” He asked her to wait by showing his hand and stood facing his back to her. She narrowed her brows in confusion, staring at him.

“Wrapped your hands around my neck because I am your lift,” as he told her this, her eyes glinted with astonishment. She hastily and excitedly stood on her toes and wrapped her hands around his neck. Sidharth grasped her both legs and wrapped them around his waist. She hugged him tightly, smiling widely.

She felt incredible to be in his arms. His bare body pressing against her bare hands and legs, again making her confuse of her unknown feelings. He climbed upstairs, holding her legs and she was enjoying the ride, grinning.

“Oh hero, don’t make me fall, okay?” As she warned him cutely, he laughed.

“Mein tumhai kabhi nhi ghirne dunga, baby, I will never let you fall,” Sana was gazing at him differently because his words were not just simple words, his words were a promise to her that he would never let her fall in her life and support her always.

Finally, they reached upstairs and Sidharth put her down on the floor. Sana excitedly rushed to the tube and tried to carry it, but couldn’t. Sidharth was gazing at her and enjoying the show, crossing his arms around his chest comfortably.

“Hero, help me na.” She cutely requested him, giving him most innocent look. Sidharth smiled at her broadly and strolled to her. He held the tube and ambled to the ride. He kept it down. The tube had two openings. In front, Sidharth made Sana sit and behind her, he sat. Sana was looking very much excited.

They were sliding down together. “Ahaa, yeh…” she was shouting crazily and joyfully. Sidharth was just gazing at her her fondly and enjoying the ride with her. He never thought that one day he would ever come to the water park, take the ride and also enjoy it. But this was only happening because of Sana. Sana was changing him and teaching him how to live life.

Their tube landed into the water, and they both got utterly wet. “Hero maza aagya na? (Did you enjoy?)”she asked after turning her face toward him and he just nodded.

“Itna fika yes, that’s mean you didn’t enjoy the ride and even you didn’t shout with me,” she uttered and looked down dejectedly. “I understand, you got scared right, hero first-time sabko dar lagta hai don’t worry okay,” she said thinking herself so smart, but she was thinking all wrong.

“You are very smart baby wow,” she clapped her hands for herself merrily and Sidharth chuckled, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Come, let’s go for a second round and please, this time shout with me. You will see when you shout with na you will enjoy it too, okay,” he smiled and nodded his head positively. Sidharth Shukla, who gave instructions to everyone, but today someone was giving him instructions and he was also following the instructions. This girl was changing him utterly.

They again slid down, this time Sidharth was also shouted with her and he enjoyed the ride even more. Sometimes becoming crazy isn’t wrong. That’s the real way of living life. Sidharth came to know this today. He experienced the beautiful movement of his life with the love of his life and he enjoyed a lot.

Sidharth took her out of the tube. Now they both were standing in the pool. Water was coming up to her chest. She was splashing water over him and he was trying to stop her, but she was not listening to him.

“I am thinking, Sana, why don’t I start your class here only in this pool because you are irresistible baby.” As Sidharth suddenly pulled her toward himself she stared at him after widening her eyes.

“No, please, hero, I am enjoying a lot, no class now, class is so boring.” She said innocently, Sidharth chuckled and shook his head in disbelief after seeing her innocence.

“Baby, I am not talking about maths and English classes, I’m not talking about the class of your feelings. Did you forget, what we talked about this in the morning?” As he told her, Sana made a O shape mouth.

“So let’s start this, I will ask few questions from you and you just have to reply, yes or no and I promise at the end you will come to know about your unknown feelings.” Sana nodded her head innocently and Sidharth was smiling at her evilly.

“So the first question is,” he was coming closer to her and she was just gazing at him, “When I come close you, is your heart starts beating fast?” He asked and she nodded positively immediately and he smiled widely.

“So now the second question is, when I touch you, do you shiver?” he held her both arms softly. She nodded innocently, moving her eyelashes down and he grinned.

“And when I pull you toward myself, your breath becomes heavy, right?” He asked, yanking her toward himself by grasping her hands. Her breath became heavy and she whispered, “yes.”

“My last question is,” he suddenly slammed her lips. He sucked her lower lip and she sucked his lower lip and like this, their lips started moving in rhythm. Sana placed her hands over his bare chest, Sidharth cupped her face and kissed her lips softly and chastely like always pouring his all love in the kiss. Sana was enjoying the kiss a lot like always. She was still unknown with her feelings, but today Sidharth would surely let her know what she felt about him. They broke the kiss indeed of oxygen, and now they both were deeply gazing into each other eyes.

“When I kiss you, do you feel that your body is on fire and you want me too kiss you till infinity,” Sidharth asked the last question and she narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“Yes, but how do you know?” She asked innocently, and he chuckled.

“I know this because this happens with me also, same I feel when you touch me,” Sana was still giving him confused looks.

“Then tell me about this.” She asked instantly because he was getting desperate to know about her feeling.

“Because you have fallen in love with me, Sana, our soul, our body wanted to be united with each other, this is the answer of your question.” He told happily, he was out of the world because the girl whom he loved unconditionally, she was also falling in love with him.

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Love Mehak

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